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Thirsty Thursday w/ Sierra - Vanilla/Chocolate Shake

By 310 Nutrition



Hey, guys. What's up? Happy Thursday. We're back for another Thirsty Thursday. My name is Sierra, I am a nutritionist and a health coach with 310 Nutrition.

On Thursdays, we like to do something I call Thirsty Thursdays where I make a new shake recipe for you guys. Each week it's a little different. I tried to incorporate different ingredients and stuff. Try to come up with fun new recipes because these shakes are so versatile.

This is actually my 310 shake in here. And originally, I was gonna do a shake recipe for you guys with chocolate. But, I ran out of chocolate and I just completely forgot to get new stock. But, I really, really like this recipe anyway.

So, I'm gonna use it with my vanilla but it was originally intended to be a chocolate. But I kind of prove my point because the shake is so personal, right.


Like, there's so many different recipes you can make with these shakes which I love because if you're gonna be having two shakes a day to replace two meals which is what we recommend ideally.

It can be a little bit monotonous to try to do the same shake over and over. So, having a shakes that's only ninety calories really gives you the freedom to kind of like buff up your shakes and make them so that they're different and they taste different every day.

Or, if you're like me and you get hooked on the same shake every day, you can keep adding the same shake every day.

But, you have the option of different flavored shakes. Well, same flavored shakes with different recipes with different ingredients. That's something you guys want.

So, not only you can do that. All these recipes in my opinion are pretty interchangeable. Like I said I wanted today to be a chocolate shake but unfortunately I didn't have chocolate.

So, I'm just subbing in vanilla for this which honestly I think most recipes like if it didn't ask for chocolate you can use vanilla or vanilla you can use salted caramel or whatever.

I think most of them are pretty interchangeable which gives you a ton of freedom as well. But, if you guys want to try this recipe today try it with chocolate. Let me know what you think.

If you have another recipe that you guys are interested in. Tag us in it. Put it in the comments. Let us know what it is and we'll be looking to those comments and hopefully we'll be able to like feature one of those recipes in another upcoming live feed.

So, it could be a shake, it could be a food recipe. If you guys have not seen Tuesdays yet, we do Tasty Tuesdays which I actually use the shake powder to make a type of food or like bakes good that has a ton of protein and less sugar than other nutritional baked goods.

So, feel free to leave any of those comments or those recipes in the comments. If you guys check below, we have a nice little laid out product line for you guys.

The chocolate is what I would be doing today which I wish I had the chocolate for this because I've been in such a chocolatey mood and I would just love the chocolate shake 

for this.

However, again, not gonna let rain on my parade. I'm just gonna do what I can with what I got which is vanilla today, but the chocolate is right below and then you guys will see so many different products right next to that. All lined up for you guys. Just check that out. 

There's an exclusive deal happening right now for that just below.

So, if you're on the fence about the chocolate or you're just looking for your recipe. Let's get started.

I'm gonna show you guys how I make shakes. I'm gonna talk about the ingredients that I'm using today, while I'm using them besides they taste delicious, and yeah, let's get started.

I have my blender cup right here. I have a single serving one. I like to use single serving blenders just because they're honestly, they're just easier to clean. 

You can eat the shake like if you're not on the go and you don't need to pour your shake into a shaker and get out the door. You can sit down and drink it or eat it. I always eat my shakes with a spoon if I can help it. 

You can eat it right from here, right from your blender cups. So, I like this cause it's easier to clean up and it's just less mess and less hassle. But if you have a regular blender you can absolutely do that too. This is just what I like. 

So, the first thing I recommend you guys add is your liquid. Whatever liquid you wanna use I personally today I'm going to be using this almond milk. This is an unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

I like almond milk because number one, it has a little bit more flavor than water. Two, it really helps to kind of give the shake a little bit more thickness than water. Three, it has way less sugar than like nutritional dairy milk and I also I don't drink dairy at all.

And four, it's lower in calories than like other liquids too. So, I get the unsweetened to avoid those added sugars but again this is your shake. Make it how you want. All my recipes are just kind of suggestions. 

So, if you don't like almond milk, use coconut milk or use water or use coconut milk and water or use dairy milk. Whatever you guys want to do, I just use almond milk for some of those reasons.

Yeah, use whatever liquid you want but add that to your shake first because it's gonna save you a lot of hassle and time trying to blend up your shake. And make it blend properly, it's just gonna work so much better if you use this, your liquid.

So, I have about a cup. Now, I like my shakes to be super thick as I said, I like to eat them with a spoon.

