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Porter Brandt

My “aha moment” came when I went for a physical at my college campus doctor’s office, stepping on the scale to see that I had gained 30 lbs. I knew that the freshman 15 was a real thing, but I had doubled that in a very short time. I had always been a bigger guy, but the amount on the scale at that time (268.5 lbs.) just wasn’t something I was comfortable with for my frame – and I knew it wasn’t healthy.

I realized that at 20 years old, I didn’t want to be worrying about my weight, so I needed a convenient and effective solution for the long run. I found out about 310 Nutrition through my mom in October of 2016 and decided to try it, thinking what did I have to lose?

Since then, 310 has made my weight loss journey a complete success. I have a shake for breakfast every morning (my favorite is to mix the Vanilla shake with orange juice and some frozen berries). I also take a shake for lunch as a convenient meal when studying on campus. I have found that even when I just mix the shake mix with water, all the flavors are delicious (which is hard to find in a meal replacement)!

I also use the 310 Lemonade (which is super tasty) in the afternoon when I feel like I’m hungry, when most of the time I’m just wanting a snack – and it does its job and suppresses my appetite perfectly. 

310 is awesome because I’m never left feeling empty or dissatisfied. The shakes are surprisingly filling and extremely delicious. The wide range of flavors is great because you can add whatever ingredients you want and create any type of shake you’re craving.

In the first two months of using 310 Shakes and other 310 weight loss products, I lost 22 lbs. – and as of today, I’ve lost 36.5 lbs. total! I’m still working towards my ultimate goal, which is to lose another 15-20 lbs., but in general I’ve never felt better, and I know that is all because of 310!

Thank you to the entire 310 team – you’ve really helped me change my life and I’m looking forward to continuing to grow and improve as I move towards my health goals!

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