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Pumpkin Spice Protein Bars w/ Annie

By Jonathan Saldivar



Hi guys, happy Friday. So, I thought it would be a perfect time to make a nice little weekend treat. Now, my girlfriends and I are gonna do pumpkin carving tomorrow night so what better time for me to make them some pumpkin spice protein bars, right?

What a nice thing to bring to your friends a nice healthy treat that we can all enjoy together. So, this recipe is actually in the 310 recipe page like in the blog page. But, because we have the pumpkin spice now, it was originally made last year with the vanilla chai and now I'm switching up the recipe and making it with the pumpkin spice.

So, we're gonna do that. You guys say hello when you hop on here and then I'll get started. You guys let me know if you can hear me okay. I'm pretty sure we're in the community right now and not on my personal page. So, just let me know if we're in the community. Let me know if you can see this and then we'll get started with our pumpkin spice protein bars. I'm super excited to try them.

This is my first-time baking with the pumpkin spice. So, I'm excited to get started. Now, it is still 90 degrees here in LA so it doesn't feel like fall quite yet but it supposed to start feeling like fall. Like tomorrow and the next days. I'm really excited about that. 

You guys say hello. Let me know if you can hear me okay and that. That I can see your comments cause Facebook has been glitchy today. I don't know if you guys have noticed that. But Facebook has been glitchy a little bit all day. Hopefully, it's over whatever it is was going through earlier. 

And I can see some comments so that way I can answer questions while I'm doing this. So, let me see, let me see. I haven't seen any comments yet. Let me see what I -- I'll get started when I can see some comments. And I know that I'm inside the 310 community which I'm pretty sure I am.

Oh, I forgot to turn on the oven, let me 'do that. So, we're turning on the oven to 350 while we're getting started. Oh, thank you, Jennifer. Hi, hi, hi. Michelle, hello. Thank you, guys, thank you, thank you, lovelies.


Okay, so we're gonna get started. This is what we're gonna do. So, the first thing we have is one cup of rolled oats. Hi George. One cup of rolled oats and yes, pumpkin spice is my new fave too. I was saying hi Jay. 

It tastes like a happy Friday to you. Taste like pumpkin pie cause I did a taste test on Wednesday. So, we're gonna put all the dry ingredients first in the big bowl. So, one cup of rolled oats, alright, that's it. And then one scoop. Let me put this over here. One scoop of our 310 pumpkin spice, okay.

So, one cup of oats, one scoop of pumpkin spice. All the dry ingredients are going in the big bowl and the liquid ingredients are going into the smaller bowl to mix and then we'll blend them together before we put them in the pan. 

Pumpkin spice. Put the scoop back. Alright. Hi guys, how are you? Now I could not find my teaspoon for some reason. A little bit ridiculous, I know. So, I'm going to use -- I have a half a teaspoon and I'm just gonna double it cause we need one teaspoon of baking soda. 

So, I'm gonna do two halves. So, because I cannot find the teaspoon to save my life in this house. I have my one-half teaspoon and I’m doubling it, okay? One teaspoon of baking soda, one teaspoon of baking powder. Let me just do two of this. Or else I'll forget that that's there. 

Did you guys know that, that little parts on there so that you can like to smooth out the top or the? Isn't that amazing? I didn't even know that. I know now. So, then one teaspoon of cinnamon. Like, I have my cinnamon, right here. 

Hi Miss Debbie, how are you? I have my cinnamon right here. I'm gonna stick it in there properly if I can. Do the same thing, we got two of this going on. Alright, so far I have one cup of oats, one scoop of pumpkin spice. I have one teaspoon each of baking powder, baking soda, and cinnamon, right? 

And then what's next, what's next? A pinch of salt. It's a half teaspoon of salt. I'm not even measuring it. I'm just saying it like okay, great there. You know how I am about measuring stuff. 

Happy Friday, guys. Alright, so that's all of our dry ingredients right there. Let me grab a spoon right here. Hello, my wooden spoons. I really kind of begin a fan of wooden spoons. Hi, Noelle. how are you?

So, we're gonna mix up these ingredients right here, like this. Let me not spill it, alright. And then I'm gonna mix up the liquid ingredients real quick before we add them in. I'm gonna set that over there. Set this over here.

