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Why 310 Shakes are a "Pandemic Pantry" Must


With long lines, empty shelves and unwanted germs currently lurking at grocery stores, abiding by a clean and healthy diet may appear to be much more difficult in the current environment. You can sidestep the risk and frustration that comes with stepping out, and instead stay in, with whole-food, all-in-one nutritional shakes that give you all the goodness of a healthy meal, minus the insecurity and panic in the grocery aisles!

In this article, we’ll let you in on why we believe 310 Shakes are an absolute “must” to have in your kitchen cabinets right now. While many people view meal replacement shakes as solely weight loss products, in reality, the right shakes are actually lifelong solutions that can be used to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle… with weight loss as a welcome side effect for many.

If you’ve been longing to change your dietary habits to start eating healthier so that you can feel better, and have more energy and mental focus, it all starts with putting the right food or “fuel” into your body. Often, it may seem like “healthy” choices equate to bland-tasting, boring food or even worse, having to starve yourself to see results.

There’s a way to eat healthy and delicious food, and meal replacement shakes are the way. You can mix up tasty, dessert-like smoothies that not only satisfy your taste buds but help you keep up with a strong immune system, and shining health in the current climate of spending much more time indoors (for now and the foreseeable future).

This is how easy it is to make 310 Shakes…

  • Add 1-2 scoops of powder into a 310 Shaker Cup or large glass, OR into a blender.
  • Add 8-16 ounces of your favorite healthy liquid, and any other ingredients if blending up a smoothie. Check out these smoothie recipes!
  • Shake for 30 seconds or blend for 1-2 minutes and enjoy!

Here is why we believe meal replacement shakes, (and in particular 310 Shakes), should be at the *top of your list* of things you’re keeping stocked in your pantry during these uncertain times….

Why 310 Shakes? The Perfect Quarantine “Must-Have”

1) 28 Complete Nutritional Meals Per Bag

310 chocolate shake on counter

310 Shakes are not only great-tasting protein shakes, they actually include all the nutrients necessary to qualify as far superior complete nutritional meals: with plant-based protein, dietary fiber, healthy fats and carbs, vitamins/minerals, organic superfoods and even probiotics.

This means that these shakes actually help you follow a clean dietary plan that focuses on fresh whole foods – being one of the healthiest things for you, hands down. Not only are these shakes immune-boosting superstars with powerful antioxidants in every serving, they’re the best fuel that you can put in your body to look amazing, feel awesome, and function at the top of your game.

Who doesn’t want that anytime, and even more so now that you’re most likely juggling even more than usual, trying to keep up with new work demands, and also family and household demands if your kids are home from school. Not to mention the mental stress load of everything going on; And research shows you actually respond better to stress and anxiety when you choose nutritious, antioxidant packed foods to put into your body – which is much easier to do with these shakes.

Just how nutritious are 310 Shakes? Just take a look at the visual below, for an easy comparison!

2) Quick, Easy and Ultra-Convenient

woman drinking tasty smoothie near ingredients in kitchen

Probably one of the most important reasons why 310 Shakes are a must-have right now is because they are not only amazing superfood meals… they’re totally easy, totally convenient superfood meals. As mentioned, you can mix them up on seconds, or blend them up in minutes.

If you want to have a smoothie, you can also toss in pretty much any other healthy ingredients you have around in your kitchen already. Fresh or frozen fruits, plain Greek yogurt, peanut butter or PB2, and fiber-packed veggies like spinach are all great options.

You don’t have to stress about going to the grocery store right now because let’s be honest – it’s not a fun place to be (or the safest). Instead, you can have nutritious shakes shipped right to your door, at your convenience.

 3) Superior Plant-Based Nutrition

collection set of beans, legumes, peas, lentils on ceramic spoons

Next, whereas many protein shakes available today still include whey protein as the main ingredient, more research continues to show that plant proteins can be equally effective for building lean muscle, while also offering unique health benefits.

310 Shakes contain a blend of 3 proven plant proteins: pea, brown rice and hemp. Along with being highly-digestible, (so less likely to cause digestive issues than dairy-based proteins), these plant proteins are also highly-nutritious, energizing, satisfying, and health-boosting. Plus, they’re great for healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and amazing for heart health.

