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Jenn G. Transformed Her Body with a Clean Keto Diet & Exercise*

"I finally found something that has helped me change my diet, lose the weight I want, and keep it off... I can’t believe how amazing I feel, and how far I’ve come."

Tell us about your journey to better health…

I think I’ve always struggled with my weight, starting in my early teens. I tried so many different types of diets and exercise programs, but any progress that I made never lasted more than a few weeks or months. I used to be a stress or “emotional eater”. I craved sweets when I was anxious or upset, and giving into those cravings is how I would deal with things.

It wasn't until I had gained so much weight from my unhealthy habits and was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, Lupus, that I decided to take my health seriously. I am a full-time working mom with 3 kids, ages 15, 14, and 5. I knew if I wanted to have more energy and be around to raise my children I had to change my life.

What motivated you to make a change?

I would have to say my biggest “ah-ha” moment would be when I saw pictures of myself in my bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding. I chose to use one of those photos as my “before” picture in this success story. This is because it’s a real, raw photo that shows the same happy, smiling me on the outside, but inside I hated the way I looked and felt tired and miserable most of the time.

When I look at those photos now I don’t even recognize that girl. I’m a (truly) happy, funny, silly girl, and to me the woman in those photos is unhealthy and insecure. It was time to make my transformation!

I first learned about 310 from reality TV star, Gretchen Rossi, discussing how the shakes help her stay healthy. At the same time, one of my friends also started drinking the shakes as breakfast meal replacements and said they tasted great.

At that point, I had already done a bit of a revamp on my diet, and was eating a keto dietary plan. Since 310 Shakes are low in carbs, I thought they would be a convenient way to get quick meals in on-the-go, and decided to give them a try! I first started using 310 Shakes in May of last year – and began by replacing breakfast and lunch with 310 Organic Chocolate Shakes.

Tell us about your success!

When I started my weight loss journey, I was 270 lbs. – since then, I’ve lost 81 lbs. by eating a healthy keto diet that includes 310 Shakes and intermittent fasting, and fitting exercise into my schedule. I now only have 34 lbs. to go to reach my goal weight of 155 lbs.!

I can’t believe that after everything I’ve tried, I finally found something that has helped me change my diet, lose the weight I want, and keep it off. I’ve learned that being consistent with my thinking and with the foods I put into my body is a key factor. I have to remind myself every day that I’m worth it! I can’t believe how amazing I feel, and how far I’ve come.

My biggest “non-scale victory” has to be fitting my almost 6-year old daughter into a dress with me that was tight on me just prior to beginning my weight loss journey. Now it’s so big that it fits the two of us! I can't even put into words how that feels!

I feel like I was blessed with the discipline and motivation to start where I am and live a healthier, happier life – and show my kids you can achieve anything you put your mind to and work towards.

What do you love BEST about 310 shakes?

One of the things I love best about 310 Shakes is how great they taste and how convenient they are! I’m a busy working mom and my oldest son is a student athlete, so I split my time between work, home, exercise, and the baseball field. Having a bag of 310 Meal Replacement Shake and a Shaker Cup handy at all times means I get all my nutrition as well as being able to still continue on with my busy life. It's a bonus that the shakes are delicious!

Tell us about your healthy lifestyle routine…

For me, I always say this journey has been 90% mental and 10% physical. I had to change the way I thought about food, and I made myself learn all about the body and how it functions. I had to remind myself that food to me is like gasoline to a car. If you put bad gas in your tank you will end up stuck on the side of the road most likely needing costly repairs. It’s the same if you put bad food into your body… it bogs you down and can lead to being overweight, and even disease.

I choose to eat a keto or low-carb diet because I love the way I feel when I eat minimal carbs and fuel my body with healthy fats such as avocado, 310 MCT Oil, coconut oil, and proteins. I started replacing my breakfast and lunch with 310 Shakes (Organic Chocolate), and I noticed they kept me full and I didn't have that afternoon “slump” feeling like I used to get after lunchtime.

Eventually, I started incorporating intermittent fasting into my diet as well, so I would skip my breakfast shake and just enjoy one for lunch. I also started exercising on a regular schedule, and I would either walk or run after work for at least 4 miles per day, or take classes at the gym. In total now I get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day – which is such a change from the way I used to live!

I started walking on my lunch break at work and can often be found drinking my 310 Shake as I take my laps around the pond. I do feel like 310 has given me the energy to stay motivated to continue down this healthy path.

As for the details of my daily diet, I typically make a shake in the morning, but I save it for my lunch. I use frozen avocado and a few ice cubes so it stays cold in my lunch box until lunchtime. I snack on nuts, berries, meat, and cheese. I use the 310 MCT oil in my shake too. The 310 Peach Tea is also one of my favorites that I typically enjoy midday after lunch.

My biggest struggle is having a family to feed and everyone eats differently. I eat high-fat, moderate protein and low-carb and my kids are not going to eat the same diet as me. I make a lot of alterations for myself for dinner and have adapted to this way of eating now, but it was hard in the beginning.

Do you have a MUST-TRY shake recipe you’d like to share?

My ultimate favorite shake recipe includes 310 Pumpkin Spice Shake, ground cinnamon, vanilla flavoring, unsweetened coconut milk, half of a frozen avocado, and a scoop of chocolate flavored collagen. It might be because it’s winter in Florida and I’m trying to keep fall around a little longer!

What does the 310 Community mean to you?

I love reading other people's success stories! I love seeing people putting themselves out there to share their challenges, fears, successes, and setbacks. I love feeling like I’m part of a family where we all understand the struggle and can help inspire and motivate each other on a daily basis.

Do you have advice for anyone just starting their journey?

My advice to anyone who is just starting out is that no matter how much you feel like quitting, you have to keep going. You owe it to yourself to be happy. You can't be a rock for your friends or family if you do not put your health first. You have to believe that you can do it, and you have to be willing to put in the work and be disciplined to reach your goals. Seek motivation and lean on others for support. You are never alone!

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