Introducing the NEW 310 Shake!

Our NEW 100% Organic 310 Shakes features the creamiest, smoothest texture along with the richest taste. 310 shakes will satisfy your tastebuds while giving your body the nutrition it deserves.


We knew our new shake had to come in a variety of great rich-tasting flavors, be super clean and nutritious, and have an easy blend no-grit texture that blends well into your favorite 310 shake creations.
The New 310 Organic Shake is the culmination of over 5 years of intensive research and development.
We gathered valuable insights from customers, flavor scientists, formulators and our highly experienced internal team.
The result is the most complete, best tasting Organic Vegan shake on the market. Once you try them you will understand why it took years to get to this point!

The Shake Lineup

Experience our three crave-worthy flavors plus a NEW versatile unflavored shake.
Organic Chocolate
The get up and go flavor! The ideal shake for those who crave the ultimate in creamy chocolate. Combat that midday energy slump with a healthy “candy bar” smoothie by adding peanut butter and coconut flakes
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Organic Vanilla
The ultimate versatile flavor! Velvety goodness on it’s own or the perfect flavor for beginners to experiment with multiple shake recipes. For a healthy dose of immune supporting antioxidants, create a berry-blast smoothie by adding blueberries and raspberries.
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Organic Salted Caramel
The perfect balance! Sweet and salty indulges your taste buds in guilt-free pleasure. Quench your dessert craving for fresh baked cookies (or better yet, cookie dough!) by adding oats, frozen banana and dash of cinnamon.
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Organic Unflavored
Put on your chef’s hat! Bake it, shake it, freeze it - the options are endless. Sprinkle it on your oats and fruit, add protein to your veggie dishes or whip up a savory hummus dip.
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