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Charity Goodwin Dropped 10 Dress Sizes with 310, and Lost 60 Pounds!

Before: 240 Pounds                    After: 180 Pounds

The Turning Point...

I've struggled with being overweight since I was a teenager. I couldn't seem to find a weight loss program that worked for me until now. I heard about 310 Nutrition from social media sites and read all of the success stories so I thought why not give it a try.

The Change...

I started the program in June 2015. From the day I received my package I started drinking two shakes a day as a meal replacement. My day starts at five in the morning with a 310 Shake, I have a small snack between breakfast and lunch, another 310 Shake for lunch, a small snack, and then a full meal for dinner. After dinner I go to the gym for a two hour cardio and weight lifting session.

Weight Loss Success!

Before I started 310 I weighed 240 pounds. I am now down to 180. My pants size was a 24 and I am now down to a 14. My shirt size was a XL, now down to small/medium. Thanks to 310 Nutrition and dedication at the gym I have reached one of my many goals. I look forward to what the future holds with my 310 Shake.

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