What do we've got? We're going to do now that I have my one cup back. We're gonna do one cup of pumpkin. This is 100 percent pure pumpkin. I tasted it. It literally is just pumpkin. So, we're gonna do this because I'm already using my other measuring cup for the almond milk. Oh, that’s a lot of pumpkin.

Let me see here. I always make a mess and you guys are watching. This is why they don't keep me on a real cooking show. Okay, one cup of pumpkin in here. Perfect, perfect. Yes. Amazing. And you guys don't even know I have the most dishes to do after I do these cooking videos.

Okay. So, I'm doing one-fourth cup of 100 percent pure maple syrup. Now I have this one here for baking because I am from the border of Canada and New York, so this is everywhere. Literally, my parents have like 10 of this in their cupboard. This when I came home with like 2 years ago and it's still on my fridge. If that lets you know how often I use it. 

But it is very important for things like this. One-quarter cup of 100 percent pure maple syrup. Just like that. I mean, that's a lot of sugar but it's gonna make 8 to 10 bars and it's only a quarter cup. 

So that's not terrible, terrible. I'm alright with them. Then, I have my almond milk. One half cup of almond milk. I did put a few drops of vanilla in there. Organic vanilla extract. Just a few drops just to liven if up a little bit. That's not in the ingredients just in case you guys see a little hue to it. That was what it was. I put a few drops of vanilla extract in there and you're welcome to do that.

It was not part of the ingredients, but I figured why not, it can't hurt. Hi, how are you? Hi Therese. Hi Tony. Barb, hi, how are you? Oh, that's still not bad. That's still not bad. It used to be like nineteen dollars or something. So, that's still on sale. 

Alright, so now we have the oats. Our pumpkin spice protein and all of our dry ingredients in here. We have our pumpkin and all of our liquid ingredients in here. And we're mixing. I just thought a wooden spoons the other day cause I'm just fascinated with them and I feel like they're just kind of - I think they’re so neat to cook with and to bake with and I never a own pair.

The funniest thing I never owned a wooden, set of a wooden spoon. So, I went to Home Goods and bought a set of wooden spoons to cook with like three bucks. The whole set for three bucks. That place is amazing.

Well, it looks good and alright, so this is what we got so far. I'm just mixing it up right here. Our oven is pre-set -- it smells really good you guys. Our oven is pre-set to 350, okay. You can ask anything you like. I see some questions, hold on. 

Community Chat

Hi Frank, hi Lisa, Renee hi. So, Barb, that's a wonderful question. Hi Barbara. So, that's a wonderful question. I am one of your nutritionists. So, I've actually been on my clean eating plan for 10 years. So, my goals here. Now only do I have a master's in nutrition so I'm here to educate and help you on your journey but I'm here so that in 10 years you can say, I've been cleaning and on my journey and at my goal weight for 10 years now.

You know what I mean? I've done it so that you can do it. Have I ever been overweight? Because I'm so short, yes, there have been times in my life where I've weighed more than comfortable. It was been in college even because I was taking anti-depressant that can make you gain weight. 

That's something personal about me and then I stopped taking it and then with my clean eating stuff like that came back off. So, and that happened in two different occasions. So, we also have to remember that medications can do that to you too which is difficult. 

But there are ways, clean eating ways to fix that and it wasn't until I found clean eating that I became like my perfect stable weight for years, right? So, that's what I want for you guys. On top of this yumminess if you can guys can see it. It's amazing. Alright. On top of this yumminess, I got us some treats to put in it. 

Hi Mildred, how are you? So, I have us some 78 percent Cacao dark chocolate nibs to put in here. One third cup. And of course, chopped up because I have whole walnuts that I use for snacks. I put them in a bag, and I used my chopper and chopped them up. So, I chopped up my walnuts.

It looks like too many. No, no I don't, I didn't take that in a rude way at all. I was just sharing that about myself to you guys. I know that some of you guys are new and you don't know. So, I've been here as one of the 310 nutritionists for 3 years. So, that's my purpose with you guys. It's what I do. So, I like anyone new that doesn't know me to know what my background is.

