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Irish Sea Moss Benefits + NEW Product Alert!

If you haven’t yet heard about Irish Sea Moss, we’re about to fill you in on this hot health productand exactly why we recommend you add it to your daily wellness routine. People have been reaping the benefits of this sea algae for hundreds of years, but its currently having its moment in the spotlight as more and more people are taking advantage of it as an AMAZING source of whole food nutrients and powerful antioxidants – offering standout health potential.

In this article, we’ll discuss exactly what Irish Sea Moss is, and also introduce you to our NEW health supplement: 310 Irish Sea Moss Capsules. These offer an incredibly convenient way to reap the benefits of this awesome superfood even on a busy schedule and while on-the-go.

If you’ve been feeling left out of the loop when others mention how they’re using sea moss daily, we’re going to fill you in on the details of how it can positively influence your health and weight loss goalsRead on to learn more!

What is Irish Sea Moss?

Irish sea moss is actually a red seaweed that grows naturally on rocks along the North Atlantic Coast. It is PACKED with health-supporting nutrients, in fact, it’s often referred to as nature’s multivitamin – because it’s said to contain 92 of the 102 minerals the body needs for healthy functioning. It’s also rich in many vitamins and antioxidants including vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, plus beta-carotene. 

Due to all of this incredible health potential, Irish Sea Moss has been studied and shown to offer some amazing potential benefits for total wellness – and may also assist with weight loss. Let’s take a look at some of the main things that sea moss is known for…

10 Potential Benefits of Irish Sea Moss


Irish Sea Moss and many other seaweeds are incredibly rich in iodine – in fact, they are some of the best natural sources of this essential mineral. Iodine – which your body does not produce on its own, so you need to get through your diet - is needed for your body to make thyroid hormones.

These hormones are necessary to keep your thyroid functioning properly and help avoid problems such as hypothyroidism, (or underactive thyroid), which can cause many uncomfortable symptoms and make it difficult to lose weight. Thyroid hormones are also necessary to control your body’s metabolism and brain health, along with many other important tasks.

Symptoms of a thyroid disorder that may come about from low iodine levels may include…

  • Fatigue/tiredness
  • Weight gain
  • Mood and appetite changes

In the 310 Nutrition Community, we’ve seen that many of our members struggle with thyroid problems that are making their weight loss goals difficult, if not seemingly impossible. Adding an iodine-rich superfood source to your diet that also supplies you with an abundance of additional vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more for overall health may be beneficial in helping you avoid nutrient deficiencies – and giving your body what it needs for proper functioning and complete wellness.*

Along with helping to support a normal, healthy metabolism by being rich in iodine and supporting thyroid health, Irish Sea Moss is also rich in dietary fiber, and supports satiety – so may assist with appetite control throughout the day.


Irish Sea Moss also has many more potential benefits, mostly due to its thoroughly impressive nutrient profile which includes being a great source of vitamin C along with amino acids and antioxidants. All of these are highly-beneficial for supporting strong immunity and defense from sickness.

Sea moss has also been shown to have beneficial antimicrobial and antiviral properties – which can help fight off and prevent viruses. In particular, Irish Sea Moss is also a great source of potassium chloride which may help dissolve phlegm in the mucous membranes, therefore reduce congestion. This may assist with preventing or relieving symptoms of the common cold and flu including sore throat, coughing, runny nose, and a general feeling of malaise.


Irish Sea Moss is also amazing for your gut health – which also determines the health of your immune and digestive systems, proper brain functioning and more. It’s rich in dietary fiber and acts as a “prebiotic”, which becomes food for beneficial bacteria, or probiotics in your gut – helping to establish balance and fight off harmful invaders that can cause infection and disease.

In addition, sea moss is known to soothe the digestive tract and for promoting great colon health. It acts as a “mucilaginous food” that has a thick, sticky texture that promotes regular bowel movements and helps cleanse your body of toxins.


Just a glance at the incredible nutritional profile of sea moss is enough to understand why it promotes radiant, glowing, and youthful skin. The large number of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and also omega-fatty acids within the sea plant help to hydrate, soothe  and soften skin. In addition, the nutrients also work to help reduce inflammation, and fight skin damage that can accelerate the signs of aging.


Irish Sea Moss has also been shown to be a beneficial food that may assist with blood sugar control and managing blood sugar levels. An antioxidant within the sea algae, a carotenoid called fucoxanthin – which also gives it it’s rich red-brown color – may help the body respond to insulin more effectively.

Consuming sea moss on a regular basis, therefore, may assist with avoiding high blood pressure, plus supporting glycemic control and overall heart health. And for anyone with diabetes, it may help prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes.

In addition to those discussed above, Irish Sea Moss has also been shown to help…






Why 310 Irish Sea Moss?


When looking for an Irish Sea Moss supplement, the benefits will vary based on the type of sea moss that is used… which is why 310 has opted for wildcrafted sea moss in their premium product. What this means is that the sea moss is harvested right from its natural habitat of rocks in the ocean, versus other supplements which may use farmed varieties.

This is especially important because it means that 310 Irish Sea Moss is incredibly nutrient-rich – since it was allowed to grow in its natural environment.

Wildcrafted is even a higher level of purity than organic when it comes to sea moss, since organic sea moss can still be grown in salt pools, therefore isn’t wild. Since wildcrafted sea moss is harvested directly from rocks, bypassing human intervention, it may offer the most potential benefits.


Along with being the purest, most beneficial type of sea moss, 310 Irish Sea Moss also comes in convenient capsule form. You can also find sea moss in gel, powder, and even raw form. When you have raw sea moss, you have to soak it in order to get rid of the “sea-like” taste, and even the gels and powders can still have a distinct, even if light, fishy or sea taste.

However, capsules are the most convenient way to get sea moss every day, wherever you are, with no bad taste. It’s a low-maintenance way to start reaping the benefits of Irish Sea Moss today, even on a busy schedule.


Finally, the 310 Irish Sea Moss also contains a blend of additional superfoods for overall health and vitality. Along with wildcrafted sea moss, the capsules contain bladderwrack, burdock root, and a variety of B vitamins. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each of these…

  • Bladderwrack – This is another highly-nutritious seaweed that’s rich in dietary fiber, supporting satiety, along with many vitamins and minerals. Like sea moss, it’s also particularly rich in iodine, also supporting thyroid health, healthy metabolism, and weight loss; Plus, powerful antioxidants beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin – supporting healthy skin, immune, and total body health.
  • Burdock Root – This root vegetable helps cleanse the body and support great digestion, while being packed with antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and increase circulation in the skin.
  • B Vitamins – 310 Irish Sea Moss Capsules also include B vitamins – including vitamins B12, B6, thiamin, and niacin – to support energy production and help maintain peak energy levels.

Ready to start reaping the benefits of convenient 310 Irish Sea Moss Capsules in your own life today?! They make the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle and dietary routine including 310 Shakes and other dietary products supporting weight loss, cravings control, a balanced body and more. Try yours now!

*Note that it’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor before starting any new dietary supplement, and also to have your thyroid levels checked – since too much iodine can also be problematic for your health and your thyroid. The key is to get the perfect balance of this mineral into your diet.



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