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10 Ways 310 Hydrates Help You Recover

Unfortunately, you likely know all too well the effects of dehydration… You don’t have to be hiking up a mountain or running a marathon to get dehydrated – because it’s just as easy to do so in your day-to-day life. It’s a simple fact that it’s often hard to remember to drink ENOUGH water!

You’re running around chasing your kids, doing laundry, running errands, or meeting work deadlines and before you know it you have a headache and feel tired and lethargic. You don’t realize it’s lack of water until it’s too late and you’re already playing catch up.

The truth is, it can be challenging to keep supplying your body with the water it needs to function PROPERLY (for health and weight loss). But with new 310 Hydrates – you essentially get MORE benefits of water, while needing to drink LESS of it. And there are so many situations where this is beneficial on a normal, busy schedule.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the major ways that 310 Hydrates help your body Recharge, Recover, and Re-energize – so you can feel your best in mind and body, and succeed with your weight loss goals!

First: How Do 310 Hydrates WORK?!

Regular H20 may be refreshing – especially during the summer months – but it takes some time for the water to actually get into your bloodstream where your body can use it in multiple ways. ALL of your body’s systems require enough water to function properly and help you operate at peak performance. 

Instead, adding some important minerals to your water can help it get absorbed into your bloodstream much faster AND more efficiently. This is exactly what makes 310 Hydrates work… the addition of sodium and potassium, two important electrolyte minerals that help enhance the absorption of water in your body – and which you also lose throughout the day, like in your sweat.

310 Hydrates contain…

  • 500mg of Sodium
  • 380mg of Potassium
  • Additional B & C vitamins for energy & wellness

In essence, using 310 Hydrates helps you replenish your body so that you feel rejuvenated! This is exactly why drinking one glass or shaker full of water mixed with 310 Hydrates is equivalent to drinking 2-3 bottles of regular water! Now you can hydrate more efficiently and make the most of your water!

Plus, there are so many ways to enjoy 310 Hydrates, including in deliciously unique and exciting recipes! Try our Cucumber Lemon Recovery Slushee any time you want an invigorating, icy beverage to help fuel your day! Plus, find more delicious Hydrate recipes here!

Let’s take a look at how enhancing your hydration with 310 Hydrates can help you recover in many different ways, every day…

10 Ways 310 Hydrates Help You RECOVER & RECHARGE

It’s amazing that 310 Hydrates are so easy to toss into your gym bag, suitcase, purse, or even pocket so you have them at just the right time, so they can help you recover and replenish your body during and after all of these situations…

1) Exercise (Cardio & Strength Training)


Used to going hard at the gym? When you sweat, you lose water along with essential electrolytes, especially sodium. In order to rehydrate quickly and efficiently, you have to keep replacing the water along with the needed minerals. 310 Hydrates are a quick, easy, and delicious way to do this, offering the replenishment of both sodium and potassium, which you also lose when you sweat.

If your goals include lean muscle growth, potassium is also a key electrolyte mineral that helps with muscle gain; and B vitamins, which are also in 310 Hydrates, support higher energy levels after your workout.

 2) Travel

Travel is another situation where it can be hard to stay hydrated and your energy and how you feel may suffer because of it. Due to spending most of your time in transport – whether it be in a car, on a plane, train or public transportation means you likely won’t be spending as much time drinking water since you won’t be using the restroom as regularly. Or, you may not have access to safe drinking water that often.

310 Hydrates can help you make the most out of the water you DO drink – so it rehydrates you much faster and helps you avoid symptoms of dehydration like headache, lack of physical or mental energy, and fatigue. Plus, each Hydrate has over 100% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C along with B vitamins to help support strong immunity and wellness both during your travel and after.

 3) Sickness

When you’re sick, your body needs more support to stay hydrated, and you may be losing extra fluids from vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive sweating from having a temperature. It can be extremely helpful when you don’t feel well to not just drink plain water but to add essential electrolytes that you find in 310 Hydrates, that help keep water in your cells – to manage your symptoms and help you get better.

Not to mention that the added B vitamins in each Hydrate (B6, B12, and Niacin), along with vitamin C, support greater physical energy and help bolster your immune system to fight the illness and recover faster.

