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Collagen Infused Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade Mocktail Monday w/ Rebecca

By 310 Nutrition


Hey everyone, my name is Rebecca and I'm here with 310 Nutrition. Today is Mocktail Monday and I'm gonna be showing you guys how to make a collagen-infused sparkling raspberry lemonade. It's a classic twist on a summertime drink. But before we get started with the recipe and the direction on how to actually make it, I thought I would tell you guys a little bit about why I got interested in making mocktails in the first place. 

So, if you guys probably would like to, you would probably like mocktails and you would like it even more if you understood why I'm making them and what they're replacing. 

So, I always thought that beverages were seemingly innocent but a couple of years ago it was brought to my attention that depending on what you're drinking in a day and what your health and fitness weight goals are, what you're consuming in drinks, the calories can seriously add up and be an unknown detriment to you reaching your goals.

So, here's where this all started. I was in college at USC so, I was what, 5 years ago when I graduated. I had this, constantly getting drinks at Starbucks. Had this one favorite as a white chocolate mocha with extra whip cream. And, I was in class my friend said hey, can I have a sip of your drink. And I said, sure. I'm just wondering like it's really, really sugary. 

It's a white chocolate mocha and I haven't put extra sugar. You probably not gonna like it which is my disclaimer to literally everyone or used to be and sometimes still is. And, not in purpose. Usually, sort of puts them off and don't want a sip of it. Just like I don't want to sip on someone's unsweetened iced tea.

Anyways, so, my friend takes a sip of it and goes, looks at me, goes, like geez, like you weren't kidding. Like, that is super sweet. And I was like, I warned you. So, go on. I guess it's the end of the class or something and my friend comes up to me and says, look, like, you're in an amazing shape. You take really good care of your body. 

So, this is not to shame you for what you're consuming or anything like that or to stop you really. Are you aware of how much sugar is in that? And I said no. And keep in mind this friend is a roommate like this is not, no there's no bad blood. She's really not being judgmental or telling me something to make me feel bad.

She just thought I would genuinely want to know that someone who's health-conscious and conscious food-wise of what I'm putting into my body. And she said, yeah, like the small white chocolate mocha without any additives is again 600 calorie range. I was totally blown away cause I realized that with my breakfast sandwich that I didn't look up which is like 350 calories in it. I got to close consuming a thousand calories like just by the end of breakfast. 

She's not something that's ideal. And if I were on a calorie-restricted diet it will leave very little room for me to enjoy anything for the rest of the day.  So, after that, I started thinking more about the drinks that I was consuming. The soda, even the alcohol, and beverages later in the evening you know, stuff like that. And, just to put into perspective how seemingly innocuous these drinks can be.

I wanted to share pamphlets from the CDC where they basically give like a faux day in a life of, what you may be drinking, and how it adds up. So, let me pull up that pamphlet.

So, if you were to consume a beverage several times a day here's what it may look like.

Morning coffee, 16 ounces with whole milk - 225 calories. Lunchtime drink you will get 20-ounce bottle of soda that's 227 calories. And in your afternoon snack, you have a 16 ounce can of sweetened lemon iced tea that's a 180 calories. And for dinner, you have a 12-ounce glass of non-diet ginger ale that's 124 calories.

So, adding all that up the total is 796 calories which is a lot. As it adds up throughout the day you may, think your morning coffee, 265 whatever, but depending on your habits for the rest of the day, it can really add up. 

And, keep in mind and know you probably not consuming this particular type and amount of beverages per day. Just, but if you are keeping track, it's a good way to put in perspective how they can really add up.  

And, that being said changing your beverage choices or making healthier substitutions can really make a big difference in your caloric intake and therefore help you reach your health weight fitness goals.

So, in light of that, Q mocktails. I thought I would talk a little bit about one of the ingredients right now that we're gonna be using and why it's a great substitution for mocktails and that is sparkling water. 

So, it has zero calories, zero added sugar, nothing artificial, it's totally clean. It's also really refreshing, sort of the carbonation especially during the summer months can feel just a little bit lighter or more fun than average water. It's just like regular water in the sense that it's hydrating and so if you're anything like me, I try to drink a certain number of liters of water per day.

I've actually seen it really interesting improvement in my overall well-being with when I increased my water intake. So, if you're someone that doesn't like water, the taste or lack thereof, doesn't drink enough of it. You can try sparkling water and use it towards reaching your water daily intake goals.

So, hydrating just like water with a little bit of a sparkling kick. With carbonation also gives it a sort of a soda feel. Therefore, if you're a soda head like me this maybe a really good alternative because it's sort of will quench that thirst for a soda. Thanks to the carbonation without any of the added sugars or calories. 

And, lastly, studies have shown that sparkling water actually helps leave you feeling full longer which can be great if this, especially if you're trying to reach certain weight loss goals. 