And I was a professional fitness competitor, so I had the very, very clean. Very strict, very regimented for a very long time. And I don't believe in this strictness. If I had to do it again although it was such a great experience being a professional fitness competitor. The strictness, the thing I'd like about 310. The thing I liked about 310 is that it allows us, yes, I totally, I did not take that wrong at all, thank you, Barb.

It allows us flexibility in our life to -- Hi Sarah, how are you? to not be so regimented where we feel like we're on a diet just teaches how to eat healthier, eat cleaner and stay healthier longer.

If we're on that strict regimented diet that so like  -- you know, I couldn't have any carbs. I couldn't have --what's crazy is I couldn't have any gluten. And now that I'm not competing anymore, and I couldn't have gluten for so long. I actually cannot eat gluten now because my body is so intolerant and resistant to it.

So, I actually because it was cut off on my diet and not part of my diet for so long and I can't have it. I get very sick if I eat anything with gluten. Okay, so people are asking about clean eating. 

Oh, I'm so glad, thank you, guys. It makes me super happy. I'm glad that I get to do with you guys 3 days a week. You know, especially this year when I think all of us feel a little bit like lonely or cut off from society a little bit. 

I only see a handful of my friends here in LA cause everyone you know, they're social distancing, safety precautions, and what not? It just kind of makes me feel connected and I think that's important. 

That's what life is about is connecting with others and feeling connected. So, I'm grateful for you guys for that. This looks freaking amazing you guys. So, when we talk about -- thank you, guys.

When we talk about clean eating and when I'm trying out to dump it out cause they've done that before. When we talk about clean eating, we're talking about eating unprocessed food, right? And it doesn't matter whether it's keto, or paleo or what is really, vegan, not vegan. I eat meat. You know what I mean?

But so, you can be vegan but still eat French fries every day because they're vegan, you know what I mean? Any diet you have there's an unhealthy, unclean way to do it, right? Oh my gosh, it smells freaking amazing. It smells amazing the minute I put the pumpkin spice, then oh, I'm telling you.

Okay, our oven is heating up, let me put this in the oven while I'm talking actually. I'm just sitting here running my mouth. So, I'm using parchment paper cause the first time I've never used parchment paper before but I'm gonna try it. Cause the recipe calls for either spraying it with the olive oil spray of parchment paper. 

I'm just using a regular or brownie pan. I'll even that a little bit. So, we're gonna put this in the oven for 20-30 minutes. So, I'll check it after 20, okay? Let's see here. And then I'll continue my clean eating talk. My clean eating ted talk. 

Happy Friday guys. I hope you guys are having a great weekend. I went grocery shopping today, cleaning my house, you know. Regular stuff cause I'm gonna be working a little bit this weekend. Today was kind of my date to fix up some stuff around the house. Alright.

I probably could have done a smaller pan but that's okay cause I think this is good. I'll show you guys in just a second. Hold on, you guys. I got chocolate on there and I wanna get that in the pan. Hmm, okay. Hmmm. it's already good. It's already good. you guys.

So, that's what we got so far. Thanks. Hold on one second I'm gonna put this in the oven. It's like 350, putting it in the middle rack for 20 minutes. Okay. Timer set for 20 minutes. I'm back.

Okay, clean eating. Like I was saying, there can basically, no matter what you're vegan or paleo, keto you can eat clean or you can eat unclean, right? Paleo diet, I've seen people eat baked potatoes with sour cream and bacon on top and tons of bacon because that's like you know, it's considered paleo. 

Or, Oh, thank you. My niece loves pineapples too. Actually, I got that at a garage sale for almost nothing. And yes, so you know no matter what kind of diet you're doing it can always be unclean. So, we wanna make sure that we're eating clean which basically means that we're eating unprocessed food.

When we think about the unprocessed food in the grocery store, it's generally the food around the outside of the grocery store, right? That's where you find our fruit, our vegetables, our meats, our eggs, our fish. All that stuff. And the only thing I really go in the aisles for is I need some olive oil, or I need some spices, I need some oatmeal. 

Like, I’ll keep oatmeal and rice on hand. I can't say I use it a ton unless I'm making the protein balls or something like this. Oh, good. Oh, I've seen people say they make the protein balls. I can't stop making them. Oh, yay! I'm so excited.