If you usually eat meat like chicken, turkey or beef, these can be trickier items to find in stores right now, but you can keep up with getting enough high-quality protein, and reduce the amount of saturated fats you take in, by drinking 310 Shakes.

 4) Satisfies Sugar Cravings in a Healthy Way

fruit smoothies on wooden table

This next category is also extremely important because so many so-called “healthy” meal replacements are actually packed with sugar, making them more like unhealthy desserts in disguise. In addition, the shakes that don’t contain regular sugar are often loaded with artificial sweeteners, with Sucralose being a popular option.

In our opinions, both regular sugar and artificial sugars are equally bad for your health – and the fake stuff might be even worse. Whereas consuming too much sugar puts you more at risk for diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart disease, artificial sweeteners can often increase the desire for regular sugar in your brain.

Because artificial sweeteners are hundreds of times sweeter than regular sugar, they actually trick your brain into consuming more actual sugar – and eating more calories than necessary. Instead, 310 Shakes are sweetened naturally… with plant-based Stevia.

What does this mean for you at this time? It means that while you’re rummaging through the cabinets for anything that will fulfill your sweet tooth, anything with added sugar is going to detract from your health; It will also leave you with a blood sugar spike then crash that can lead to fatigue and moodiness. Instead, 310 Shakes can satisfy that sweet tooth in a healthy yet satisfying way – keeping your blood sugar levels balanced, which can help support a healthy mood and outlook.

5) Healthier Snack Option

fast food snacks and cola drink on wooden table behind no symbol

Next, if news alerts on your phone and constant social media chatter about how bad the situation is right now has you stress-eating like crazy, we have a solution. 310 Shakes are healthy, yet they taste great! So you can put down the cookies, candy and chips that you’ve stocked up on, (and throw them away)!

Sweetened with natural plant-based sweeteners and containing natural fruits, the shakes are extremely enjoyable – especially when blended up into amazing smoothie recipes. They can therefore help you build healthier eating habits moving forward! Have one in place of 1-2 meals per day, or as a healthy snack or guilt-free dessert.


Nourish your body & satisfy your cravings in a HEALTHY way!

 Craving... Try...
Chocolate? The 310 Chocolate Spice Shake
Peanut butter? The 310 Peanut Butter Cup Shake 
Chocolate mint? The 310 Mint Chip Protein Shake
Caramel? The 310 Salted Caramel Cookie Dough Shake
Fruit or something tart? The 310 Antioxidant Shake
Vanilla?  The 310 Sugar Cookie Shake Recipe
Coconut? The Coconut Latte Shake Recipe
Baked goods? The Snickerdoodle Shake Recipe


6) Free From Common Allergens

Next, we also want our shakes to be accessible to everyone, which is why we make them free from dairy and gluten, so you don’t have to worry about dietary intolerances or allergies. In addition, you won’t find soy in our shakes.

Though organic soybeans can potentially be good for your health, processed soy is much different. And, too many meal replacement shakes contain processed soy and then call the shakes “healthy”.

Our two main problems with soy are as follows… Most of it grown in the US is genetically modified, and GM foods come with their own potential health risks. Along with that, soy also naturally contains estrogen-mimicking properties that could potentially be bad for you in excess and mess with your hormones. The bottom line is, the jury is still out on soy, but it might be very bad for you, so why take the risk?

 7) Economical

Little hand saving money in pink piggy bank

Finally, let’s talk about money. Each bag of 310 Shake comes with 28 servings – that’s 28 meals. For $68.00 a bag, that’s only $2.43 per meal! When is the last time you spent that little on a meal?! Plus, a real whole foods meal that doesn’t include unhealthy ingredients typically found in lower cost options!

In addition, if you put your shakes on “subscribe and save” – where you get regular monthly deliveries with no fee or hassle –  they’re only $1.82 per shake, or $51.00 for the bag!

It can be hard to find healthy food in general right now and you may even be paying a premium for it. Do yourself a favor and stop the madness. You can actually save money when you stock up on 310 Shakes, while protecting your health.


We hope you enjoyed these tips for why you should stock up on #310Shakes while #socialdistancing, (and for the long-term). Pick your favorite flavors now, then get amazing, nutritionist-approved smoothie recipes on the 310 Blog!

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