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Simone Witham

It’s incredibly difficult to go from one reality, being skinny my entire life, to another, where my health was suffering, I had hit menopause, and suddenly I had gained a lot of weight and didn’t recognize myself. Five years ago, this happened to me, and my husband and I spent literally thousands of dollars in programs and “solutions” trying to help me slim down. But even though I followed every single one of those programs faithfully, I didn’t lose a pound.

Finally, at the point of desperation, I landed with tears into my doctor’s office, begging him to grant me a diet pill that would actually work. Though he agreed that I had tried many different things to no avail, he mentioned that I had not attempted clean eating. He insisted I follow a clean eating diet for a period of six months and if I still hadn’t lost any weight he would give me a diet pill.

My idea of “clean eating” at the time was not great, but I did some research and settled on the Paleo diet. Lo and behold, after about five months of sticking to it, I lost about 30 pounds! The problem was that I then hit a plateau and couldn’t seem to lose anymore.

It was around that time that I came across an ad for 310, and was intrigued by the healthy ingredients in the shakes including plant-based proteins, a superfood greens blend, and NO sugar – which fit perfectly into my new clean lifestyle plan. I immediately joined the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook and settled into the background for a few weeks, observing the inspiring comments, positivity and glowing before and after results that were constantly being posted.

It didn’t take long before I was ready to give 310 a try and I dove right in, ordering bags of the shakes, the detox tea and the lemonade! My normal routine consisted of replacing two meals with 310 Shakes per day. And since I love cold drinks, I enjoyed both the 310 Tea and 310 Lemonade as iced, healthy beverages to help me stay hydrated and further enhance my results.  

My goal was to get back down to the weight that I remembered myself being so long before – 135 lbs. – and about 6 months later, I did it, losing 62 pounds in total! At my heaviest, I had been wearing a size 16 pants and a double XL shirt, and now I was finally back down to the size 6 pants and medium shirt that I had been accustomed to for most of my life! It felt absolutely incredible.

I contribute so much of my success to sheer determination combined with 310 products and the motivation and encouragement always present in the 310 Nutrition Facebook Community – which has become a lifeline for me throughout this process.

The journey has been especially challenging for me due to my unfortunate back problems which make it impossible to exercise. Therefore, it’s amazing that I was able to lose weight solely by utilizing the 310 meal replacement shakes combined with a clean, healthy diet!

I’m even inspiring others at this point, and my husband has recently started the 310 Shake program as well, replacing two meals with shakes per day. Now that I’ve reached my goal, I replace one meal with a shake per day in order to maintain my new weight, and I know I will continue to do this for the long-term!

I just want to say thank you to 310 for giving me my healthy body and life back. If you are in a place where you know you need to make lifestyle changes, look no further than 310! The 310 Nutrition Facebook Community is absolutely the best online community group out there and the products are second to none. You just need to make a decision and do it. What begins as challenging soon becomes a lifestyle and a habit that gets easier and easier. Start this moment and say yes to success! No matter how you feel right now, you can absolutely change your life and your health for the better, just like I did!

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The 310 Nutrition Community was an important, motivational aspect of Simone’s journey. Join the community and gain invaluable support as you push towards your goals.

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