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Corey Hardman Transforms Himself with 310 and Clean Eating, Losing 55 Pounds!

The Turning Point...

I was always very active in college, but in my sophomore year I tore a ligament in my right elbow while wrestling and could no longer play sports. After that, I spiraled from 190 to 270 pounds in two years – nearly doubling my weight. I never accepted the gained pounds but at the same time, I had no idea what to do about it – so I never made any changes.

Flash forward to March of last year and I finally looked at myself in the mirror and realized I didn’t want to be unhealthy anymore. I was ready to take action, and the only thing left to solve was where to begin.

A friend of mine mentioned that she was drinking meal replacement shakes to slim down. But the brand she was using had outrageous prices that didn’t fit into my budget. I did my own research, typing “best meal replacement shakes” into Google – and at the top of the list was 310 Nutrition. Based on the price and a large amount of outstanding reviews, I decided to give it a shot.

The Change...

My very first 310 order included the Vanilla Shake, along with the B12 Berry Melt, which I was hoping might give me more energy for my workouts. I figured since I didn’t eat very healthy at the time, I might be deficient in the vitamin – and replenishing it in my system could help boost my energy levels naturally.

As for the shake, I have to say that for a plant-based, sugar-free protein powder that’s helping me lose weight, I wasn’t expecting too much in the taste department – but I was more than pleasantly surprised! I actually think the shakes taste great, and I only add a few simple ingredients into each. My go-to drink is a mix of Vanilla and Chocolate shake powders with almond milk and peanut butter. I also really enjoy the Salted Caramel shake powder with apples added into it – which is a real treat!

Another awesome thing about 310 Shakes is that they’re convenient and versatile on any schedule. I work nights so my first meal of the day is always with my fiancé. It’s then easy for me to have a shake for lunch and pack another one to take with me to work for dinner.

Weight Loss Success!

Whereas I started my program having just one shake per day as a meal replacement, I added another after realizing how great I felt. I’ve now been using 310 products for about 6 months, and I’ve already lost 55 pounds! I only have 10 more pounds to go to reach my goal weight of 205 – which seems like lightyears away from where I was just a short time ago.

And the best part is, these shakes aren’t just a quick fix that then leave you hanging, like so many other weight loss programs. This is so much more than that. Through 310, I’ve learned how to change bad lifestyle habits into healthier ones – which will enable me to maintain my new weight for the duration.

Staying Motivated Through Community...

The 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook has also been instrumental to my success, and I’m sincerely so glad I joined. It’s honestly the most positive community I’ve ever been a part of, and I go on it regularly. It’s truly great for some extra motivation when you’ve hit a slump in progress. I’ve also found some great recipe ideas, along with fitness and dietary tips that best suit my needs.

In fact, it’s the community that got me started on the path to a healthier diet. Before joining, I honestly didn’t even consider my diet as being a major problem or factor in my weight loss. But then I saw all of the tips on clean eating habits, and people sharing photos of their meals, and realized it was something I needed to incorporate into my lifestyle.

My diet now looks drastically different than before I found 310! I use a Fitness Pal to track my calories, focusing on a low-carb, high-protein dietary plan, along with 1500 calories per day. I stay away from sugar as much as possible, and my meals that aren’t a shake usually include a lean meat and veggie.

When it comes to fitness, 310 has greatly helped me in this area as well. Along with the vitamin B12 melts, I also take a product called Metaboost a half an hour before my workouts. It gives me the extra energy I need to make great progress during my sessions. And I’m able to workout 5 days a week now, doing a mix of cardio and weight training – so I’ve seen better results than I have in the past.

To anyone else looking to clean up their health, I would say don’t give up. Know that you’re going to have bad days, but as long as the good days outweigh them, you’re going in the right direction. There will be weeks and even months where you aren’t seeing much progress, but if you keep pushing yourself, you will eventually.

I highly recommend you get onboard with 310 and try it for yourself now. If you asked me a few years ago, I never would have imagined I would be where I am today in physical health, strength and happiness. 310 meal replacement shakes have made a true difference in my life, and I don’t plan on ever quitting them! I believe they can do the same for you; Just trust in the process and join the 310 Community to find all the support you need along the way.

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