Maybe it would help be less inclined to snack a little bit later. It totally is up to the individual but great substitute if you know you're trying to sort of limit your food intake. This can leave you feeling a little full and then consume a little bit less. 

So, that being said, I'm gonna now jump into the recipe, part of this. And, the key to really taking your sparkling water and transforming it into a delicious mocktail is being mindful of the ingredients that you're adding to it. 

So, if you look at mocktails online, a lot of the recipes are gonna request that you use store bought fruit juice or I don't know, it's usually the store bought fruit juice for mocktail that's the culprit. 

And that store-bought fruit juice high calories has you know a lot of added sugars. So, when it comes to lemonade, what are you gonna do? You could, yeah, in theory go you go make some lemonade or some fresh lemons but it's really tart. What you gonna do, you gonna add a lot of white sugar to it. 

So, to solve this lemonade dilemma look further than 310 lemonade. After I introduce the recipe, I'm gonna explain a little bit more about why 310 lemonade is such an unbelievably good substitute for your mocktails. 

And, so, yeah. Let's get to the ingredients.

Ingredient List 

I have my little station back here with all the cooking implements we're gonna be using. So, for the recipe you're gonna need 1 stick of the 310 lemonade, the original flavor. 1 scoop of 310 collagen cause like I said earlier this is a collagen infused sparkling lemonade. 1 cup of raspberries. You can use frozen or fresh. I'm gonna be using fresh today. 1 lime fully juiced. 2 cups of sparkling water. A fourth of a cup of regular water and some ice.

Ingredient Benefits

Okay. So, as I said before now is what I'm gonna be jumping in the talking about why 310 Lemonade is such a great solution for mocktails. So, first and foremost, the drink mix only, ten calories, has no added sugars and no artificial sweeteners. 

It contains greens select phytozome which is a highly adorable green tea extract  that's also rich in powerful anti-oxidants. And has, oh my God, why am I totally blanking with antioxidants. I’m totally I having a brain fart. 

Let's just stick with that has really great antioxidant properties which are great for aging. It has also alkalizing minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium that help you maintain a healthy body PH.

So, the other part is that it's really flavorful like for 10 calories you have no idea that there's no added sugar, no nothing in this. Like, it's, it's truly delicious on its own and even better when you mixed it up. 

And, again with the collagen I thought just to give you a little bit of background on collagen. If you don't have collagen that's okay. You can still just make lemonade with the 310 powder and the other ingredients. But, I think collagen is the secret weapon to what makes this drink really unique. 

So, the background of collagen. Well, collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body. It's part of every working system. It also has a lot to do with your skin and therefore I've been taking skin supplement or rather collagen supplements for my skin especially as you get older. It can be really useful as sort of a, it's more, teeters on the line of the beauty supplement and just the general health optimization supplement.

And, for reasons as to why I love 310 powder as oppose to other collagen powders on the market is that it's totally tasteless. You can add it to any recipe, like really any recipe. 

If you're making soup, add a collagen boost right here. If you're making let's say a protein shake, look no further add right here. And even get this baked foods. So, you're baking cookies you can add the collagen powder. 

It has 11 grams of protein in it so not only is this sparkling beverage about to have collagen but it's supposed to, it's about to also have protein in it. So, it's definitely you gonna have a little bit more of a like a full feeling that's cause you're getting a lot more than of just sparkling water add some fruit. 

So, again, if you're adding the collagen to any recipe you're getting and added boost with the protein. And last but not the least, it only has 43 calories which is less than other collagen, similar collagen that are on the market.

So, now you've been introduced to the ingredients, let's get to making some collagen infused sparkling lemonade.

Recipe Steps

First thing that you're gonna wanna do, I'm gonna clear this out. So you guys can see me. I'll try to hold up everything as I go.

So, you're gonna take your raspberries and pour them into a bowl. I'm just gonna save a couple for the end for some garnishes. So, I used almost the full box. Up to you what you'd like to use.

The recipe that I'm making serves 2 people. So, I'm gonna have some left over for later which is great cause it's excellent. You just put it in the fridge and enjoy at your leisure.

So, once you got the raspberries in here, you gonna squeeze your lime. Let me bring my cutting board to you guys. So, you can just squeeze it using your hands directly into the bowl.

I have this little squeezer guy so I can avoid getting any seeds in there. This little guy doesn't appear, here we go, alright.

Okay, so there's one half of a lime is done. So, you're gonna pour it into the bowl. Squeeze your other half.

Alright. Awesome. So, now let's squeeze that I'm gonna pour it in here as well. It's so weird this one haven't no seeds in it. 

Okay, so that part is done. And then you're gonna wanna make your raspberry mash. You're actuallysimply do that by mashing up the raspberries. I'm gonna use a regular fork. If you want you can make it in a blender. It's truly up to you. 

