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The Foods Our Dietitian Always Has in Her Fridge

Eating healthy can seem like a real challenge…but with these quick & easy grocery suggestions from Becky (our certified 310 dietitian!).

You can set yourself up with a healthy meal plan today, just by grabbing a few things you can find at your local grocery store!

4 Breakfast Items You Can’t Leave The Store Without…

1) Protein Pancakes: 

You can’t go wrong with whole grain pancakes… And with an extra boost of protein, this pancake mix is a nutritious way to hit the ground running in the morning!

Becky picked up a brand called “Kodiak Cakes,” but you could also make your very own by adding some unflavored 310 Shake powder to your favorite pancake batter!

2) Sprouted Rolled Oats:

Besides oatmeal being a quick breakfast to make and take on the go… Oats are an overall great source of fiber, and they help with digestion and gut bacteria.

(Cooked oats are criminally underrated as a shake ingredient!) 

3) Greek Yogurt:

Who doesn’t love some creamy yogurt?

It’s a fantastic source of protein, great to cook with, and if you haven’t tried it yet… A healthy replacement for sour cream!!

4) Hard Boiled Eggs: 

Ok hear us out… Even the pre-packaged boiled eggs you get from the grocery store are a great breakfast option.

With about 15 grams of protein in 2 of them, and zero prep time, they’re a no brainer! 

Easy-Prep Lunch & Dinner Options!

Quinoa: Aside from being incredibly difficult to pronounce, quinoa has some crazy-good benefits. It’s a complete protein with a plant based source + all the essential amino acids (kind of like our shakes!).

And although it might be an acquired taste for those who are unfamiliar, Becky recommends eating it with various dinners!

(You can even mix it with rice to switch up the taste.)

Bone Broth: Another underrated item. Bone broth can help keep your appetite in check as well as giving you a great source of protein and collagen. 

It’s a great option for soup, or even just drinking alone. (And feel free to go wild on the spices and seasoning!)  

Wonder Noodles: No, it's not another name for Wonder Woman’s lasso… But the nutritious value is pretty super!

It’s a zero calorie source of fiber made from the root of a Japanese plant, and it’s known for its positive effect on gut bacteria. Wonder noodles taste killer alongside a protein & a veggie.

Protein Pasta: This pasta is a great way to get an extra boost of protein with your carbs, but regular pasta is okay too! Just be careful because it’s a more filling food (but everything in moderation!).  

Veggies & Salad: Peppers and carrots are a great veggie to snack on during the day, you can even leave them in a bowl on the counter for everyone to enjoy!

For salads, it’s important to keep a variety of healthy greens on hand. Particularly kale and baby spinach (also great for smoothies, or morning eggs!).

And what’s a veggie bowl without avocados? They’re the bomb-diggity! 

Frozen Meals: A bit general but it needs to be said… There are some great healthy finds in the frozen food section! Just take your time and look around (frozen doesn’t = unhealthy).

And it’s great to have some easy meals for days where you just don’t feel like cooking.  

Finally, To The Snacks!

Almonds:  Flavored, boiled, and everything in between… A serving of almonds is a nutritious snack, sure to keep your cravings in check! (Especially since the flavored almonds taste just like some good o’l junk-food!)

Peanut/Almond Butter: Almond butter takes 1st place for nutritious value. But peanut butter is great too, and they make a great addition to shakes & smoothies. Just make sure they aren’t loaded with sugar (you know which brands I’m talking about!). 

Dates: An under appreciated replacement for the sugary bars! Dates are a deliciously sweet snack on their own, and they mix great with almonds for a little sweet and salty. 

Berries: Blackberries and blueberries are a great source of fiber, and they don’t spike your blood sugar. You can keep them washed on the counter just for snacks when you’re hungry! And they’re 2 of the tastiest fruits to put in a shake!

Cottage Cheese: An absolute staple snack for protein. The little containers are super convenient to grab and go and they each have 15g of protein!

Now that you know what Becky - the 310 dietitian has in her grocery store haul... You can go out to your local grocery store and pick up the items that sounded the best! It’s all about finding what works the best for you.

Feel free to reach out to Becky with any questions, and we’d love to hear your healthy grocery haul suggestions!

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