Okay, let me read some comments real quick. But does that explain clean eating a little bit for you guys? I know it goes so far in-depth but mostly just to say with clean eating it's really just like unprocessed foods that you know, we're not getting all of our foods from like a box or a can or anything like that. 

You know we're trying to eat as naturally as possible. Quinoa is okay. I actually have trouble digesting quinoa but if you don't have, if it doesn't give you a stomachache then I think it's okay to eat almost in the same way that you would eat rice. So, yeah.

You know your fruits and vegetables they're clean, your meats. You know people ask about cheese a lot. I tell you this, stick if you can stick to goat's milk cheese or sheep's milk cheese. They're easier on the body they cause less as my itching my eczema. 

They cause less eczema than cow's milk dairy. If I have any cow's milk dairy even on accident, I get eczema. So, that's like one of the things about dairy. Dairy also causes mucus so your nose can run. You can get phlegmy stuff like that.

We've talked about that before and people actually noticed that after they have dairy that they get mucousy. So, Chloe just said, I'm allergic to quinoa. Yea, I think I have like a weird intolerance to it too because I get the worst stomachache when I eat it.

But some people really just can't digest or anything. Let me see. Let me go back and read some comments really quick cause I know I missed a bunch. So, Barb said, I just hope I can afford the program. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. 

The amazing thing is Barb, when we break it down, you know. If you're trying to do weight loss and we're doing a shake, 2 shakes a day in the place of a meal, right? Your shake is gonna be what you guys, you guys know better than I am cause I don't know much about the cost of any of this stuff.

But isn't it just like 2 dollars a shake or something like which is cheaper than a coffee? So, when you really breakdown how much each shake is which is your meal. Like, where else would you even find a meal that inexpensive. 

Not only that but yeah, when you get the starter kit, you know you're gonna get something you actually like because they're gonna send you all of the flavors. Like a bunch of the flavors to try so that way if you do order a whole bag you get the flavor that you really like. Cause you're, you know you're gonna like all of them but they're gonna be a few that you're like, oh, this one. You know.

So that way you could pick out which one you want a whole bag of before you order. Just so you're not, you know. I know it looks like a large amount upfront but when we really break it down per shake, it's actually cheaper than even a cup of coffee or any meal that we would really ever eat out anywhere, get at a store or restaurant or so.

Yeah, these are gonna be so good. I'm so excited. And well, Oh, Jay, I found the nibs right at Ralph’s. So they were right next to the regular semi sweet ones. So, hold on, I have the bag right here.

So, this is the Ralph's organic brand simple truth. Ops, sorry there's 72% cacao. So, that's the one that I got. So, they're just the Ralph's brand organic and dark, extra dark. Okay. And I just did a third cup but not even a heaping third cup, just, you know.

Christina said, yes, removing items from your diet can have a massive impact on your body later when you try to re-introduce that. Oh, yeah, but you know what? People after the age of 30 have a hard time breaking down gluten in general. And especially now the way that the US processes food and breads, and stuff like that.

You know they processed the breads, and everything so much compared to like year up and other places that it's hard for us to digest to any way now. Our body doesn't even see it as food anymore because they've processed it so much and put so many preservatives in it. Like I said this all the time.

If you go to Europe, the bread is fresh and they're, it can literally only last like a day or two before it goes hard, right? And they either give it to the birds or they give it to the homeless. They don't do a lot of waste. But here, if you look at our breads, our breads stand on the shelf for like freaking months, right?

And that's not normal. So, it’s very different. If you see something that's sitting on the shelf for like they can stand the shelf for such a long time our body doesn't like that. Chloe, yes, cause I was like the pumpkin and cinnamon probably make it smell just like holidays which is my fave. 

It totally does. It smells so good. Hi Donna. Barbara said I'm gonna make them tomorrow. Hi Theresa. I gotta sneeze. I think I got the cinnamon up my nose actually. Janice, gonna clean my office. 

Oh, Chloe said she went to Pet Co and got her dog Halloween outfit. Would it, what a – he or she. I love the pumpkin spice too. Oh, Barbara said, I made pumpkin spice waffles for breakfast. You should have taken a picture. Did you take a picture? 

Okay, Renee said I made the protein ball from a couple of weeks ago. They're so yummy I can't stop making them and eating them. Thank you. I'm so excited you liked them. And then Amanda said the same thing. I made the protein balls the other day and they're amazing.

