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Jessica Herald

About 10 years ago I underwent gastric bypass surgery in an effort to lose a significant amount of weight and become healthier. The surgery was successful and I was able to bring my weight down to a satisfying 117 pounds. The problem was that after several years, I started noticing that I was gaining the weight back. All of my clothes were fitting differently or not at all, but I was too afraid to step on the scale and analyze the damage that had been done.

At this point I also refused to go to the doctor, because I knew that my weight gain would be revealed. Then in September 2017, I suffered some health issues that I simply couldn’t ignore and had to make the inevitable trip to my physician’s office. Sure enough, my doomed fate unraveled: I stepped on the scale and witnessed that I had gained back an unthinkable amount of weight and was 172 lbs.

After that experience, I started looking around for a product that could not only help me drop the pounds again but also maintain the weight loss, and came across 310 Nutrition. I was immediately impressed by the results that I saw other people achieving and posting about in the 310 Nutrition Online Facebook Community. In October, I officially made the jump and started my new program using 310 Shakes with great enthusiasm.

My program began with replacing two meals a day with 310 Shakes and to my complete surprise, the pounds started flying off! I lost 12 pounds in the first two weeks and was ecstatic, but then the scale stopped going down. A few weeks went by with no additional weight loss and I was beginning to get discouraged.

This is where the 310 Nutrition Community officially became an extremely effective tool for me. I reached out to one of the knowledgeable 310 Nutritionists that are always available in search of some personal guidance. Sure enough, I was given some great tips pertaining to my individual situation, and within no time at all, I was losing weight again.

It has now been just a little over three months, and I’ve lost 23 pounds by using 310 products! It’s amazing how just that seemingly small amount of weight has actually made such an immense difference in how I look and feel! One of my major goals was to be in the 140’s by the time my family left for our recent vacation, and two days before we embarked I weighed myself and I was 148 lbs., which felt amazing!

Of course, I relaxed a bit and indulged while on vacation, but I also made sure I continued some new healthy lifestyle practices so that I didn’t fall too far off track. This included taking my 310 Metaboost and 310 Thin every day, which are two supplements that have proven to work wonders in my weight loss journey. The 310 Thin helps suppress my appetite while the 310 Metaboost thoroughly boosts my energy and activity levels.

When it comes to exercise, it was never something I enjoyed, but after using 310 Shakes and other 310 products, I felt energetic and motivated to find a physical activity I could do for the long-term. After trying a few different things, I ended up really liking yoga, and now, miraculously enough, I do low impact yoga 5-6 days each week, which I also kept up while on vacation.

When I returned from our trip, the scale only went up by 0.6, so I didn’t even gain one whole pound! Feeling successful, I jumped right back into my routine of replacing two meals with 310 Shakes per day, and I also added another product to help with the bloat I had accumulated from the richer food I ate while away, called 310 Clay.

310 Clay is a powerful internal detox cleanse product which I mixed with water and drank in a shot glass twice in the mornings and evenings for three days. I noticed a very dramatic difference in my stomach from day 1 to day 3 and lost 2 ½ pounds over the 3 days. I will continue using the clay once a week as part of my 310 healthy lifestyle program.

To anyone else that is looking to take charge of their weight and their health, and is thinking about trying 310 products, take the leap and go for it! The shakes taste so good and there are so many different varieties and recipes that you can make with them every day, so it never gets boring. And the company offers the additional guidance and weight loss products to really bring your success over the top!

Currently my goal is to lose another 20 lbs. and I know I’ll do it by using 310 products. At one point, I wouldn’t have believed it to be possible, but I’m so glad I had faith in myself that I could make these positive, lasting changes in my life; Trust me, if I can do it, you can too… Make your start date today!

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The 310 Nutrition Community was an important, motivational aspect of Jessica’s journey. Join the community and gain invaluable support as you push towards your goals.

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