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How to Use Your 310 Nutrition Keto Starter Kit

Ready to begin your keto journey?! We have the perfect place for you to start. This 310 Nutrition Keto Starter Kit has everything you need for nutritious keto meals that help you get into and stay in ketosis – along with additional resources to help you succeed in your new dietary adventure.

If you’re excited to begin keto but confused about what you can and cannot eat, 310 Shakes help make your journey much simpler and more enjoyable. Full of whole food ingredients, they’ll help you crush your cravings for sweets while being low in carbs and calories – and providing everything you need for well-balanced, healthy meals.

Plus, we’ll answer all your ketogenic diet questions in the included “30 Days to Keto” E-Book, so you feel totally equipped. And, give you a $10 gift card so you can continue your journey with our selection of keto-friendly products to supplement your healthy diet and weight loss goals.

Let us help you make getting into ketosis and staying there clean, simple, and delicious. Check out everything you get in this inclusive kit…

The 310 Nutrition Keto Starter Kit

To get you started on your 310 journey, your keto starter kit includes... 

  • 310 Shakes (3 servings)
  • A mini bottle of 310 MCT Oil
  • A mini 310 Shaker Cup
  • 310 30 Days to Keto E-Book
  • $10 Gift Card to the 310 Nutrition website

How to Use Your Keto Starter Kit

"30 Days to Keto" E-Book

Before we begin, start by checking your email to download your “30 Days to Keto” E-Book, which comes complimentary with your order!

In this book, we outline suggested weekly goals to help you reach and stay in ketosis, and walk you through exactly how to succeed on your keto journey. (Think of it as your complete keto guide)! Once you get started by filling out your “pre-keto checklist”, week 1 is all about shakes, so this is where the rest of your starter kit will come into play...

310 Shakes

Containing only 2g of net carbs and 0g of sugar, 310 Shakes are the perfect keto meal replacement!

For effective weight loss, we recommend replacing 2 meals per day with a 310 Shake. However, since your starter kit comes with 3 shake servings, we recommend replacing one meal each day to spread out your kit and determine which shake flavor you like best. The meal which you replace can be any meal, so go ahead and replace whichever one works best for you and your goals...

How to use: 

To make a keto shake, add one packet of 310 Shake powder into a blender with your liquid of choice and your favorite keto-friendly smoothie ingredients! Some of our favorite add-ins include: frozen avocado, leafy greens, nut butters, and 310 MCT Oil, (which we’ll talk about next) – but you can also get some great recipe suggestions in your “30 Days to Keto” E-Book!

Once you’re done making your super-delicious shake, pour it into your 310 Shaker Cup so you have a nutritious meal or snack that’s easy to take on-the-go!

310 MCT Oil

MCT Oil is a uniquely-healthy fat that makes it a must-have for your 310 keto journey. The medium chain triglycerides in MCT Oil don’t get stored as fat like other longer chain fatty acids, but instead go straight to the liver to be utilized as energy or turned into ketones – helping you get into ketosis.

310 MCT Oil is extracted purely from coconut oil, unlike other types which may come from lesser quality sources. It also has a light, neutral taste, and is free from sugar and additives. Plus, it not only helps with your journey into ketosis, but also supports weight loss, enhanced energy levels, and greater mental focus.

How to Use:

To use 310 MCT Oil, we recommend adding 1-2 tbsps. to each of your shakes for an extra dose of healthy fats! But, if you’ve never tried MCT Oil before, we recommend starting small with 1 tsp and then working your way up. This particular type of fat digests almost instantly, so it can be an adjustment on your body at first, and you could have some digestive discomfort if you have too much too soon.

In addition to adding MCT Oil to your shakes, you can also add it to coffee, tea, homemade dressings and more for an extra boost.

What NOT To Do With Your 310 Keto Starter Kit

DON'T just mix your shake with water...

  • DO add your shake to a blender with your choice of liquid, keto-friendly fruit and veggies, nut butters, nuts/seeds, flavor boosters, and more.

DON'T throw a bunch of random ingredients together in your blender...

  • DO check out your "310 Days to Keto" E-Book and the 310 Nutrition blog for AMAZING keto shake recipes! Your first shake sets the tone for the rest of your journey, so make sure it's a good one. 

DON'T use the starter kit without making other lifestyle changes...

  • DO start adopting healthy eating habits and other positive lifestyle habits to set yourself up for success.

DON'T expect to reach your goals in just a few days...

  • DO use the starter kit to figure out which products and flavors you like best. Then, place your next order to continue your journey! 

DON'T start your journey without support...

You're Ready to Use Your Starter Kit... Now What?

As mentioned above, the starter kit was created to help you kick off your keto journey and let you sample a variety of helpful products before placing a full order. So, as you try out all the products, make sure to pay attention to which shake flavors you like best!

Once you decide which are your must-haves, check your email to get your $10 e-gift card and head to our website to place your full order. In addition to the Shakes and MCT Oil, we have a variety of other keto-friendly products, including 310 Tea, 310 Lemonade, 310 Berry Greens, and 310 Golden Milk – so make sure to check those out as well!

Additionally, we encourage you to join our 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook to get invaluable support, motivation, and advice from other 310 Community members as well as our 310 Nutrition Health Coaches!

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