I kind of like the chunkier consistency of the raspberry. Sort of a, the raspberry mojito. So, I'm just gonna use my fork. 

And just bear with me as I mash this. I'll just say I hope everyone is staying safe, feeling well. There's a lot of crazy stuff going around in our world. Right now, I saw this morning at the NASA, the dragon capsule docked safely with the space station. 

I have been really exhilarated by the NASA launch. I've been following it very closely. I think it's super interesting. I actually have followed all of the astronauts, all the female astronauts. 

They were just on the space station and checking out and seeing everything that they were doing. How they washed their hair in space and eating food, drinking water like it's so weird.  It turns like little globs and basically grab it out of the air. 

I mean it's super exciting time for the US in space. With that said, my raspberry mash is done. So, pretty think consistency. It's okay if you don't get it fully mashed up. It will be a little surprise treat in your drink.

So, that's the raspberry mash portion. So. I'm gonna put just to the side. And next up we're gonna be making the actual lemonade. This you do wanna use a blender for if you have it. If you don't you can do it in a big pitcher with the spoon. Kind of how you make lemonade if you were having a lemonade stand. 

I'm gonna pull the blender out. So, I'm gonna take one fourth of a cup of water, just regular water. Put it in the blender. I'm gonna get 1 stick of 310 lemonade the original flavor. It's a new box and I'm very excited, I tore through my other one. So. Alright. Okay.

So now, I'm gonna pour this in. Also, I don't think I showed you guys close up. This is the one, oh, that smells so good. 

So, this is the black berry. I described the random one. But this is the 310 lemonade sticks look like. They're powdered, you just simply add them to water or your beverage of choice. 

And they come in a bunch of really tasty flavors. There's the blackberry, there's this cherry lime, there's also peach which is my favorite. So, there's definitely some variety in there especially when it comes to mocktails. 

These lemoade sticks, thanks to the flavor variety. It make a really great addition. So, we have the water we put in the lemonade and now we're gonna add 1 scoop of collagen.

Alright, and then we are gonna blend until smooth. You guys ever seen in movies like when people used to suppress to put the blender cap on or may be it’s happened to you and stuff goes everywhere.

Yeah, I've been there. Always really cautious about the blender top so bear with me with the noise. We're just gonna blend this until its frothy. It's pretty quick. 

Like I said, super quick, we're done there. The next step is you wanna get your cup ready and so I prepped my cup with some ice before started but it's gone a little melty cause it is hot in LA today. It is like 86 degrees.

So, I'm gonna pour this out and get some fresh ice. Okay, so I got some fresh ice and then next step is to add the mashed raspberry. Feels like it's been a long day but it's just beginning.

So, I don't know why I'm tripping over my words. So, you're gonna add your raspberry mash on top of the ice. Like I said, this is for 2 people so, don't use all of it. If you're, yeah, just don't use all of it in one cup. So, there's my raspberry mash, awesome.

And then we're gonna want to fill up the glass about one third to one fourth of the way with our 310 lemonade mix. Okay. Alright.

So, the next step that will gonna be to just take your sparkling water and top off your glass the rest of the way. 

Don't do it. Okay. overflowed over.

So, I'm gonna let that fizz down for a second just because I'm about to stick my fork in there and mix it up. And I do not want it overflow. 

So, you can keep adding water just as it goes as the foam goes down a little bit. And then, if you like and you still have some raspberries left over you can go ahead. You can garnish them sort of closer to the top. And you can even add a little lime slice inside the glass if you have more lime.

My other lime just disappeared from my fridge. Or so I think. It doesn't have lives and it doesn't walk, so. I'm assuming my mom probably cooked with it but that's fine. 

Anyways, so, now you have a collagen infused sparkling raspberry lemonade. So, let's go ahead and cheers and have a sip.

It's really good. It taste refreshing. It tastes like, honestly tastes like a really yummy Starbucks drink.

And if you guys saw last week we made the pink drink from Starbucks. That was really fun. And, yeah, this tastes kind like of one of their iced tea lemoades but with way less calories and way less sugar.

So, I'm a big fan. When you get a piece of raspberry that's definitely a treat. 

So, in closing I just want to say thank you guys for joining me for today's Mocktail Monday. I hope you learned, I hope you enjoyed learning about how to make mocktails with 310 lemonade and 310 collagen.

And hope that my little spiel line` beverages in calories was insightful and helpful. So, if you wanna you know, start making some really yummy mocktails, definitely check out that lemonade. 

And yeah, just be mindful reading ingredient labels as a whole. And I hope you guys have a great rest of your day.

I'm going to take this outside. Enjoy my lunch break in the sun. Like I said, it's 86 here in LA and then time to get back to work.

So, anyways, I'll see you guys next week for Mocktail Monday and cheers!

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