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5 Steps to Weight Loss Success

Whether you just ordered your first 310 products and you’re ready to get started on your personal journey to better health, or you haven’t yet made the leap, you may be curious about how the process works, and the best way to begin! If you haven’t already ordered, we always recommend our 310 Try It All Kit as a great jumping off point – but there are also lots of other ways to start, and you can truly personalize your path to success in the way that works best for you!

In this article, we’ll go over 5 Steps To Achieving Weight Loss Success, using a plan that includes 310 Shakes and other 310 products to help make your life simpler and more delicious as you reach your goals. The most important thing to remember is that 310 solutions are not “miracle” weight loss products. Instead, they’re helpful tools and with the right mindset and instruction on changing your lifestyle and dietary habits, you can transform your body and life for the absolute best, starting today! Along with the right tools, we also supply you with guidance and support, which is extremely important for continued success…

Ready to find out the best way to begin and succeed in your health and weight loss goals, while following a program using 310 Shakes?! Read on to learn more!

1) Change Your Mindset

Before you can start to transform your physical health, you need to get your mind on board for change… making it the action step that you need to take first. Until your mind is READY for change, it’s going to be near impossible to implement new habits, along with new ways of eating that support optimal health and weight loss.

To get your mind on board, 310 Nutritionist, Sierra Rodriguez, recommends identifying your “why”. In short, why is it you want to become healthier in general? It’s helpful to look at your values at this point and envision the new and improved person you hope to become. Need some help getting there? Check out this article on setting healthy goals that lead you to success!

Once you know your goals, make sure you write them down! You need to get clarity on what exactly you want to do, and then map it out with clear steps, so you can track your progress along the way. Plus, research show that simply writing down your goals can make a big difference in reaching your results. We recommend the new 90-Day 310 Wellness Journal to get you started, and be your trusted sidekick as you climb towards your unique aims.

2) Get Vital Support

Next, you shouldn’t go about this process alone, and having people to help hold you accountable is one of the things that really drives success in the final outcome. Join the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook to find all the support you need to truly conquer your journey, and help others on their own unique paths.

What’s so powerful about having the right community is that they understand exactly what you’re going through, and they’re walking the same walk. You can encourage each other when you’re struggling; share tips and tricks for best practices and recipes; and have your questions answered whenever you need clarity.

When you engage in the journey WITH others, you have encouragement, motivation, and support, and 310 Success Stories show that this step is vitally important – not only to weight loss – but to continued well-being. Not to mention that in particular, in the 310 Nutrition Community, you also have access to 310 Nutritionists and Fitness Coaches to really help you sculpt a healthy lifestyle that’s perfect for you.

3) Adopt Clean Eating Habits

Next, know that 310 products are meant to work in conjunction with a clean and healthy diet and healthy lifestyle practices – since they contain incredibly clean, superfood ingredients. You need to fill your body with the best fuel, daily! Weight loss starts by putting the RIGHT things in your body, and that’s what a clean diet means... Staying away from sugar, refined carbs, unhealthy fats, and extra additives, and replacing them with whole foods.

When you adopt a clean foods diet, you try to eat as many (preferably organic when possible) fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, healthy oils, nuts and seeds, unsweetened dairy, and whole grains. This helps ensure that your body is in the best state for optimal digestion, peak mental and physical energy, and simply running the way it should be… so you can lose weight!

It’s important to realize that your body NEEDS nutritious foods all the time, not just sometimes, to look and feel great. Check out this article on the importance of vitamins and minerals to see just how vital it is to eat a varied and wholesome diet. Plus, get this 310 Meal Prep Kit for help with weekly eating plans, recipes, meal prep essentials and more.

Finally, if you’re feeling a little sluggish, make sure you drink enough water each day. Think water is boring? Try infusing your H20 with fruits, veggies, and herbs for amazing taste! In addition, healthy beverages such as 310 Tea and 310 Lemonades can help flush your body of toxins, support a healthy metabolism, balance your system, and support overall great energy and stamina.

4) Replace 1-2 Normal Meals with 310 Shakes

Since 310 All-In-One Shakes offer well-balanced nutrition, (complete with quality protein, healthy fats, dietary fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, immune and digestive-supporting superfoods, probiotics, and enzymes) – they’re ideal to enjoy as part of your new healthy diet. And, they make your life so much easier!

healthy meal replacement shakes

For weight loss, we recommend that you replace 2 regular meals per day with 310 Shakes. This is not only an extremely convenient way to get quality nutrition on a busy schedule (and on-the-go), but there are also so many yummy smoothie recipes you can make!

Because 310 Shakes are so versatile you can literally just add the shake powder into a shaker cup or glass with water or your milk of choice and mix, then enjoy; Or, you can make smoothies by combining the shake powder with other wholesome ingredients in a blender like our 310 Dietitian Nutritionist, Erika Fox, recommends. 

For weight maintenance, we recommend that you replace at least 1 regular meal per day with a 310 Shake. This will help you stay within your daily allotted calorie goals, while also allowing you to enjoy other nutritious, healthy foods. In addition, you can also enjoy 310 Shakes as snacks, pre- or post-workout drinks, or healthy desserts! There are so many options!

Unlike many other shakes that contain unhealthy ingredients like sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemical additives, and more, 310 Shakes offer simple, well-balanced nutrition from organic plant superfoods. Which means that they will help support a healthy metabolism, keep you full and satisfied, help curb cravings, and support enhanced immunity along with your ultimate health, fitness, and weight loss goals.

5) Personalize Your Journey

Finally, it’s time to personalize your unique journey! Along with 310 Shakes, 310 also offers SO many other products to help you get ahead with your weight loss goals, fully optimize your nutrition, keep your energy levels up, and regularly cleanse and hydrate your body.

To support appetite and cravings control plus a healthy metabolism and enhanced energy check out some of our most popular supplements, starting with our top-selling 310 Weight Loss Duo, featuring 310 Metaboost and 310 Thin.

Let's learn about both of the supplements in this power pack...

310 Metaboost: Get a “boost” with this highly-popular supplement full of proven plant-based ingredients shown to help support a healthy metabolism and weight loss. The supplement includes a blend called Capsimax® Plus (TM) which contains a hot red pepper extract that has been shown to increase calories burned before, during and after exercise, when taken along with a healthy diet – compared to exercise and dieting alone.

310 Thin: The perfect complement to 310 Metaboost, 310 Thin is another must-have supplement to help you reach your weight loss goals. The plant-based ingredients in this supplement are known to help support cravings and appetite control, while promoting greater energy levels and a healthy metabolism. These ingredients include green bean coffee extract, garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketones and black pepper fruit extract.

If you're looking for additional products along your journey, we have a variety of offerings to help you reach your goals...

To hydrate, cleanse, balance, energize and satisfy sugar cravings try:

For delicious, beneficial additions to your smoothies try:

 For enhanced immune-support try:

 If you’re following a keto diet try:

Also check out all of our dietary supplements, including choices that support your healthiest appearance, help you avoid nutrient deficiencies and more! There are so many options that can really enhance YOUR journey and help you become the best version of yourself!

Ready to begin?! If you have further questions, feel free to ask them in the 310 Nutrition Community, where 310 Health Coaches are always there to help, or you can chat right now with someone on our Customer Service Team! Also feel free to check out our 310 Learning Center, plus the 310 Blog for articles on living your healthiest lifestyle, amazing recipes, success stories, and more. We’re excited to be on this journey to better health along with you… Welcome to the 310 family!


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