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The Tool You Need for Super-Smooth, Creamy Drinks in Seconds


Everybody loves splurging once in a while on a rich, creamy, professional made drink, topped with a soft delicious mound of froth! But what if you didn’t have to spend $5-$10 every time you were craving one and could make deliciously frothy drinks for FREE from the comfort of your own kitchen, anytime, anywhere?

With the NEW 310 Frother, this coffee-lovers fantasy has become a reality! You're not only limited to coffee and lattes. The 310 Frother was made for drinks of all kinds, depending on what you’re in the mood for…

Ways To Use The 310 Frother…

Since this unique tool doubles as a frother and a mixer, the drink combos you can make with it are nearly infinite! To give you some creative inspiration, here are some of our favorite creations:

  • Coffee and/or Tea - Adding froth to your hot cup of joe, or tea is a no-brainer… After all, what's a cappuccino without some airy, fluffy foam?
  • Hot Shakes - Like a latte, but with protein packed benefits! Nothing beats the combo of chilly weather and a toasty shake flavor of your choice. Not sure what recipe to create? Try this Hot Horchata Latte a try!
  • Golden Milk - The metabolism boosting ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper blend may sound like a strange combo… But is made extra-delicious with a frothy finish.
  • Collagen Drinks - Whether it’s a coffee, tea, or any other drink you add Collagen to. The 310 Frother will mix it to a smooth and creamy completion!
  • 310 Juices - The deliciously sweet taste of our vitamin-packed 310 Greens & Reds are amplified by the smooth mix from the Frother.
  • 310 Lemonades - If you’re looking for a freshly squeezed taste, without the sugary calories… 310 Lemonade mixed to perfection is as close as you’ll get!

There’s no telling how many delicious combos you can make with the 310 Frother, and we encourage you to find your own favorites!

How To Use/Take Care of the 310 Frother:

Hassle-free creation of rich, frothy drinks with a professional finishing touch is made effortless with the 310 Frother

Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Add liquid (of your choice) into your cup.
  2. Insert the frothing head, and press the button.
  3. Wait 25-30 seconds and enjoy!

And if that sounded simple, wait until you hear the cleaning process… Simply rinse the frother in the sink, and stand it up in your cupboard (on it’s built-in stand) until you’re ready for another drink!

Ready for the best part?

You can get the 310 Frother on our website right now! And start making your own professional drinks at home, no barista required!

What drinks are you excited to start making??


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