So, I don't use a lot of liquid, I go with the less is more type of thing. So, I'm only gonna use about a half cup. If I need to add more liquid, like once I'm blending everything, I can but I'm just gonna start with a half. That way if it's already perfectly blended then you know thick it up like if you have to add more. I added a little bit too much.

So, actually, I have about like yeah, that's close to a half. So, about a half-cup here which you can tell isn't a lot but it's not really about how much volume is in your container, right? It's about what you add to it because I could fill this whole thing up with water and just shake and that's gonna be only ninety calories cause the shakes are ninety calories.

Or, I can have it fill up this much but add banana and sweet potato and almond butter and MCT and all these things, right? So, it's really not about the volume it's just about what is added to your shake and the quantity.

So, next step. I'm gonna do my cooked sweet potato. I know, I said cooked sweet potato. I get something like strange questions before like really? Are you sure? But I've tried it before, it tastes great.

Honestly, I don't really think you can taste the sweet potato but it gives it a nice like it really helps to thicken the shake up. And, it just adds a ton of vitamins and minerals and nutrients.

It's in this little container right, here, cause I already cooked it and then I just mashed it up because who doesn't like mashed sweet potato every now and then. So, I have it mashed up already but I'm gonna do a half cup.

And you can freeze this. So, this is not my idea. I'm not gonna take credit for this but if you guys have sweet potato or I guess like really anything you wanted to add.. I've seen people do with like avocado that they've blended up to.

You can put it and in little ice trays and then put it in your freezer. In that way, you have those cool ice trays that will be sweet potato and you can add it right to your shakes so you have frozen sweet potato.

And anytime you use frozen ingredients. It really just helps to kind of thicken your shake up more than if you use fresh ingredients.

So, like fresh sweet potato isn't gonna thicken up your shake as much as frozen sweet potato. Just cause it's kind like ice. It just gives the shake more body. I don't know if that's the right way to say it. But, hopefully, that makes sense.

But yeah, you can do like ice cream trays if you want this of course, it's not frozen but it is cooked and it's plain. I didn't add anything to it.

So, I need a half cup and I'm gonna add it right there. It came out nice. And then I'll put this back to the side. 

I haven't tried raw sweet potato like I haven't added in sweet potato that hasn't been cooked. I'm sure you could do it. I don't really know if that would affect the taste but when it's cooked like this, it doesn't really give much of the taste to be honest.

To me, in my opinion, but it really does help thicken the shakes up. And again just added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

So, next step, I'm gonna do my almond butter. Almond butter is pretty much like peanut butter. It's just the same as the almonds. So, I don't know how to explain it like I've asked people how it taste. Like, I imagine almond and a butter, I don't know. 

So, that's the best explanation I have but any type of like nuts or seeds like your peanuts, almonds, sunflower seed can be made into a butter. Cashews can be made into a butter. All of those are gonna obviously taste a little bit different because they're different nuts.

But nuts and seeds, in general, are a good source of healthy fats and some protein. So, I like to add a healthy fat to my shake. I'm also gonna use another in addition to this. So, I'm probably only gonna use like a tablespoon of this and then I'll add my other fat next.

But this is gonna go right into the shake. I have about a tablespoon right in there. I should have done the oil first because it would gonna help the almond butter come off more easily but that's okay.

So, next, I'm gonna use the 310 MCT. So, this is what I'm talking about the oil. MCT oil is a Medium Chain Triglyceride oil. It basically just means that the fat chains in this are much shorter. They're medium in length versus like really long ones which means it gets broken down more readily. They get absorbed by the body more readily. They can be used more readily which gives us energy.

So, it's a really, really good source of a healthy fat. And, I think a lot of people call this Keto oil which it's not wrong. But, you don't have to be keto to use this and you don't have to be keto to use this. 

Everyone needs healthy fats in their diet. Typically, fat should make up actually 25 to 35 % of your entire daily intake. So, whether you're a keto or not you can use this MCT oil. 

I really like it in shakes, it is unflavored so you can add it to shakes. You don't have to really worry about it like changing the flavor profile or anything. 

But you can also add it to a lemonade like a 310 lemonade. You can add it to a 310 tea. Some people add it to their coffee which again it doesn't really add flavor but it just kind of extra fat. Which paired with a caffeine make, if you'd like an extra big energy boost.

You can use it even in like baking. So on Tuesday this week, I made some amazing, amazing banana Nutella muffins. Like they were a hit, I'm telling


Freezes 10:52 - 16:21

Scoop and the powder in here. I can't really show you cause you need to come and see it but it's just a nice little powder. I'm gonna only use the half cup, half scoop. I typically only use the half scoop. I think just cause, I don't know. I just kind of go into the habit of using a half so I probably use only half this time.

