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Our 6 Favorite Plus Size Activewear Brands


Are you stuck in a workout rut? If it has anything to do with not feeling 100% in your work out clothes (or not being able to find cute work out outfits), it’s time for a change! There are already plenty of excuses not to exercise… what you wear shouldn’t be one of them.

A few years ago, it would have been much harder to find  stylish, performance-driven plus size activewear. But it’s different now, as major brands have recently added plus size collections to their product lines – making a statement that a healthy, athletic body comes in many shapes and sizes.

We also know that there are various stages in your personal health journey – and you want to have the right workout clothes to feel your best at every stage. Which is why in this post, we share some of our favorite plus size activewear brands that are hot right now. They all have unique offerings that we believe will make you feel bold and beautiful, on your way to your healthiest lifestyle.

Check out our recommendations below, and tell us what your favorite activewear brands are in the comments!

1) Old Navy

About: Find everything you need to sweat in style for a steal-of-a-price at Old Navy. Discover a variety of comfortable yet fashionable work out pants, tops, sports bras, loungewear and more.

Sizes: Up to 4X

Stand-out feature: Unlike the boring black and navy options of the past, you’ll find lots of bright colors and fun prints that will motivate you to step out in style.

Shop Old Navy

2) Nike

About: A tried and true favorite, Nike launched its plus size gym clothes in 2017. The expansion was part of a cultural shift celebrating women’s and athlete’s diversity, from ethnicity to body shape. You’ll find plus size running clothes and additional workout gear, plus comfy lounge wear.

Sizes: 1X to 3X

Stand-out feature: You won’t miss out on quality with these plus size items. Nike promises that they use the same advanced technology to make all their outfits, regardless of size. So you can still enjoy the best of Dri-FIT, Tech Fleece, and Sweat-Wicking features.

Shop Nike

3) Fabletics

About: This exercise line by Kate Hudson proudly offers chic, stylish plus size workout clothes and sets. One of the best things about this line is the sheer variety of clothing. They offer everything from high-performance workout gear, to casual items perfect for brunch, shopping or lounging around.

Sizes: Up to 3X

Stand-out feature: You can purchase items by the piece, but the company also suggests “complete outfit” ideas. This is a nice touch, especially for the busy shopper seeking assistance with head-to-toe looks.

Shop Fabletics

4) Superfit Hero

About: The mission statement of this company is “fitness is for every body.” And it certainly is with the comfy, stylish, well-fitting plus size yoga clothes and other workout wear you’ll find there. They even have specific collections named after real-life “superheroes”, AKA inspirational female athletes.

Sizes: Up to 5XL 

Stand-out feature: Many of their leggings are named “Superfit”, with the promise that they won’t “ride up or fall down during your workout”. The pants (which come in various lengths) are built with a high waistband to stay snug without digging into your skin. 

Shop Superfit Hero

5) JunoActive

About: This company began in 1995 as a way to fill a “gap” in the activewear industry: good plus size workout clothes built with technical fabrics, specifically tailored for women’s bodies. They offer swim, intimate and activewear styles in one of the largest size ranges available.

Sizes: XL-6XL

 Stand-out feature: They pride themselves on using high tech fabrics in their clothes that are designed to last much longer than “fast fashion activewear”. In addition, all of their designs are made with measurements and fittings taken from real plus size women’s bodies.  

Shop JunoActive

6) Torrid

About: At Torrid, they celebrate every shape, size and curve of their customer, and are committed to creating fits that “perfectly enhance a figure.” They offer solo pieces and sets in both activewear and swim, and they even have a line called “Fangirl”. Each collection in the line is named after a Disney or other pop culture film, with pieces that perfectly complement the theme.

Sizes: 10-30

 Stand-out feature: The armholes on Torrid shirts are placed to “give you a slim silhouette in front with room to move in the back.” And the back pockets are expertly placed to flatter your behind.

Shop Torrid

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