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Lori B. Stopped “Dieting” & Lost 60 Lbs!

"I’ve been using 310 Shakes and eating a clean, healthy diet for about 8 months, and I can honestly tell you that my entire life has changed for the better.... I feel amazing!"

The Challenge...

For most of my life, I’ve been very active but always heavier than I wanted to be. Starting at 19 years old, I’ve packed on anywhere from an extra 30 to 70 lbs of weight. I’ve tried every diet program possible along the way to lose it – if it’s out there I could probably tell you all about it. But nothing worked for me long-term and it all felt too much like a diet mentality.

I had also been in and out of gyms trying to work the weight off. At best, I would lose 30 lbs only to stall. Literally nothing worked until I found 310, and then finally learned what clean eating really meant for me – and I was able to leave all of that dieting nonsense behind!

The Change…

Before 310, I realized that my sugar and coffee addictions were both out of control. I would wake up with intense sugar cravings and my hormones and sleep were both a mess.

I also competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and was getting really tired of competing at the heavyweight level – that had no “end” weight class. So, I knew I needed to do something different.

It was around that time that I discovered 310 from a success story on Facebook. I was intrigued because contrary to all the diets I had done in the past, from what I read in the success story it didn’t seem like a diet, but a lifestyle. That’s when I ordered my first shakes.


I’ve been using 310 Shakes and eating a clean, healthy diet for about 8 months, and I can honestly tell you that my entire life has changed for the better.

When I first started a daily program using 310 Shakes, I noticed pretty quickly that my sugar cravings went away. I started to work on my diet after that, eliminating breads, sugars, and alcohol. I didn’t track my food, in fact, I didn’t track anything, because I wanted to get away from the diet mentality.

At some point I discovered that my body wasn’t getting enough protein, so having the 310 Shakes really helped with that. And for the first time in my life, I finally lost the weight I wanted too!

My starting weight when I began drinking 310 Shakes was 199 lbs, and my weight today is 139 lbs – so I’ve lost 60 lbs in the process! At this point, I only have 6 lbs left to go to reach my goal weight!

There are also so many other victories, like being able to fit into any piece of clothing I want, wearing size smalls, going from a A2 Jui-Jitsu uniform to an A0 (the smallest adult size), and putting on a wetsuit!

Most of all, I love being able to move my body around so much easier. For me, it’s all about mobility. I feel amazing!

What I Love BEST About 310 Shakes…

What I love best about the shakes is how easy they are to make, and they also taste great! I can very easily swap out any meal with them and be happy and satisfied.

I particularly love my morning shake because it prevents me from going to Starbucks (when they were open!), and getting a pastry and coffee. I used to crave sugar so badly I would wake up dreaming of a donut and then have to convince myself not to get one!

My Healthy Lifestyle Routine…

When it comes to my healthy lifestyle routine, I keep it really clean and simple, which has been effective for me. Along the way, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Personally, I feel best when I don’t eat grains or bread, and don’t drink alcohol. I also have very little added sugar.

I typically drink one to two shakes per day. If I feel really hungry after a really hard workout, I’ll have an additional snack.

Here is what my day of eating typically looks like:

Morning: 310 Shake with almond milk and sometimes I add peanut butter or a few pieces of fruit.

Snack: A protein source like eggs, nuts, or peanut butter, and a vegetable or fruit (but it has to fit in my hands).

Lunch: Something like a tuna wrapped in lettuce and maybe a small apple or another vegetable.

Snack: Greek yogurt with sprinkles of glazed walnuts as a topping (this one is my favorite)!

Dinner: Usually a shake. Or veggies and protein.

Night: The 310 Tea (I love it so much).

I try to stick to these guidelines…

  • Every meal has a protein.
  • The protein must fit in my hand.
  • The apples or fruits must be able to fit in my hand easily. So no mega fruit. More like Mandarin size.
  • I will eat 2-4 Hershey kisses if I want.  But typically not.
  • I use the 310 Lemonades as a refresher replacement!

Snacks I enjoy:

  • Apple and peanut butter
  • Carrots and peanut butter
  • Greek yogurt and a tiny bit of fruit
  • Greek yogurt and glazed walnuts (I cannot eat the glaze walnuts alone because I'll eat the whole bag)!
  • Little cheese block and a veggie

I’m never hungry! If I have a craving I figure it out! I typically have a small amount of what I’ve craving or a healthier version of it. I am never going to count calories, weigh my food, or do macros. I’ve done every diet from very well-known ones to good ole’ calorie counting. I’ve never lost weight before. I've always struggled with this and what I’m doing now actually works for me!

My Favorite Shake Recipe You Have To Try

One of my favorite shake recipes is the 310 Chocolate Mint with cold brew coffee and almond milk, a little tiny bit of whipped cream, and a cherry on top!

I also love the 310 Mocha Shake with MCT Oil, almond milk, cold brew and a little whipped cream – especially when I’m craving coffee.

How I Stay Motivated Through Community...

The 310 Community on Facebook has been so important to me on this journey. I’ve learned to much there about clean eating from the 310 nutritionists and other people. And I love seeing people's success stories, photos, and workouts, and trying to help them get on the right track with their diets.

Advice for Newbies…

My advice to anyone who wants to be healthier and is interested in 310 is just to try it in conjunction with a healthy diet. You’ll likely start to feel so much better, and losing the weight will be easier than you thought because it will happen as a result of you making better choices.

Ready to Try 310?! 

Remember that becoming healthier is a journey, and we’re excited to be on it with you! Our 310 Try It All Kit is a great way to start your adventure because it allows you to try an assortment of products and flavors, to find your favorites upfront! It’s the perfect way to start cleaning up your diet and getting your health on track.

We covered all the bases with this kit. It includes a variety of flavors of 310 Meal Replacement Shakes; 310 Berry Juice packets including 70+ superfoods per serving; Water-enhancing Lemonades with no sugar or artificial sweeteners, minerals, and tea extract; Detox Teas to support optimal health; A 310 Shaker Cup to quickly make and take along all of your drinks; An e-book including easy-to-make healthy recipes; A phone session with a 310 Health Coach; and even a $10 gift card to 310! You can’t go wrong with this kit!

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In addition, we invite you to join our Facebook Community so you can see firsthand how hundreds of thousands of women and men are motivating each other to succeed, not only on their weight loss journeys, but in lifelong health.

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