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City Dining Guide: 6 Keto-Friendly Restaurants in San Antonio


The city of San Antonio, Texas, is traditionally known for its vibrant food scene – specializing in mouthwatering Tex-Mex and barbeque restaurants. But in 2017, its status as a foodie destination skyrocketed when it was designated as a “Creative City of Gastronomy” by UNESCO, a branch of the United Nations. 

The high honor and title means that San Antonio is recognized as an area with exceptionally great food! Not to mention that the cuisine has expanded beyond the typical heavy barbeque to include tastes for many different palates – even vegans and vegetarians.

If you’re on the keto diet and heading to San Antonio, (or maybe you live there and wish to expand your low-carb horizons), we’ve curated a list of six must-try keto restaurants. The following selections prove that eating out on keto is not only possibly, it’s crazy-delicious!  

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1) Pieology Pizzeria 

849 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205


Keto and pizza are usually two words that’s don’t go together, but you can have them both at this keto restaurant offering a low-carb, cauliflower pizza crust! The crust is gluten-free and “loaded with fiber and vitamins” – two things often lacking on ketogenic diets. Along with picking your crust, you also choose your sauce, cheese, meats, additional toppings and even “after bake sauces”. This creates a totally personalized pie experience!

Keto Menu Highlights: Some especially tasty and ideal keto ingredients include ricotta cheese, gorgonzola cheese, spicy Italian sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon, black olives and nut-free pesto sauce. 

2) Benjies Munch

1218 W Bitters Rd, Ste 107, San Antonio, TX 78216


When you’re seeking indulgent bar food with a keto twist, this is a prime location. Have you been craving a juicy burger or a cheesy quesadilla? You may be pleasantly surprised to see menu items at this keto-friendly restaurant with the word “keto” in the descriptions!

Menu Highlights: Try the Keto Burger, Keto Quesadilla or Keto Blackened Brussel Caesar Salad. The quesadilla comes with a crispy cheddar jack shell instead of the typical corn shell, which is amazing. And the salad features keto staples avocado and bacon, plus low-carb Brussels, protein-packed chicken, and creamy Caesar dressing. 

3) Viva Vegeria

1422 Nogalitos,San Antonio, TX 78204


If you’re a vegan or vegetarian on the keto diet, this keto-friendly restaurant is made for you; And if you aren’t, you still need to go! Offering sumptuous vegan Tex-Mex, one reviewer mentioned “vegan or not, I promise you’ll find something to love on their menu”. Between their vegan “meats” and array of keto-friendly veggies, you’ll find fresh, healthy food options to give your body a break from heavy meat.

Keto Menu Highlight: For a true keto treat, try the Raw Stuffed Avocados – a decadent high fat, low- carb dish. It includes sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, sea salt, lemon and epazole (a Mexican herb), served over kale salad with avocado ranch dressing. Worried about the tomatoes? They’re totally low in carbs in moderation! You can have 6 of them for only 4.2 carbs. 

4) Cured

306 Pearl Pkwy, Ste 101, San Antonio, TX 78215


When you’re eating out on the keto diet, there’s possibly no better option than one of the best charcuterie spots around! One reviewer mentioned that if you “love cured meats and pickled vegetables, this place is your haven.” When you walk in, you can see all of the cured meats hanging in a see-through-fridge – a sign that you’re getting the freshest selections right off the bone.

Keto Menu Highlights: Some great charcuterie favorites, per reviews, include the bresaola and smoked duck ham. Other great keto dishes are the country style pork pate, chicken liver mousse, jalapeno sausage, and 90 day pork belly.

 5) Green Vegetarian Cuisine

10003 NW Military Hwy, Ste 2115, San Antonio, TX 78230


Another prime local for those on vegan or vegetarian keto diets, you won’t be disappointed at this keto restaurant offering wholesome, homemade meals. They offer a “wide range of options for vegetarians, vegans and omnivores alike” to “promote healthier choices in a fast-food world.” 

Keto Menu Highlight: Have you tried the ultra-popular Beyond Meat Burger?! Now’s your chance! One burger patty made of pea protein isolate, coconut oil and more nourishing ingredients, includes a whopping 20g of fat, which is ideal for keto! It also has 20g of protein, only 5g of carbs and 3g of fiber – bringing the net carbs to only 2g per patty. Get it without the bun, and swap the fries for a kale salad, steamed broccoli or a garden salad to enjoy on the side. 

6) Wholesome Eating Gluten-Free Bakery

13455 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78213

keto muffin


Finally, let’s satisfy your sweet tooth! Did someone say keto-friendly restaurant and bakery?! If you’re on the ketogenic diet, you know how hard it can be when you miss your favorite carb-laden foods. But you can treat yourself to a true keto splurge with the selection of approved bakery goods and other foods. 

Keto Menu Highlights: Some keto favorites at this restaurant include the keto pizza, lasagna and chicken tamales, all things that would typically be very high in carbs. Then, top off your meal with the keto blueberry muffins or keto brownie – dreamworthy, low-carb, and high-fat desserts! 

Ready to Eat Out On Keto?!

Whether you’ll be in San Antonio for just a few days or a week, we highly recommend you check out some of the best keto restaurants outlined in this article. Bring your appetite and your sense of adventure so you’re open to trying new and exciting cuisines!

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Stay tuned for the next 310 City Dining Guide highlighting keto-friendly restaurants in a major US city! Browse all of our City Dining Guides here. 




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