But, this is the scoop. It's in there. Again, it's unflavored. it doesn't really have a smell. I'm just adding this to the top. It's really good for like joints, hair, skin, and nails. It's also really good for which I think is probably one of the most sought after like what's the word, I don't know the word, the things that it does. Benefits I guess or uses is that it helps with I don't know the word I'm trying for but it helps the skin's elasticity.

So, it's normal for the skin to lose its elasticity. As we get older it's just, it's normal. For some people that happen sooner because of genetics, for some people, it happens later in life.

But regardless it pretty much happens to everyone. It's normal. What you can do with the collagen it can really help to kind of keep that, those collagen fibers like together so that it's not becoming less elastic. Less elastic, yeah.

And then you have that like drooping inside you and everything. So, this is good for that. And again I use a half a scoop. You can use a whole scoop if you want. I don't know why I think I just technically started using a half scoop and then just never really want away from it.

But, I use a half scoop. You can also add this to other things aside from your shakes. So, I've been using this pretty much like in conjunction with the MCT. Which in the little nice product line you guys should see below you. They should both be in there.

I've been using them pretty much like in conjunction together. Like this to me like a pair deal when I'm making shakes and or recipes. Cause the muffins I used both. They just work really well together. 

It's super easy to add to anything pretty much because there's no flavor. And, it doesn't really like affect like the outcome of it other than like it gives you more benefit.

But, yeah. The flavor isn't gonna be affected and they're just easy to use. And they go pretty much like any recipes. 

So, I use this as like a dynamic duo I guess you could say. But they should be, yeah. And that nice little product line. 

And if you guys look in there you should see the 310 chocolate which I'm going to show you now or debut but again just think this is the chocolate because I really, really wanted to use the chocolate and I really like this recipe and I didn't want to switch it just cause I didn't have chocolate. 

So, I would be using it if I had it. I'm gonna use this recipe with chocolate once I get my chocolate. But for now, this is what I'm using. 

I have it in this little container just because I have so many bags in my cabinet that I don't know, I just wanted to switch it up and have like a nice little container looking thing.

So, this is my container. I have my scoop in here. So, your shake bags which if you have a full-size shake bag it's gonna be a little bigger than this. It's gonna come with the scoop that looks like this, okay?

So, this is the scoop. It's 28 servings in one bag. So, it's gonna have per scoop, it's gonna have ninety calories, 15 grams of protein, which is a really, really good amount of protein. 

It's not like a crazy amount at once to where you're dumping in like 50, 60 grams of protein in your body. Just can't absorb all that once. It's gonna be enough to help keep you feeling full plus along with the fiber in our shakes.

So our shakes are actually high fiber food. Because a high fiber food is 4 grams of fiber or more per serving. Our shakes have five. So, our shakes our already high fiber food. 

So fibers gonna help keep you full for longer. And then when you add that with the protein because protein, it takes a lot of like energy to break down protein so that helps keep you full longer too.

Those two together are really gonna help long terms satiety. No added sugars or anything like that. All the shakes are naturally sweetened with Stevia. So, just taken right from that plant.

Let's see, what else. Oh, only about seven grams of carbs per serving which if you deduct the fiber from that, that's two grams net carbs per serving. So, keto-friendly or if you're not doing keto, it's also still friendly for you.

You don't, do not have to be keto to enjoy any of the products. Again, this is the chocolate but there are so many different flavors.

I think they all smell pretty true to their like flavor and I really like the way that they smell. But ideally, I think I mentioned this earlier but, ideally, they should be replacing two meals a day. 

Whatever meal is most convenient for you, right? Like if you're, like me and you're a morning person and you wake up and you're most productive in the morning and you do all your best work and everything in the morning then you can have a shake in the morning cause maybe you have time to sit down and make your shake and eat it while you're watching your favorite T.V. or whatever.

Or, if you prefer to have it for dinner because let's say you have a family and they like to eat in a particular way and you're cooking their meals and then you don't wanna sit down and cook another meal. 

You could just have a shake and you can still is down and have dinner with them and have your shake and not have to spend another whatever, 10, 15, 20 minutes making your own separate meal.

On the other hand, if you work and you have, I don't know, like a short lunch break or you don't really have many good food options nearby or you're just sick of paying ten dollars minimum for a meal that's, eh, healthy but not really healthy. 

Just a portion or just probably still too big that's probably, they probably haven't used like the freshest ingredients things like that.

