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How to Use the 310 Smart Scale: Step-By-Step

If you’ve just received your NEW 310 Smart Body Weight Scale, congrats! Check out the info below for step-by-step instructions on exactly how to get started setting up your profile and using it daily. You’re just a few minutes away from a new routine of effectively keeping track of your weight and other vital bodily measurements – to successfully reach your health and weight loss goals!

If you haven’t yet ordered a scale, check out this article on The Most Important Metrics to Track for Weight Loss to learn why it’s so important to regularly weigh yourself… but not just on a regular scale. The NEW 310 “Smart” Body Weight Scale does SO much more than just measure your weight. Learn more!

Ready to start using your 310 Smart Scale?! Let's get into it!

How to Set Up Your 310 Smart Scale in Minutes…

1) Set Up Your User Profile

- Press the center button and wait until the number on the left starts blinking, which is your profile number.

*Note that you can set up to 10 different profiles (P0 thru P9) for you and other people. Change the profile by clicking on the left arrow to take you to profiles 1 – 9.

- Press the center button to lock in your profile number.

    - Select one of the icons to choose whether or not you’re an athlete.

      *Note that athlete mode is for those who…

      • Participate in 8 or more hours of intense physical activity per week
      •  Belong to a competitive sports team or organization
      • Exercise regularly to build muscle (bodybuilder)
      • Are professional athletes

      Female (non-athlete) – Icon on the right

      Male (non-athlete) – Icon on the left

      Female athlete – Wait for two icons at once (the female and weight lifting icons)

      Male athlete - Wait for two icons at once (the male and weight lifting icons)

      - Press the center button again to lock-in whether you are an athlete or non-athlete.

      - Next, enter your height. It will be pre-selected in centimeters. If you know your height in centimeters, feel free to enter it. If you would prefer to change the metric to feet/inches simply press the center button to move onto the next step, (you’ll go back to change the metric at the end).

      - Press the center button to lock-in your height or move onto the next step if you wish to change the metric later.

        - Next, enter your age. Press the center button again to lock-in your age.

          - This next step is where you change the metric on the scale, however, nothing will be blinking. Press the left arrow to toggle through the different metrics and update your height information.

            - Press the center button to complete your profile.

              2) Step on the Scale to Get Your Weight/Additional Info

              - Place your scale on a hard flat surface on the ground so you can easily step up onto it. Take off your shoes and socks so that you’re barefoot for the best reading.

                - Press the center button, then use the arrows to scroll through until it lands on your profile number (P0 – P9). Once it’s on your profile number, don’t do anything. Wait for it to stop blinking before you step on.

                  - Step onto the scale with both feet, so that the upper and lower soles of your feet are touching the silver circles. Stand upright until the numbers on the scale stop moving, to generate your weight.

                    - Your weight will display first, and then after that it will disappear and show you the rest of your important body metrics including your BMI, body fat percentage, water percentage, and more. It will rotate between showing your weight and these other metrics three times before it turns off. To learn more about the additional metrics your 310 Smart Scale will show you and why they are important check out this article on The Most Important Metrics To Track For Weight Loss!

                      When to Use the 310 Smart Scale

                      It’s best to use the scale in the morning after going to the bathroom, around the same time each day, for consistency. You should also wear as little clothing as possible. Since your weight will fluctuate throughout the day, and go up after you eat and drink, this timing will give the most accurate reading.

                      Weighing yourself on the 310 Smart Body Weight Scale day-to-day is beneficial so you can see vital measurements such as the water percentage in your body (to see how hydrated you are), and protein percentage to see if you’re getting enough of this macronutrient. Other measurements, such as your weight and body fat percentage are great to monitor once a week, since they likely won’t change much from day-to-day, but over longer stretches.

                      We hope that this information was helpful to set up your 310 Smart Scale! Check out additional articles, recipes and more on the 310 Nutrition Blog -  for continued guidance on living a healthy lifestyle that helps you meet your goals!

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