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Michelle Martinez proves you can lose weight at any age with the help of 310 Nutrition!


The Turning Point...

I never really struggled with my weight until I got older. When I was younger I was always very active in sports. Even after having my kids, I was able to shed my weight and keep it off. I could eat whatever I wanted to! My metabolism must have been high, I thought. But as I got older, that all changed…

After having my last baby in my mid 30’s, I had to try even harder to keep my weight off. As the years went by, I reached my highest weight (besides pregnancy) of 145 pounds. I felt it in my clothes, my health and just all around. My eating habits were terrible.  I had fast food often. I wasn’t exercising, I would eat super late and just basically didn't care. I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure and hypothyroidism.

An "ah-ha" moment was when I couldn't fit into literally anything in my closet anymore!

The Change…

After years of bad habits, I knew I had to make a change. I found the J-Wow ad for 310 on Facebook 4 months ago and decided to give it a try. I also decided to go cold turkey and cut out all sugars, carbs, and alcohol.  But that strictness ended up just being an occasional thing. Boy was that a struggle! I love bread, pizza, sodas, cake, margaritas, just all the junk! I decided to join the 310 Community to see how other people were able to overcome these challenges and get healthy. I read about others starting their journey and advice given from those who had achieved success.

So I took my measurements and pictures and couldn't believe my eyes! I was so big! I'm only 5'1" so you can imagine a short person weighing 145lbs! This was in May of 2019. For 4 weeks I stuck to the no sugar, no carbs lifestyle. I lost 8 lbs. To be honest, I wasn't satisfied with 8 lbs. After following the community for a month I decided to go all in and order my sample pack of 310. This was in June 2019 and it was the best decision I ever made! In addition to starting 310, I included yoga workouts 3 times a week and lifting light weights. I did cardio occasionally, too.

But the biggest difference was made since I started replacing junk meals with different flavors of 310 Shakes, 310 Juice with tons of superfoods and 310 Detox Tea.


I took measurements and pictures every month and definitely started fitting into my clothes! I went from 145 pounds to 118 and I’ll let myself get back up to 125 and still be happy! Here I am now, October 2019, weighing in at 118 and maintaining! I learned that age doesn't matter. I have 4 children and I'm 46 years old so it can be done, people! I have no plans to go back to my old lifestyle! 310 for life!

Here’s how I got healthy with 310 Nutrition and keep it going to this day:

On a daily basis I drink one 310 Shake a day, which was for breakfast when I first started. My shakes would always include spinach, berries, collagen, flax seed, and on occasion, 310 Peanut Butter Powder.

Lunch and dinner would include any of the following: chicken, beef, vegetables, avocados, fruit, any type of berries since they are lower in sugar.

For snacks, I’d have almonds, plain Greek yogurt with berries, cucumbers, carrots, basically anything whole, not processed. I only drink water, 310 Peach Detox Tea and 310 Juice.

My second month into my journey I started intermittent fasting and I’m still doing it as of today. My eating time frame is 10 am to 6 pm. Once I included this on a daily basis I started shedding my weight even faster.

I love the variety of products that 310 offers. I'm very picky with taste and foods in general so I was really worried about me not being able to drink the shakes. To me they are not chalky and don't have an after taste. After trying the sample pack I finally found something that fits my taste buds. With my busy lifestyle, 310 fits right into it. I usually make my shakes in the evening so I can grab them and go and I think they taste even better after being in the refrigerator overnight. I have the juice packets and the detox tea bags so those are convenient to grab and go as well!

Here’s my favorite new shake recipe you gotta try!

I love the Salted Caramel 310 Shake! I mix it with unsweetened almond milk, spinach, berries, collagen, and flax seed. I change it up from time to time and may throw in some cucumbers, yogurt, 310 peanut butter powder or just whatever comes to mind!

Staying Motivated Through Community...

The 310 Facebook Community is my motivation! I actually followed it for months reading posts, looking at pictures posted by members, and reading all the comments that consisted of motivation and encouragement! I love how everyone shares ideas and understands we all fall off from time to time. Without the community, I probably would have never tried the products.

My advice? I would like to say Never Give Up!! Its okay to get discouraged, fall off the wagon, have "cheat" days, and stay off the scale! My weight fell off slowly and the scale wasn't moving. I decided to put it away and use non scale victories, the pictures I took every month, measurements and most important how MY CLOTHES fit! Set a goal and believe in yourself!

Ready to Try 310? 

Our 310 Try It All Kit gives you a chance to try an assortment of products and flavors to find your favorites before committing! It’s the perfect way to start your journey to ultimate health with 310.

This kit includes 6 delicious flavors of 310 Meal Replacement Shakes, green Juices with 70+ superfoods, alkalizing Lemonades with 0 sugar under 13 calories with Green Tea Phytosomes,  Detox Teas to help you rid your body of years of built up toxins and bloat, a Shaker Cup to make and take along your drinks, a book with easy-to-make healthy recipes,  a phone session with a health coach, and even a $10 gift card to 310!

It’s currently a steal-of-a-price at only $69.00! ($146.99 Value)  That’s over 50% off! You can do this!


We also invite you to join our Facebook Community so you can see firsthand how hundreds of thousands of men and women are motivating each other on their weight loss journeys.

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