I'm so glad you guys like them. I really liked them, too. Especially with the new chocolate. Let me know if you guys make the protein balls with any other flavors. But so far, I really like the chocolate organic vegan protein with the 310 PB powder. That's been my favorite so far.

Theresa made the muffins. Did you like them? Yes, I love clean eating. And let me see. Debbie said, Tim has an awesome pin to post about clean eating. He's the best talker about clean eating. Like we're the nutritionists then he talks better about clean eating that anyone I know. 

So, if you ever went to one of his videos, he's really good about breaking down what clean eating is and why it's so important. Let me see. Rachel said, are you gonna make your berry pie again this year? I've already got my stuff in the freezer to make it for the holidays again. So good. I used walnut crust instead of a gluten-free crust. Oh my gosh, I'm gonna have to find out. 

Rachel. where did you find the walnut crust because I might have to switch up and make that one instead? That sounds really good. Brianna, the recipe is right at the top. Yeah, I already posted the recipe cause this recipe actually came straight from the 310 recipe page. And all I did was swap out vanilla chai cause it was last year's holiday recipe. 

From last October I swapped out the vanilla chai for pumpkin spice to make it even more pumpkinier - is that a word? Christina said, cow's milk equals inflammation. Absolutely. 

Chloe said I found some organic string cheese with 15 calories, 0 carbs, and 0 sugars. There you go. Janice said I can't do dairy cause I have Crohn's, yeah.

Elaine, oh my god, dairy causes that I never knew. Wow, yeah, for sure. So, a lot of times. I used to work in the hospital before I came to 310. Before I knew this. I used to work in the hospital with children with severe food allergies. And what they found cause I was a baby that had severe eczema. Severe eczema. 

But they would always give me like lotions and stuff like that. The doctors would but would never change my diet. They didn't know they was a correlation back then between your skin and eczema and your diet. What they really found is that they end up finding later when I was older and I ended up working in the hospital with these kids.

Milk protein allergies what causes eczema in most children. You know and sometimes they're on formula not breastfed. Then they can have - most formulas, you know unless you choose the soy formula or something like that. 

Most formulas are made with cow's milk so children can have an allergy to that and will show up on their skin first. And that's what I still get eczema to this day on my arms and stuff if I have something even a little bit of something I'm not supposed to have.

Missy said whole 30 is a good way to start clean eating. I don't know what that is. Dolores, thank you so much. Yeah, there's a huge 310 sale right now. They did, they took prime weekend and turned it to like prime week. Like everything is on sale right now. 

Elaine's have a reasonable cost, absolutely. Debbie said I figured out dairy makes me bloated so I had to give it up and bam the bloating stuff. Isn't that amazing like this is part of that process you guys. 

When I talked about eating clean and doing this process for the last ten years. Like this last ten years has been getting to know how my body respond to things. And that's what I want you guys to do too.

I want you guys to listen to your body. I want you guys to pay attention to your body, to pay attention to what you eat. If something starts making your nose run or make you like - keh keh - and you know what I mean? After you eat then you know it's causing some inflammation - causing mucus.

If something is making you bloated like Debbie just said and you notice it's after certain foods, take out those foods for a little bit and see if that' the culprit is. Even though we might love those foods we might just find out something our own bodies. 

And all of our bodies are so different. It's important to really listen to yourself. To listen to your body. To pay attention to your body in that way. And that's, you know. That's really what a lot of these process is. 

Oh, Chloe, you're so sweet. Ashlyn, hi, how are you? Oh, wow! The doctor never told you dairy is inflammatory. Yeah. The thing about doctors too is they only take one nutrition class unless they have a vested interest in nutrition.

So, a lot of times it's always the nutritionist's job to do that. You don't always get to see one which is kind of a shame. But you guys have one right here. You have a couple of them right here. You have me, Sierra, and Ericka. That's the beauty of this.

Barbs said, did the items go on sale? Yes, absolutely, they are on sale right now. Huge sale like one of the biggest sales right now cause it's prime week.

Hi Soray. Oh, yeah. it's a Ralph's, it's a Ralph's organic's brand. This simple truth organic. So, it's 72 percent cacao. And simple chips so it's just Ralph's and it was on sale like for three dollars, I think, you guys. I buy everything on sale. 

