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Now you can incorporate more heart-healthy workouts into your daily routine without spending hours at the gym. The 310 Gym includes totally simple yet amazingly effective workout equipment that’s easy to use for shape-building workouts in the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to build your endurance, increase your strength, burn extra calories to keep your waistline in check, or just rebalance your energy - you can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of the 310 Gym.

The 310 Gym includes totally simple yet amazingly effective workout equipment that’s easy to use for an effective in-home workout. But that’s not all! When you invest in 310 Gym equipment, we also provide you with weekly workouts from 310 fitness trainers in the 310 Nutrition Facebook Community – so you have everything you need to stay in shape! 

We’ll have inclusive, effective workouts to fit your lifestyle right now including:

  • Workouts for all ages (kid-friendly exercises included)
  • Super-fast routines you can do while multi-tasking 
  • Workouts for all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced

Along with weekly workouts you can count on, there’s also a fitness challenge starting April 1st 2020, to help you stay motivated and connected… Make sure you sign up, here! And get your 310 Gym Kit now, so you have what you need for the challenge. Remember, your health is important, and despite how it may seem, you absolutely can fit in fitness, and we’ll help you!


310 Gym in a Bag: Workout Flexibility & Options

The last thing that you want to do is let exercise fall by the wayside. That being said, if you weren’t physically active before, now is the perfect time to start, even if it seems like you have a lot of limitations on making that possible. It is possible, and we’ll tell you how…

Why 310 Gym?

Here’s why we recommend the 310 Gym now more than ever before…

  • Stay in shape 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Germ-free gym equipment 
  • Fun family-friendly workouts
  • Lightweight, effective equipment
  • Easily transportable (workout from home or outside)
  • Weekly workouts from 310 fitness trainers 
  • Monthly fitness challenges to keep motivation steady

So, what are we doing to stay fit and well during this time? That’s what we’re excited to share, because we’re using the 310 “at-home” gym kit.

Despite what you may think, you don’t need a big, fancy space to be able to workout at home. Instead, you can pull out the gym gear that you want to use, then put them back in the bag and away until your next workout. It’s that simple. 

The entire kit is also easy to transport, so if you’re lucky enough to live in an area with good weather, simply put everything in the bag and take it into your backyard or to any open space (exercising outside is perfectly ok). 

Not to mention that even while the 310 Gym equipment pieces are incredibly simple and lightweight, you can use them to work your entire body, and you don’t even need a lot of time to do it. Not to mention, they’re extremely flexible, so you can do tons of different exercises with them, working various body parts. 

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Results may vary depending, in part, on starting point, motivation, and commitment.*