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Melissa Carpio Guirand loses 45 pounds with 310 and Clean Eating!

The Turning Point...

After having my 3rd child and gaining 40 pounds during pregnancy, I was at my doctor’s office for a check-up. I knew I had gained weight but he had to put me on medicine for high blood pressure! That was the moment I knew I had to do something. I decided it wasn’t just time to get healthy and lose the weight for myself, but it was even more important for me to get healthy for my children. I wanted to not only be a good example to them, but I wanted to have the energy to be my best for them for as long as possible.

The Change...

My biggest struggle was giving up sugar and bread. I struggled with cravings and completely changing my diet to clean eating but the 310 Shakes, Detox Teas, and Lemonades really helped me curb my appetite and cravings—yes even for sugar. Thank goodness I found these drinks that tasted sweet but weren’t packed with toxic sugar!

I love my 310 routine. I drink a hot 310 Detox Tea as soon as I wake up in the morning and replace 2 meals each day with a 310 Shake, one for breakfast and another for lunch. In between, when I’m feeling hungry, I have a cup of 310 Lemonade and healthy snacks like veggies, hummus, nuts, fresh fruit, or apples and peanut butter.  For dinner, I have a healthy meal consisting of a lean protein like chicken, salmon, turkey, or steak with lots of veggies. Sometimes I add in a half a sweet potato. Then, before bed, I relax with another cup of 310 Detox Tea to cap off the night with something naturally sweet so I don’t reach for unhealthy treats.

Weight Loss Success!

A year ago when I luckily found 310 Nutrition from a Facebook Ad, I weighed 207 pounds and now I’m just 162!  45 pounds down! I’m so happy with my progress and I plan to keep going strong to get down to 140 pounds. I love hearing from my family and friends that I look slimmer and healthier. Plus, it’s nice to shop in the regular departments instead of Plus size now.

Staying Motivated Through Community...

The 310 Nutrition Community is like family to me. Everyone in the community is so helpful and encouraging. They have been my support system throughout my whole journey. Whenever I had any doubts, questions, or concerns, the 310 Community was always there for me. I have met such amazing people and made so many new friends!

Ready to Try 310? 

Our 310 Try It All Kit gives you a chance to try an assortment of products and flavors to find your favorites before committing! It’s the perfect way to start your journey to ultimate health with 310.

This kit includes 6 delicious flavors of 310 Meal Replacement Shakes, green Juices with 70+ Superfoods, alkalizing Lemonades with 0 sugar under 13 calories with Green Tea Phytosomes,  Detox Teas to help you rid your body of years of built up toxins and bloat, a Shaker Cup to make and take along your drinks, a book with easy-to-make healthy recipes,  a phone session with a health coach, and even a $10 gift card to 310!

It’s currently a steal-of-a-price at only $69.00! ($146.99 Value)  That’s over 50% off! You can do this! 

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