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Body Detoxing 101: Everything You Need to Know


A healthier and happier you starts on the inside. Which is why, it’s a great idea to participate in a body detox from time to time! Doing do can ultimately support the body's natural detox system - flushing toxins out of the system that get absorbed into the body from personal products, food and water, and the environment.

In this post, we’re going to help you make sense of what toxins are and explain the potential benefits of following a detox program. We’ll also introduce some invaluable healthy habits that may reduce your exposure to toxins in the first place!

Ready to rejuvenate your body and mind?! Here we go…

What and Where Are Toxins?

In short, toxins are chemicals and heavy metals that may have unfavorable effects on the human body, especially in excess. They can enter the body via ingestion, absorption by your skin, or inhalation. Some specific sources include environmental pollution, processed and sugary food and beverages, chemical-based personal products and cleaning supplies, and more.

Why Should I Detox?

Luckily, the body naturally rids itself of toxins, including chemicals and heavy metals, on a regular basis via its detox organs. These include the large intestine, liver, kidneys and skin. However, because our modern world is bombarded with possibly more toxins than ever, it’s believed that these organs can get overwhelmed - ultimately not being able to detox properly. As a result, this could lead you to feel pretty crappy, or even worse, may potentially lead to some more serious health issues down the road. 

Potential side effects of a build up of toxins include:

  • Constant fatigue
  • Digestive problems
  • Acne or other skin issues
  • Trouble losing weight

Although we recommend taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle, as this may help reduce exposure to toxins long-term, performing a full-body detox is a great way to alleviate stress on the "detox" organs and help the body with this process. Think of it like hitting a hard reset button on your digestive tract!

Key Potential Benefits of Detoxing

Ready to detox?! Cleansing your body may result in the 3 following effects:

1) May Improve Weight Loss

High levels of toxins in the body may slow down the metabolism and fat-burning processes, potentially leading to unintentional weight gain or bloating. It can also make it much harder to lose weight. Detoxing may help clean out your digestive tract from bad bacteria, and rejuvenate your system so you can effectively burn calories.

2) May Improve Cognitive Function

Brain fog, fatigue, and headaches are common side effects of toxin build-up in the body. Detoxing your body has been shown to help alleviate these effects and improve cognitive function.

3) May Improved Skin Health

If your body is overloaded with toxins, following a detox program may also support your skincare regimen. It is though to do this by helping to balance hormones and eliminate bad bacteria from the gut. In addition, a detox may flush the body of impurities that would normally be expelled through your skin. The end result? Potentially noticeably clear, healthy skin.

How Should I Detox?

We’re going to share some healthy habits with you, below, that may help you avoid picking up as many toxins in your daily life. But even with following those habits, it may still be beneficial to perform a body detox 3-4 times a year – or whenever you start to feel sluggish or “off.”

In addition, there are certain products you can use to both perform an intense 7-10 day detox, and also keep up with detox maintenance when you’re done – and 310 Nutrition offers both types.

Keep in mind that all of the solutions on the 310 website support total body detoxification since they promote a healthy lifestyle and an optimally-functioning body. But some specific products that are perfect for your more intense detox include the detox teas, green juices, 310 Turmeric, 310 Probiotic, and 310 Digestive Enzymes. All of these contain ingredients that support your body’s natural detox processes, help reduce inflammation, help restore beneficial bacteria in the gut and enhance digestion.

How to Use Each 310 Product for a 7-10 Day Detox:

  • Detox teas: Enjoy 3-4 cups per day hot or iced
  • Green Juices: Enjoy 2-3 glasses per day
  • Turmeric: Take 1 capsule up to 3 times daily with water
  • Probiotic: Take 1 capsule daily with water
  • Digestive Enzymes: Take 1 capsule after meals

Everyday Habits to Reduce Exposure to Toxins

Here are the healthy habits we promised to help you lower your exposure to toxins long-term!

1) Improve the quality of your food

One of the most common ways toxins enter your body is through the processed, sugar-laden and non-organic foods that you eat.

Eating "clean" foods that are chemical and pesticide free, as well as preferably organic will support your detox plan by reducing the amount of toxins in your diet. We recommend eating plenty of organic leafy greens, vegetables and lean meat. If you can’t go organic, we recommend using a produce wash to help rid your foods of any toxins used during growth.

2) Improve the quality of your water

The Flint, Michigan water crisis in 2014 tends to be on the top of American’s minds when they think of public water contamination. But the truth is, contaminated water is an issue that spans much further and even more recently than you may think. A study published by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in May 2019 stated that as many as 19 million people in 43 states have been exposed to toxic compounds in drinking water this year alone.

To avoid exposure to contaminants in your water, experts recommend investing in an at-home water filter for your drinking and shower water. In addition, you should stop purchasing disposable plastic water bottles, which contain harmful chemicals like BPA. Instead, invest in reusable water bottles that are BPA-free.

3) Improve the quality of your personal products

Believe it or not, your eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, moisturizer, blush, hair dye and even sunscreen can be a sneaky source of heavy metals. We recommend getting in the habit of researching safe makeup and skincare choices to reduce your exposure to toxins. The EWG offers a free Skin Deep cosmetics database to do just that.

We understand that going without makeup or buying all new chemical-free makeup all at once might not be a realistic option for everyone. But a good alternative strategy is to swap out old pieces of makeup for organic alternatives as you go through them.


Are you ready to try a full body detox? Share your detox experience with us in the comments, below! Or join our 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook to get encouragement along the way, give advice, and share your before and after photos!

We hope this article has answered your detox questions and helps direct you towards healthier, more toxin-free living! As always, all of the content we post on this site is meant to be educational to help you support increased well-being and vitality. However, it is not meant to serve as medical advice.




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