You can make a shake ahead of time. Put it in like a little refrigerated pack and bring with you to work or you can get a work blender and leave it in the kitchen and make your shakes there.

So, there's really so many options. We're not gonna be super, 310 isn't gonna be super like strict when you have to have those shakes because we recognize everyone's different, right?

Like there's no way you can create a one fits only a plan and assume that it's gonna work for everyone. Some people have kids, some people work five jobs, that's a lot but some people work more than one job. Some people go to school and work. Some people you know work home all days. Some people are barely home at all.

So, we really want everyone to be able to use these products in a way that works for them. Which is why we just say two shakes a day to replace any two meals of your choice. 

Of course, you're going to want to have like snacking in between meals to keep your hunger in check so you're not like 

Frozen 22:49 - 23.22

But this in my experience can store the most of what's I'm gonna do and I always added two so I have to fill this up. I'm gonna pour it out. Oh, of course, I'm gonna do a little messy drop here but, okay.

So, I have a little left so I'm just gonna add that because it will just be like a nice little heaping scoop but I'm not gonna waste like a little bit of powder.

So, I'm adding this to the top. Alright. If you have those scoop. If you have those like smaller packets that kind of look like yey, big that's actually gonna be equivalent to one of these scoops.

So, you would use the whole packet in your shake. If you just flip that packet around and read the back it will actually say one serving in its packet. So, it's super easy to use and the great thing about that you can try different products and flavors so you could know what you'd like, and then you can order in a larger size.

Hopefully, you guys wanna check out the chocolate. Honestly, it's such a good flavor. It's so true to chocolate I think. If you are a chocolate fan I think that you would like the chocolate and there's so many nice more helpful, tasty, whatever, enjoyable products in that line below with the chocolate.

Also, you should see the dynamic duo there. And there is, I don't know if I said this, I might have but never repeated it again, I guess. There's an exclusive offer in that duo below. So, check it out, guys.

I mean if you have another shake recipe that you wanna see in another live? Me, make like I don't know the chocolate or something, let me know in those comments and we'll try to get to those and do it in the future live.

So, where's my top. Oh, right here. Alright, so, next thing I'm gonna do is blend this up. Again, I like my little one serving blender but anything will work. And I may have to add more almond milk cause I bring only is about a half-cup.

So, if I need to add more I will, I can. If I wanna keep like watching the calories if I blend it and it needs more liquid cause it's not blending enough or it's just too powdery cause I don't have enough liquid.

But I'm like I don't wanna have more calories, I'll add water. So, there's a ton of different options.

So, I think I'm gonna need to add more liquid. Look at this, look how thick it is. I love it. Like, I don't know if you can see it but it's like stuck on the sides. I, that's my gem. I love that. I love it when it's thick and I can already just sit and eat it with a spoon.

I will just try to show you guys. I don't know if can see it. Oh, it smells delicious. But, it's super, super thick and so creamy. 

The frozen sweet potato makes it super, super creamy. I don't know if you guys can see that but, I like it like this thick. Usually, but I don't know for some reason today, I think I'm gonna add a little bit more liquid and just give it to be a little bit runnier, a little bit more liquidy.

Sometimes, I like this is

Frozen: 26:25 to 28:45

Okay, I guess let's just try this on. That is delicious. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. So, this so good. I've always underestimated how good banana can be in the shake. It's so good. The sweet potato really gives it a nice, really, really makes it smooth and creamy.

Like it's just I will check it really like show you guys it's about like if I could show you guys. But it's just super thick and creamy and it's just you can eat it with a spoon. If you don't wanna eat with a spoon just add 

Frozen 29:22 to 30:41

You're gonna have it in there for like an extended period of time and the shakes are so quick to make. I feel like you can just make them pretty quick. You don't have to buy like six, seven shakes for the week in your freezer.

But, if that's what you wanna do then I would load the freezer out. But, that's it for today, you guys.

I'm so excited about the shake. I can't even explain it to you. This is my new favorite shake. And that's saying a lot because my favorite shake just like well, I guess I have a new favorite every week but this one is like one of my actual favorite, favorites.

So, I'm gonna, I'm really excited to try it with chocolate once I get it. But, thanks for joining you guys. Hopefully, you enjoyed this shake recipe. Hopefully, if this was your first Thirsty Thursday it won't be your last Thirsty Thursday. I do this pretty much every Thursday at 11 am Pacific Standard Time.

Again, I make a new shake recipe on Thursdays. Tuesdays is more like a food type thing which is always fun. So, hopefully, I'll see you guys for more.

Thanks, everyone, and have a good rest of your day.


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