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Christine Mirabella Saw Almost Immediate Health Benefits, and Lost 25 Pounds!


The Turning Point...

Two years ago, I was putting all my strength into losing weight, but I wasn’t seeing results! I was exercising at a high intensity five days a week, taking spin classes and more. Then one day I saw a photo of myself taken from a bad angle and it instantly hit me that I looked terrible and all of the work I was doing was in vain. I felt hopeless and shattered.

Although I was on track with my fitness routine, my diet needed work. I ate healthy foods, but I didn’t eat proper portions, so I wasn’t losing any weight.

The Change...

It was around that time that my husband saw an ad for 310 on Facebook and thought of me since I love smoothies. He suggested I try the shakes and the program, and the rest is history!

When I started drinking 310 Shakes, I went all-in by making some dietary overhauls as well. I had the shakes for breakfast and lunch, along with two healthy snacks throughout the day and a healthy dinner. I also cut carbs out of my diet, including bread and pasta, which I loved.

The first thing I noticed about 310 Shakes was how much better I felt after drinking them, and how good they tasted! Being a natural smoothie lover, it was easy for me to blend up shakes using other healthy ingredients as well, including spinach, bananas and peanut butter powder. In the beginning I loved the 310 Salted Caramel Shake flavor and now I adore Chocolate and Mocha, because it’s fun to switch it up!

Eventually I started adding more 310 products into the mix, and now there are very few items I don’t use! To highlight a few, I regularly enjoy:

I also love mixing and matching all the flavors as well as adding the powders into my shakes. Another awesome addition to my shakes is the 310 MCT Oil. When I include this oil, it gives my shakes awesome coconut flavor, and the healthy fats hold me over even longer than usual, so I don’t need a snack before my next meal.

Weight Loss Success!

I also saw almost immediate health benefits from my new routine. Before I started using 310 Shakes, I was about to make a call to a GI doctor because I was having terrible digestive problems. But about a week after using 310 Shakes, my symptoms disappeared, and never returned! In addition, 310 Shakes have allowed me to get off of my blood pressure medication. Shortly after I started drinking them, my doctor confirmed that my blood pressure had dropped to a healthy level, naturally!

As a nurse of 18 years, I also used to suffer with chronic lower back pain from standing all day, but since I started taking 310 Turmeric, it has greatly improved! When I get up in the morning, I’m not as achy, and I no longer suffer with pains as the day goes on. It’s awesome, and to think it’s an all-natural supplement!

Since I’ve been using 310 products, I can finally see the fruits of my labor, and I’ve lost 25 pounds! I now have the tools to live a clean, healthy lifestyle for the duration. I also feel better now than I ever have in my life, and that’s worth celebrating!

Staying Motivated Through Community...

And the 310 Nutrition Facebook Community has been an integral part of my journey. Although I belong to many of the 310 social media groups, the 310 Community is extra special. You can easily have all of your questions answered there by 310 users, along with 310 nutritionists who are so helpful and supportive. You can also find lots of recipes and tips and tricks for making a healthy lifestyle work for you.  

My advice to others wanting to lose weight is to take it slow and steady, and don’t expect results too fast. Don’t think of 310 as a diet; think of it as a lifestyle transformation. If you stay with 310 for the long-term, you’ll see results, hands down. And I bet you’ll find an even better version of yourself than you ever thought possible, just like I did.

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