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Workout at Home with 310 Gym in a Bag


Are you currently so wrapped up with what’s going on in the world that you haven’t had much time to think about your own personal health and wellness? You aren’t alone… and 310 has your back. We’re all in this together, and we’re ready to ramp up all the tools in our product arsenal to ensure that we all emerge from these times not just the same as before, but even better.

One of the things that we’re excited to tell you about – which will help you place your health and fitness efforts in front and center during this time – is the 310 Gym… an “all-in-one” at-home workout kit that you can use to stay in shape while you’re spending most of your time in the house.

Not only does the 310 Gym include simple yet effective workout equipment that’s easy to transport and store away until needed, but we’re also going to give you weekly workout routines right in the 310 Nutrition Facebook Community. We’ll have extremely relevant workouts to fit your lifestyle right now including…

  • Workouts for all ages (kid-friendly exercises included)
  • Super-fast routines you can do while multi-tasking
  • Workouts for all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced

Along with weekly workouts you can count on from our 310 personal trainers, we’re also implementing a fitness challenge right in the 310 Community to help you stay motivated and connected… And you can sign up here! Make sure you get your 310 Gym Kit now so you’ll have what you need for the challenge. Remember, your health is THE most important thing right now, and despite how it may seem, you absolutely can fit in fitness, and we’ll help you!

310 Gym in a Bag Means Workout Flexibility & Options

As we all grapple with the fact that the world as we know it has drastically changed in the last few weeks, we also have to change our thinking about fitness and how to fit it into our new reality as part of our weekly routines. Because the last thing that you want to do is let exercise fall by the wayside!

That being said, it you weren’t physically active before, now is the perfect time to start, even if it seems like you have a lot of limitations on making that possible. It is possible, and we’ll tell you how…

Forget the idea of the past that you need to spend long hours at the gym to get in shape, and that you have to be an experienced exerciser to be able to successfully workout from home. Both of these ideas are wrong. Current research shows that short bursts of physical activity can be just as effective as longer workouts. So, on that note, we’re going to show you just how important “workout from home” equipment can be for you…

Why 310 Gym in a Bag?

310 gym bag

Here’s why we recommend the 310 Gym now more than ever before…

  • Stay in shape physically while staying home
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Germ-free gym equipment
  • Fun family-friendly workouts
  • Lightweight, effective equipment
  • Easily transportable (workout from home or outside)
  • Weekly workouts from 310 fitness trainers
  • Monthly fitness challenges to keep motivation steady

The current times are uncertain. We get it, and like we mentioned, we’re feeling it too. So, what are we doing to stay fit and well during this time? That’s what we’re excited to share, because we’re using the 310 “at-home” gym kit…

The 310 Gym includes simple, easy-to-use tools that you can benefit from at any fitness level… beginner, intermediate, or advanced. They’re lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about big, heavy, and expensive-to-ship dumbbells to your home that will take up valuable space.

Instead, the beauty of the 310 Gym Kit is that it can all be conveniently tucked away in a roomy 310 gym bag. Despite what you may think, you don’t need a big, fancy space to be able to workout at home. Instead, you can pull out the pieces of equipment that you want to use, then put them back in the bag and away until your next workout. It’s that simple.

The entire kit is also easy to transport, so if you’re lucky enough to live in an area with good weather, simply put everything in the bag and take it into your backyard or to any open space (exercising outside is still perfectly ok as long as you practice social distancing).

Not to mention that even while the 310 Gym equipment pieces are incredibly simple and lightweight, you can use them to work your entire body, and you don’t even need a lot of time to do it. Not to mention, they’re extremely flexible, so you can do tons of different exercises with them, working various body parts.

What’s in the 310 Gym?

As we mentioned, we’re all in this together, and because of that we’re only comfortable recommending things we personally use and believe in. We’re going to fill you in on each of the items in the 310 Gym and how we are utilizing them, so you can too…

Yoga Ball

310 yoga ball

Tone your body and de-stress your mind

Our community is using this ball to de-stress right now with yoga moves and exercises from the 310 Nutrition Community. In addition, it’s also extremely versatile… While working from home, you can use it as a chair, so you’re efficiently multi-tasking, working and using your core muscles at the same time. It can also help to improve any back pain you may have and correct bad posture. In addition, you can even situate it in front of the TV and easily do sit-ups, or various other exercises on it while also getting in your favorite shows.

Yoga Mat

Create a comfortable place to get physical

Unlike other mats we’ve used, this one is ultra-comfortable, and it rolls out to be very large…  Meanwhile, you can also roll it up easily and take it with you. This mat is amazing for workouts from home because it cushions your joint and lightens the blow on your knees when doing your workouts – no matter what type of surface your exercising on.

Core Sliders

310 core sliders

Emerge from these times with abs

Working your core is usually not an enjoyable task, but these core sliders make it much more manageable. You can use them on either carpet or hardwood, and there are tons of workout ideas and videos in the 310 Nutrition Community on how to use them, from our professional fitness trainers. 

Toning Bands

310 resistance bands

You don’t need dumbbells to strengthen your entire body

Whether you’re trying to tone your arms in between other tasks, (like cooking, cleaning, or working from home), or you’re looking for a fun piece of equipment you can use with your kids, these toning bands make a great option. There are three different levels (light, medium and heavy), and you can use them to build strength in your legs, arms, buttocks and core.

Jump Rope

310 jump rope

A cardio workout you can do in a small space

Another piece of equipment that’s ideal for the entire family is this jump rope… Take a trip back to your childhood while getting in a totally satisfying cardio workout with this customizable jump rope. It can be adjusted to fit your height, and has comfortable, cushioned handles with extra grip.

Along with these workout necessities, the kit also includes a workout towel and a 310 Gym Bag to keep everything in… so you literally have everything you need to get moving, while staying exactly where you are!

Get Up To 60% Off 310 Gym Essentials (*Limited Time*)

You can get all of the above mentioned 310 Gym essentials for a crazy-discounted price right now, in light of the current times. Take advantage!

50% off Gym Essentials Kit (Sold Out!)

Get 50% off a full 310 Gym essentials kit with core sliders, jump rope, gym towel, toning bands, and a deluxe gym bag now for only $67.99. That’s less than the cost of many monthly gym memberships for everything you need to stay fit and toned from the comfort of your home. Or, you can upgrade to include yoga essentials…

60% off Gym Essentials + Yoga

Yoga moves are especially beneficial to help reduce stress in your body and promote a clear mind, and you can take advantage with this incredible offer, only available until supplies last. Get everything mentioned in the above gym essentials kit plus a high-performing yoga ball and yoga mat. All for 60% off the normal price, for only $97.99. So, for less than $100, you can reap the benefits of staying fit and well, reduce stress and stay on top of your fitness efforts.

A Long-Term Investment for the Future…

As we look forward, we want to be your partner in health during these crazy times, and that means playing offense. Don’t wait until your health has taken a serious dip before you realize you’re in over your head and it’s time to pull yourself out. Take the initiative to stay in shape, (or get in shape now), so you can look ahead to the future with hope and not worry or fear.

Our final note is to say that though we know things will get better eventually, we also know they are going to be different. We’re going to be living in a new reality of much more “stay at home” activities than in the past. And you’ll want to be avoiding germs when you do go out both now and for the foreseeable future as much as possible.

Get your 310 Gym equipment now so you have a safe space to workout away from all the chaos, and also utilize these resources to help you through these current times with grace and confidence that you’ll be just fine with 310 – We’re here for you!


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