Oh, Tracy said I have a problem eating in the middle of the night. Any suggestions on stopping? You know my biggest suggestion is, Theresa, my favorite thing to do because if my stomach is growling and grumbling which isn't normal.

If my stomach is growling in the middle of the night, I get up and have about a half a cup of unsweetened almond milk, okay? And that will be enough to coat my stomach to just go back to bed. 

You lost 7 pounds. I'm so happy for you. We have 6 minutes left on our bars. Christina said that explains a lot. I'm 32 and struggling with gluten massive bloating after eating higher gluten products.

Yeah, our body stops. Even knowing how to break it down and digest it very well especially after 30. You guys ever noticed how when we are in college, we can eat the pizza, and the wings, and like you know. I see chicken tenders like it was my job in college.

Now like you can't eat that stuff and get the same results. You know, I used to eat that stuff and it didn't affect me cause I played sports and was running and like, why not. So, now I can't do that stuff. I can't eat pizza unless it's gluten free pizza. Once in a great while but even then, I don't even crave it. 

But yeah, I can't do the gluten or anything like that. Miss Jennifer - - can I show the recipe again. It’s right at the top of this live. So, if you look in the, what am I thinking of? If you look at the description of this live, the entire recipe is right there.

And that, you keep losing connection? Isn't me? Are you guys seeing me okay? I haven't seen any lost connection things. I'm sorry if you keep losing me. Let me see. Erika, the recipe for the protein bars will be right at the top of this live. Right in the description box for this live.

Where do we find recipes and food suggestions? There are, there's a 310 recipe page. I can't speak right now. And that's where I got the recipe for these bars, okay. And so then, there's all kinds of their shake recipes. There's, I know there's a food or a shopping list too. I think it might be in the units inside the 310 community.

If you look on the top of the bar. You know there's a bar in the 310 community and you look at units, right? There's a whole list of information in there. Different things for you to pull up. 

Rachel said I made the protein balls with mocha chocolate protein. I love it. Janice said, for those of you, those of us who count calories, had you figured out the calories? Good question. Let me see if it's on the recipe page, okay?

Because I took it right after recipe page, I didn't add up the calories or anything like that. Yeah, I took it right off the recipe page. Let me see if it's on there after we're done, okay?

So, Christina has a good question. Even with clean eating, should we monitor calorie intake? I'm not prone to packing on a lot of weight, just about 10 to 15 pounds. Occasionally losing easily but I'm post third baby and I'm being super healthy and wondering what's best.

If you're asking me personally, I've never counted calories. What I've done is I've used MyFitness Pal. Before I kind of gotten in the grove of eating the same things all the time. Because I'm a creature of habit.

Before I got into my rhythm and my groove of clean eating. I used MyFitness Pal to count my carbs and my fats. I did not count my calories because if we're counting calories If we're thinking about clean eating. Clean items are always gonna have less calories, right?

Then our you know, the McDonalds or the this or the that, right? A lot less calories. And I was actually shocked because I would go up to restaurants and order their salads and like you know the Ruby's Tuesdays, right or Applebee’s. I'll go and order salad with chicken on it.

And you know all the fixings and I'm like oh, I'm being healthy, and it was like 2000 calories for like one salad at Ruby's Tuesdays or Applebee’s. And I was like, what? And I didn't even know until I start putting in MyFitness Pal. 

You know, I don't watch calories, but I think it is important we're going out to eat or something like that. Restaurants like that are normally inside those apps. You can look up. If they don't have the calories or you know facts on the menu, you can look them up real quick on your phone which is so nice and helpful.

Oh, yeah. Those are so good. The Quakers, rice cakes, those are yummy. Bonnie, I'm so sorry. Tomorrow will be all amazing. Don't worry if you miss the day. There is always tomorrow, and this is what I always say, Bonnie. If we happen to miss the shake or miss the day or not have a great day one day. The most important thing to do is to start fresh the next day. You know, we're not missing out by missing one day, alright?

Elaine of course, you’re welcome. Soray said, I'd switch my milk from regular to lactase milk. Oh, how did that happen? Did the sales happen frequently? Barb, asked. I feel like they're always having sales, but these are the biggest sales I've seen in a while. 