4) Hot or Cold Temperatures

You already know that your body loses more water through sweat in the heat, but did you know that you can actually become more dehydrated in cold weather? When it’s so cold out that you can “see your breath” in the air, you lose more fluids through respiratory water loss than potentially on hot days. For either situation, 310 Hydrates help you to replenish the lost water faster.

Therefore whether you’re going to the beach or somewhere else where you’ll be directly in the heat, or just running to your car on a cold day, 310 Hydrates can help in all climates to stay hydrated – especially in hot or cold ones.

 5) Alcohol Consumption

Any time you choose to drink alcohol, you’re likely to become dehydrated pretty quickly, unless you take necessary steps to prevent that from happening. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it causes your body to let go of fluids much faster by going to the bathroom more frequently. So, you have to keep drinking water with alcohol, but 310 Hydrates are a much more effective way – helping the water to absorb more quickly into your bloodstream, and preventing dehydration.

Plus, 310 Hydrates are simply an excellent way to help you feel better after drinking alcohol, especially if you’ve had more than one drink – because they help prevent the dehydration that causes “hangover” symptoms, like nausea, headache, and fatigue. The electrolyte minerals – sodium and potassium – help to replenish your body so you still feel good physically and mentally – and the B vitamins support greater energy while you fully recover.

 6) Caffeinated Beverages

Similar to with alcohol, caffeinated beverages – like coffee, tea, and energy drinks – are diuretics that can lead to dehydration fast. While one cup of coffee in the morning is not a problem as long as you make sure to drink plenty of water, cup after cup can eventually make you feel pretty awful.

Whether you like to drink coffee and tea throughout the day, or you savor just one cup, having 310 Hydrates nearby can help you ensure that you rehydrate your body more efficiently, without having to worry about downing lots of water on the side of your caffeinated drink.

 7) Eating A Lot of Sugar/Excess Salt

Certain foods can also dehydrate your body very fast – especially if they contain sugar, or a lot of salt without you drinking water with them. When it comes to extra sugary foods like chocolates, candies, cookies and more, high amounts of sugar can cause water to leave your cells through more frequent urination – leading to dehydration. And although sodium is actually a mineral the body needs for fluid balance, when you consume too much of it – particularly in high salt foods like potato chips or fried foods, it can lead to dehydration fast.

Although it’s best to only eat sugary and high salt foods in moderation anyway, if you’re indulging for a holiday or special day, 310 Hydrates can help you get back on your clean eating diet quick and help you continue to feel your best.

 8) Extra Stress

Next, you already knew that too much stress is bad for your health, but did you know it could also dehydrate you? When you’re consumed by stress, your adrenal glands pump out stress hormones – which affects its ability to produce a hormone that helps regulate electrolytes and fluid levels. Therefore, too much stress could also lead to dehydration.

Whether it’s a particularly stressful day or just the normal stress of day-to-day life, 310 Hydrates can help you keep your fluid levels in balance so that you can succeed in everything you need to get done in a calm and collected manner.

9) Menstruation

For women, monthly menstruation is also a situation that can cause some dehydration if you don’t stay hydrated in a smart way. During her monthly cycle, a woman loses blood and also fluid, which can cause fatigue, weakness, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Rehydrating with not only water, but also with electrolytes can help you to be more comfortable and feel better during this time. Also B vitamins, particularly niacin, found in 310 Hydrates, have been shown to be helpful in reducing cramps associated with menstruation.

10) Nursing

Next, for women who are nursing their babies, is much easier to become dehydrated faster, so taking care to get lots of extra fluids is necessary. The body requires more water for adequate milk production, and the mom also loses water and electrolytes through the loss of milk when her baby nurses. If a mom isn’t careful, it’s easy to get dehydrated, and she also won’t make enough milk if she doesn’t increase her hydration input. A hydration supplement like 310 Hydrates can help to replace electrolytes lost in milk, and also reenergize, recharge, and fortify the body with B and C vitamins.

As you can see, 310 Hydrates are an excellent way to help keep yourself hydrated in many different situations – and simply on a day-to-day basis to keep feeling your best and functioning at peak levels! Which 310 Hydrate flavor are you excited to try first?! Or you can build your own flavor bundle here!




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