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Our 310 Community Member, Yasmine Purdey, was featured in Woman’s World Magazine!


At 310 Nutrition, we’re very proud of each and every person in our Community on their journey to better health. But today,  we want to highlight a super special lady, Yasmine Purdey, whose inspirational story has even caught the eye of Woman’s World Magazine!

This popular magazine has been circulating since 1981 and has almost 2 million readers—so we were thrilled when we heard that Yasmine's weight loss story with 310 was featured to help inspire others to make healthy choices just like she did.

Each issue of the magazine delivers a feel-good mix of heartwarming human interest stories and practical everyday solutions and inspiration on topics for work, home, beauty, food, and décor.  And Yasmine’s story is sure to make you smile from ear to ear with hope for a healthier future.

But before we share Yasmine’s story of going from struggle to success, let’s take a look at her feature in Woman’s World Magazine!

“After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, Yasmine Purdey, 64, saw an ad for protein shakes on Facebook. There were a lot of ordinary people sharing success stories, and it got my attention, recalls the Washington state retiree. She decided to sample’s salted caramel flavor. “I really liked it and it kept me full” she says. Yasmine began interspersing the shakes with other small protein-rich meals and snacks—like salmon over salad or baked chicken with veggies and quinoa. “I felt more energy after a few days so I knew my metabolism was up.” Meanwhile, the scale went down. She dropped 65 pounds and shrunk from a size 18 to an 8 in just over a year. I was told that at my age, “I should give up trying to be skinny, she says. “I’m proof it’s never too late!”  - Woman’s World Magazine


Ready to dig in a bit deeper and learn just how Yasmine lost a whopping 65 pounds with the help of 310? Read her success story here!

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