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Amanda (Ketoginja) Releases New Recipe E-Book, "Fat Kid Keto", after amazing transformation!


At 310 Nutrition, our goal is to help you live your healthiest, best life possible, daily. You can do this by making wise dietary and lifestyle choices, including eating plenty of clean, whole foods, and utilizing top-rated supplements – like 310 meal replacement shakes.

Although everyone’s diet looks slightly different based upon their individual health and weight goals, we believe that a low-carb lifestyle (particularly keto) can be incredibly beneficial to many people. Studies continue to show that going low-carb can help you slim down, while the ketogenic diet is also proven to provide many additional health benefits.

For this reason, we offer a lot of information on the keto diet, as well as helpful supplements (like MCT Oil), that can help you meet your daily requirements for healthy fats, and stay in ketosis. Want to learn more about the keto lifestyle? Check out this Keto Beginner’s Guide along with additional keto resources here.

Introducing Amanda, aka “Ketoginja”

Today, we’re highlighting Amanda (aka Ketoginja), popular YouTube, Instagram figure, and 310 Nutrition community member! 

Amanda recently released a new recipe e-book on Amazon, hitting the #1 ranked spot in 4 different categories soon after the launch. The recipe e-book, called Fat Kid Keto, features keto-friendly comfort food recipes for the entire family, being perfect for low-carb eaters, keto-beginners or even keto-experts looking for delicious recipes! 

But before we tell you more about the e-book, we want to share an exclusive interview with Amanda… Read on to get her insight on why she believes the cookbook is important, and how it can help you get into the best place of health you’ve ever been with keto and 310 – just like she did.

310 Exclusive Q & A w/ Amanda (Ketoginja)

Q. How did you get started on Youtube?

A. A year into starting my keto lifestyle change, my weight loss success was amazing! I lost 100 lbs in 11 months to be exact. All of my friends, family and even strangers were asking a lot of the same questions about my weight loss… YouTube was a way to answer all of these frequently asked questions and possibly help more people get started with keto.

Q. What got you into keto, and how long have you been on the keto diet?

A. I’ve been eating a ketogenic diet for 2 1/2 years. I started it because of an autoimmune skin condition I have called HS… which is a painful and horrendous chronic inflammatory condition. I had researched keto and believed what the experts were saying about it. Basically, keto reduces inflammation in the body, so it was the best chance I had at helping/saving my skin. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve now been in complete remission for 2 years from following a keto diet and using 310 Shakes… I will eat this way for the rest of my life.

Q. What were/are your biggest challenges when it comes to keto? 

A. In the beginning, my biggest challenge was accepting that this is a lifestyle and not a diet. A diet is temporary. Over the years I had only marginal success with many diets, always going back to my former way of eating, which resulted in weight gain and health problems. 

Q. How has 310 helped you with maintaining a keto lifestyle? 

A. 310 makes meal replacement SO easy! I’m a mom, wife, photographer and content creator. Safe to say I’m ALWAYS on the go. 310 makes it possible for me to drink the nutrients that I need, which keep me full for hours when I can’t get to a meal, or don’t feel like stopping to eat a full meal.

Q. Tell us about your e-cookbook, Fat Kid Keto, and how it came to life! 

A. The name is a little play on words, with keto being a moderate to high-fat diet by nature.

My family has always lovingly referred to comfort foods as “fat kid foods”; They’re foods that make you feel happy. My specialty is turning some of our most beloved food cravings into keto masterpieces. I also only use simple-to-find ingredients so that anyone of any cooking ability can master the meals. 

Fat Kid Keto has been in the works for 6 months! I post a lot of my recipes on Instagram and YouTube but in more of a “cook along” kind of style. The book has all of my best recipes right at your fingertips step-by-step. 

Q. Do you have any words of inspiration for others trying to live healthier? 

A. You’re worth it! Eating low-carb has given me a life that I never thought possible for myself. I’ve lost over 100 lbs., I have almost eliminated my depression and anxiety, I sleep better, I’ve reversed my skin condition and I have boundless energy. Start today and in two weeks you’ll feel like a different, healthier person. 

Q. How did you find 310?

A. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to feature 310 Nutrition on my YouTube channel; But prior to that, I had always heard Jenni Farley (JWoww) speak very highly of the company and products (especially 310 Shakes). 

Q. Tell us about a day in the life for you... What do you eat and how is 310 incorporated into your day? 

A. I drink 310 Shakes every day in some way! Sometimes I have a shake for breakfast, or I mix the shake powder into my coffee with some MCT Oil. Or, sometimes, I have a shake as an on-the-go lunch with some unsweetened almond milk. The plant-based meal replacement shakes help me maintain my weight loss and ensure that I get my daily nutritional needs. 

Q. What positive changes have you seen from changing your lifestyle/going keto?

A. I wake up every morning feeling rested and filled with energy! I’m able to get so much more done in my day because I’m not obsessing about what I’m going to eat next. My body also runs so much more efficiently on ketones… It’s like I can read my own body signals so much easier. I’m also happy to say that my autoimmune skin condition is in complete remission. 

Q.Do you have any advice for anyone doing keto/310? 

A. Hold yourself accountable to your goals. Even if you have an off day, get right back to your low-carb plan the next day. Before you know it, you’ll be looking back on your past self… the person that so desperately wanted to be where you are in your journey right now. 


Where Do I Get The “Fat Kid Keto” E-Cookbook?

If you’ve been struggling on the keto diet to find meals that you truly enjoy, (or have been scared to start, thinking you won’t be able to abide by the strict diet), this cookbook is for you! Check it out, below…

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Plus, we’d like to give you a very special offer to help you incorporate meal replacement shakes into your keto diet plan, as Amanda has successfully done – losing over 100 lbs and greatly improving her health! 310 Shakes help “bridge the gap” when there is no time to cook, and are simply a fabulous way to get quality, balanced nutrients on a busy schedule, daily.

The 310 Keto Kit, below, includes everything you need to shake up balanced, nutritious keto meals in seconds, with no pre-planning required. The shakes are delicious (coming in a variety of yummy flavors), and are incredibly nutritious with plant-based protein, optimal fiber, organic superfoods and more. Plus, they’re super low-carb, with no sugar, artificial sweeteners, or chemical-based ingredients – and they’re perfect for on-the-go!

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