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Creamy Key Lime Shake Recipe


With summer right around the corner, what better sweet and tangy dessert is there to savor, than a totally delicious, refreshing slice of key lime pie?! But, you don’t need a fork for this shake recipe that brings all the goodness of creamy vanilla and tart lime to your glass instead of a plate!

This Creamy Key Lime Smoothie tastes as good as the real thing to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you cool in the hot summer weather – while helping you stay perfectly aligned with your health and wellness goals. It’s one of my favorites to enjoy while relaxing by the pool or reading in the backyard, and I have a hunch it will be one of your summertime go-to’s as well!

To make this exciting shake, you only need 310 Vanilla, banana, Greek yogurt, lime juice, lime zest, and unsweetened almond milk. But don’t let the simplicity of the ingredients fool you, as this shake is packed with flavor, while being sweetened naturally with banana and plant-based Stevia (from 310 Vanilla). So, there’s no added sugar or artificial sweeteners in this shake!

This smoothie will surely brighten your day while fueling your body – with 22g of plant-based protein and 11g of healthy fats!

Before giving you the full recipe, let’s look at a few of the impressive potential health benefits of the ingredients, below…

Rich, Dessert Taste: 310 Vanilla

While traditional key lime pie typically includes condensed milk for the filling, I’m using a scoop of 310 Vanilla to recreate the creamy, rich flavor, and mimic the yummy graham cracker crust. As mentioned previously, this satisfying meal replacement powder is sweetened with Stevia, which helps this shake taste delicious and sweet, while staying sugar free!

In This Recipe

310 Vanilla Shake - Original

100% vegan organic creamy Meal Replacement Shake with 15 grams of plant-based protein along with essential superfoods and nutrients to support your weight-loss goals and journey to a healthy lifestyle. View Shake »

With 15g of plant-based proteins, 5g of fiber, 20 vitamins and minerals, and gut-healthy probiotics in each serving, it's easily to add a scoop of 310 Shake to your smoothies for an extra boost of nutrition – helping you keep your meal nutritious even on the most hectic of days!

Bonus: 310 Vanilla Shake also includes a blend of superfood greens in every serving with organic spinach, broccoli, kale, beet, and more! So, if you’re trying to get more veggies into your daily diet, this is an easy way to do it!

A Nutritious Pie Filling: Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt in bowl

To achieve a smooth and velvety texture, I'm using plain Greek yogurt! Some key lime pie recipes actually use sour cream in the filling, so plain Greek yogurt is one of the best healthier alternatives to use in this shake for a slight tangy taste.

Not only does the addition of Greek yogurt add immense silkiness to this smoothie, but it also brings incredible health benefits with it to help fuel your body and your day! Greek yogurt is a source of protein, and paired with 310 Vanilla Shake, can help satisfy and keep you full for hours. Not to mention, Greek yogurt is also packed with a variety of nutrients including vitamins A and B12, calcium, potassium, and more. 

Bold, Zesty Flavor: Fresh Lime

fresh whole limes

You can't make key lime pie without... lime!

I highly recommend using a fresh lime for this recipe, as it really makes a difference for memorable flavor in every sip compared to bottled lime juice or some type of lime syrup. Not to mention, we’re going to be using some lime zest as well for even more bold taste!

Little but mighty, limes are actually packed with vitamin C, which can help to support immunity and possibly even a healthy complexion. – so you can have glowing, radiant skin from the inside out! In fact, one lime offers about 19mg of vitamin C to help you both look and feel your best.

Excited to try this tangy, refreshing, dessert-like protein smoothie for yourself?! Check out the full recipe, below!


  • 1 scoop 310 Vanilla
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 lime, juiced
  • 1 tsp lime zest
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • Ice
  • Optional: avocado for extra green color and creamy texture!


  1. Combine ingredients in a blender and blend until completely smooth.
  2. Serve and enjoy!


  • 303 calories
  • 32g carbs
  • 25g net carbs
  • 11g fat
  • 22g protein


What's your favorite shake recipe using 310 Vanilla? Let us know in the comments below for a chance to be featured on our blog! 

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In This Recipe

310 Vanilla Shake - Original

100% vegan organic creamy Meal Replacement Shake with 15 grams of plant-based protein along with essential superfoods and nutrients to support your weight-loss goals and journey to a healthy lifestyle. View Shake »

Written by:

Erika Fox

MBA, RDN - 310 Nutrition Community Manager

Erika Fox, MBA, RDN, is a Registered Dietitian and works as our 310 Community Manager, motivating thousands of individuals to reach their health goals every day! Erika strives to combine her nutrition expertise and business/marketing background to inspire others to adopt healthy habits on a larger scale. Her philosophy is [...]

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