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8 Benefits of 310 Lemonade for Health & Weight Loss

With the weather getting blissfully warmer and warmer, we have the perfect spring and summer beverage for you – that not only tastes AMAZING, but is the perfect sugary drink replacement AND can help you meet your health and weight loss goals.

It’s a completely unique product that you may have seen people in the 310 Community rave about, and you may be wondering, what is 310 Lemonade and how can it benefit me?! Our 310 Lemonades are extremely popular for a number of reasons, and in our 310 Success Stories, many people call them a “must-have product” in their journey to better health and healthier habits.

How can you get started with enjoying 310 Lemonades right now, and how can they help you with your quest to look and feel your best? Read on to learn more… and stay tuned until the end for scrumptious recipes using 310 Lemonades and more thoroughly satisfying healthy ingredients!

Why 310 Lemonade?!

Do you have a bad habit of reaching for sugary or caffeinated drinks to quench your thirst OR fulfill your desire for something sweet throughout the day? Though it may seem like these types of beverages (soda, juice, coffee, energy drinks), are harmless, they can end up spiking your appetite and making you more hungry.

Not to mention that sugary drinks in particular can contain a ton of “hidden” calories, and a particularly dangerous sugar called fructose – which can only be broken down by the liver and in excess can lead to health problems and may be linked to weight gain.

310 Lemonades offer a solution to DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS drinks that not only keep you balanced, hydrated, and energized, but ALSO can assist with your weight loss goals – containing metabolism-enhancing green tea extract, alkalizing minerals, and real fruit flavors.

Not to mention that the drinks are also delicious – especially as the weather gets warmer and you’re looking for a refreshing beverage that can also help to curb your sweet tooth. And, they can be enjoyed by themselves, with added mixed fruit or herbs, or blended into slushees! Choose your flavors now or Read on to check out the benefits…

8 Major Benefits of Ultra-Refreshing 310 Lemonades


As you know, water can get pretty boring, but with 310 Lemonade you have a variety of exciting, juicy flavor options – all made from real fruit, with no junk ingredients. Flavors like Pineapple Mango, Blackberry, Peach Punch and more – just think of all the exciting possibilities with such a yummy selection!


With only 10 calories per serving, and no artificial ingredients, you can feel good about what you’re drinking every day. Our unique, plant-based blend of ingredients is completely vegan, and is also naturally low in carbs, so keto-friendly. It’s also non-GMO and doesn’t contain unnecessary preservatives.


Got a sweet tooth and find yourself continually reaching for sugary drinks? Many 310 customers LOVE 310 Lemonades because they satisfy those urges and your sweet tooth – naturally. Green tea is known for helping to calm and suppress the appetite and the plant-based sweeteners work to tempt your taste buds and leave you satisfied – so you don’t need the soda or chocolate bar.


Another amazing thing about 310 Lemonade is that it contains alkalizing minerals – or minerals that help to support a balanced PH in the body so that you can be more alkaline, and less acidic –  the best state for optimal health.


The same alkalizing minerals we just mentioned – calcium, magnesium, and potassium – also function as electrolytes in the body – helping to enhance the hydration benefits of the lemonades. When you drink a 310 Lemonade, it can help to hydrate you faster than just drinking water alone.


Next, 310 Lemonade contains a special green tea extract called GreenSelect Phytosome™, which has been shown to help enhance metabolism in the body and lead to greater weight loss – when combined with a reduced-calorie diet, than when following a low-calorie diet alone.*


While green tea along with the electrolyte minerals in 310 Lemonade work gently to naturally boost energy levels, there is no caffeine in the product. The special green tea extract is actually caffeine-free, so you don’t have to worry about any spikes and drops in energy.


310 Lemonade mixes are the perfect product to have with you in your purse or bag so that you’re always prepared! When you’re in the mood for a totally delicious beverage, craving sugar or something unhealthy, need to rehydrate, or simply feeling low on energy, it only takes seconds to mix up one of these lemonades with water – it’s incredibly simple and delicious.


How to Use 310 Lemonade

310 Lemonades can be mixed up instantly – wherever you are. Just add 1 stick packet into a 310 Shaker or Carafe Cup, or another glass or reusable tumbler of your choice along with 16 fl. oz. of water (or the amount of water you want, to taste). Then shake or stir and enjoy! We recommend at least 2 packets per day for help with weight maintenance and a healthy lifestyle.

Super-Yummy 310 Lemonade Recipes

Finally, the part you’ve been waiting for… Ready to make some deliciously-refreshing recipes with 310 Lemonade?! We have some amazing options for you, below!

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1) 310 Frozen Lemonade Recipe


This simple recipe can be made with ANY flavor of 310 Lemonade, and is perfect for backyard lounging, or a daily indulgence on a warm or hot spring or summer day. It’s incredibly tasty and refreshing, and the perfect icy treat!

Get the recipe here!

2) Hibiscus Lemonade Refresher Recipe


This recipe offers a bold, juicy, totally tropical twist on your normal mixed lemonade and iced tea beverage – and is both incredibly addicting and super-healthy. Hibiscus flowers offer powerful antioxidants that support immunity, while both the tea and lemonade include ultra-cleansing, health-promoting ingredients.

Get the recipe here!

3) Keto Iced Tea Recipe


If you’re on the keto diet, you don’t have to miss out on all of the deliciousness of this refreshing iced tea/lemonade beverage – because it’s low in carbs! This is a great drink to help satisfy your sweet tooth while on keto or even share with others when entertaining (they’ll never know it’s extremely healthy)!

Get the recipe here!

4) Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie


Finally, this light and refreshing smoothie combines the best of both worlds – the nutritional benefits of 310 Organic Shake with the taste of juicy 310 Lemonade and raspberries. It’s a totally sumptuous drink for you to enjoy as a healthy treat, or as a meal replacement on busy days or to assist with weight loss.

Get the recipe here!

Ready to take your hydration to the next level of deliciousness?! Try 310 Lemonade today and satisfy your body and your taste buds while inching closer to your weight loss goals.  


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