Hold on one second guys, the timer is going off. Let me check it. Oh, I think they're done. I think they're done. And I grab my stuff and then I'll answer more questions in just a second. Wow, this smells good. Alright. 

Let me grab a knife. A little butter knife should be fine. I think they might need to go back in. I think they need to go back in from maybe a minute. Alright. Yeah, these are gonna be so good. Just to show you guys. I already started cutting to them but -- Look at how good they look. Oh my gosh. And I'm just gonna put them back for one minute. while I talk to you guys. Let me say two minutes. Let me see. Okay. Alright.

So, yeah. The sales do happen frequently, but this is like one of the biggest sales, right now of the year. Oh, Annette said I've never tried the 310. Well, it's the perfect time right now. That's what we we're just talking about. We have sales.

310 just told me I have a 10 dollar credit. I always order 3 bags at a time. Oh, that's exciting.  Yeah, and it said eggs and cheese daily for me make me bloated. A lot of people for sure. 

Let me see. Renee said I added a little honey to the protein balls, three-fourths oats, one half scoop of chocolate shake, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a handful of cacao chips and almond milk, and make a mince of balls. That sounds perfect.

Let me see. Oh, Barbs wants to know what is everyone's favorite shake. Renee, it totally is the worst. Jennifer said I have a protein ball if my tummy is growling in the middle of the night. You know what I do too often guys is I eat a half a protein ball. I think that's fine.

Sometimes I just have a -- like a -- depending on how big I make them cause sometimes I make them like, you know from rolling them in my hands are like a decent size. They're probably that big. And I only eat a half of one and I put the other half in the fridge and eat the other half later.

Brianna just said I just ordered the pumpkin. Okay, good. Oh, good, good, good, okay. Hi Nicole, you're right on time. Janice. Yeah, the dressings are the worst. 

Okay, Janice has a good question too. How do I figure out a good amount of healthy fats and carbs to stay under? So, I don't count my fruit and vegetables as carbs because I only have like 2 to 3 servings of fruit a day. And unless I'm eating starchy vegetables like potatoes or squash, I don't count those as carbs either.

So, as far as the carbs that are either starchy like potatoes or squash or rice or something like that. That's the only time I count that. And I try to stay in between like 30 to 50 grams a day. Okay. Like realistically, closer to 30, honestly.

But, yeah I would say 30 to 50 grams a day. Don't go over 50 for sure. Fats, kind of the same. I would say don't go over 40 and if we break that down I like to do 10 like under 20 grams of fat per meal, okay. Because I've said this before we have, we either have gall bladders or we've had them taken out.

And so, our body, our gall bladder is what breaks down fat. And if we either have a sensitive gall bladder or have had it taken out, we have to be careful about how much fat we have in one sitting. 

And I found just through my own body and every body's different. But I found that my gall bladder doesn't react negatively if I have 10 grams of fat or less. If I sit down and try to have a Ben and Jerry's and there's you know, like 16 grams of fat and 2 tablespoons of that stuff. You know or maybe more. You know, I'm gonna have a gall bladder attack and it's gonna hurt really bad and I'm gonna have a stomachache all night.

So, you know, 10 grams of fat per meal add it put to 40ish in a day or under 40 in a day but right around there seems to be like of the magic number for me. So, if you do under 50 and under 40ish, but probably a little closer.

We say under 50 with carbs but probably a little closer to like 30 or 40 and then under 40 with fats but probably a little closer to like 30, okay. 

Nicole said I love green olive juice for a dressing substitute. I don't even know that is. Yes, Theresa, the other day you mentioned to stop eating for 12 hours straight. I think it was – yep, that's right.

So, breakfast is break fast so we want at least 12 hours not from time we stop eating at night. Our dinner time to the time we have our shake in the morning. For me that's about 14 hours but you definitely want a good 12 hours between that time. 

Oh, let me check again. Hold one second, please. Alright. That’s also going to keep cooking a little bit, so I think we're good. Running this oven when it's 90 degrees in LA is whew! I can't wait for it to get in the 70s next week. Oh, my goodness. Can you stop, please? Alright. Sorry about that.

Okay, so yes, if you so say yes, exactly from 7 pm to 7 am that's perfect, perfect. And okay. So, I ended up cooking them Brianna for about 25 minutes. The recipe said between 20 and 30. I cook them for about 25. And I'm gonna let them sit in the pan for few minutes cause they'll keep cooking in there for a second.

Let me see. Stick a toothpick in. Yes, let me do that. I have my knife. I don't have a toothpick. Oh, but my knife is clean, so I think we're good. I'm just gonna let them sit for just one second cause they -- you know how always kind of harden up a little bit. 

Yeah, so good. I'm super excited about this. So, Annette said I've been watching videos on 310 a lot. I want to clean eat. I don't need to lose weight just belly fat. Is 310 good if I don't wanna lose weight? For sure.

I'm gonna take a bite just a second. I just leaving it cool for a second. I'm not here to lose weight. I'm here for health. I'm here for energy. I'm here for nutrients because I don't think any of us eat enough nutrients in a day. 

It's really hard nowadays with our food being so processed. When they processed our food, you know, when the food is processed it takes the nutrients out of it. So, I think it's so hard to get our nutrients in with the food that we have today. 

That's why I do 310. That's why I do my shake. I get my nutrients in. We have digestive enzymes, superfoods in this shake. All kinds of things that we wouldn't normally get otherwise.

So, can you do 310 if you're not trying to lose weight? You absolutely can, okay? Oh, Jay said what I do with my protein balls is to use the fork, flatten them a bit to look like a cookie. That's such a good idea too. I have to do that. 

Yes, Denise said, can you do a recipe for unflavored. I totally can. Yeah. Oh, hello 310 nutrition. Barbara said I had my gall bladder removed, yes, yes. I think a lot of people have. My mom and my sister. 

Oh, sorry Nicole is just the juice from the dark green olives. Okay. Hi Erika. Renee's want me to take a bite. So, let me see. So, a bag is 28 servings - a full-size bag, Barbs. So, 28 servings if you do one shake a day that will cover almost a month. If you do 2 shakes a day, then you probably need 2 shakes or 2 bags a month.

Yeah. right? It's that math, right. Oh, one sec. Soray said I love the meta boost. Okay so let me cut in these bad boys so I won’t burn myself so I can take a little bite before -- they need to cool - oh, you guys, they're so hot. 

Hi in Michigan. Hi Wendy. Just order the tea. Do you drink it in the daytime? I love my tea in the morning and at night. But I'm a nighttime tea drinker. So, do that at your discretion. But I love the peach tea in the morning, and I love the Jasmine mint at night. Hibiscus is nice too if you like sweeter.

But those are my 2 favorites for during the day. Okay, let me try it. I'm just taking a little bite without trying to burn my mouth. So, cause it's hot, hot still. Oh my gosh, it's hot. I don't want to burn my mouth. 

Alright guys. So, we got a little bite just you guys can see up close. It's super hot still. Hi Terry in California. I'm in California too, I'm in LA. We've got Michigan, California, all over the place.

How much is the bag? Right now, and that they're on sale it's prime week so look at and there are huge sales on there right now like everything is on sale. Okay. (inaudible)

Hmmm. You guys are gonna love it. Okay another bite. In northern Cali. Alright guys. These are so amazing, and you guys are gonna love this. I can't eat anymore cause I'm waiting for my friends for tomorrow. So, I need to not eat them before I bring them back. 

I'm gonna let them cool while longer before I cut them. So, you know how you, uhm. Oh, Theresa is in Michigan too. Hi from Jersey Shore. I love seeing where everyone is. You guys are so fun. I'm in Ohio, be 32 tonightI know my mom is in New York and it's already cold there too. Alright, guys. 

See, I just took a little scoop right by the corner right there. Cause this is what we got. You know brownies. And brownies are too hot, and you try to cut them and they end up melting and falling all over the place. It's kind of how these are right now so I got to let them cool, so they set a little bit. 

And then I'm gonna cut them into squares and then I'll bring them over to my friend's house tomorrow for pumpkin carving and feed everybody my pumpkin spice protein bars. Okay.

And all over wherever you are. Happy Friday. I love you guys and I hope you enjoy your weekend. I'll see you on Monday for Mindset Monday, alright.

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