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Lemon Chocolate Shake - Thirsty Thursday w/ Sierra

By 310 Nutrition


Hi guys. Welcome to another Thirsty Thursday. We made it!

I am, I just realized actually I'm missing, oh no, it's right here. Never mind. 

Anyways, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Sierra, I am a nutritionist and health coach with 310 Nutrition

On Thursdays, I like to do something we call Thirsty Thursdays where I make a new shake recipe for you guys. So, hopefully, you will enjoy it on Tuesday's, I do Tasty Tuesdays.

So, I actually use this shake powder which I have right here if you can see it to make some sort of food recipe versus just shakes because even though shakes are delicious, the powders can be used in so many different ways.

So, this Thursday I'm gonna be making a lemon chocolate shake for you guys. I don't know why maybe it's just of a summer thing, maybe it's just like a citrus thing but I have been obsessed lately with lemon and I guess with oranges too.

I've been having a pretty much one orange a day and using lemon in any way that I can. I use lemon actually in Tasty Tuesday and I make Blueberry Lemon Muffin which were amazing.

They were so good in fact  I made more and they just came out of the oven. So, that's gonna be for later. 

Yeah, I've been using lemon and like literally everything. So, I'm gonna use it in the shake today.

I like to make my shakes in a very specific order so I will walk you through how I make my shakes. And kind of give you some tips and tricks and pointers I guess.

And then hopefully I answer some questions along the way. I can't see that far away but I will check the comments at the end of the live feed and get to any questions that you guys have. I encourage you to leave questions, leave your comments, you just leave your feedback.

Also, leave your recipes in the comment. So, you have guys a favorite recipe that you love, that you would like to have possibly, have the chance to have that you highlighted in another live fee, leave it in the comments and will go through and try to recreate some of those recipes in another live.

Or, if you just kind of wanna give me a challenge and say, hey, Sierra, I'd love to see you make a shake with, I don't know, like dragon fruit, try that. And then I'd try to incorporate dragon fruit. 

So, just some options for you guys. And also before you get started please note that my recipes are only suggestions. So, I make the recipes how it sounds good to me but this is of course not like baking so you don't have to be exactly specific. It's more like cooking.

So, if you don't like almond milk you can use coconut milk. If you don't like lemon you don't have to use lemon. If you, if you don't have the chocolate you can use vanilla. You can change it up pretty much however you guys want or you need, I'm just gonna show you how I'm making my shake tip.

Okay? So, let's get started. I will try to show you guys everything as I go through.

Recipe Walkthrough

The first thing that I pretty much always start with the shake and it just helps it to blend more easily is a liquid.

So, I have here my almond milk, I have about a three-fourths cup in here. And so when I make my shakes, I like them to be pretty thick. I'd like to be able to eat them with a spoon. So, I don't use a lot of liquid.

Some people use twelve ounces, some people use like a cup, six ounces, whatever, eight, twelve. It doesn't matter. You guys need just as much as you want. Again, I'm just gonna use a little bit less because I like my shakes to be super thick.

And one of the easiest ways to take it up a shake without having to like add ice and frozen ingredients and avocado and all this stuff is just useless that would off the bat and you could always add more if you need to, right?

So, start with less. I have three-fourths but I'm gonna use a half. So, I'll leave a fourth in here. And again, we can use that fourth cup later if we need to like if things are not mixing properly.

But, oh, that was perfect. So, as you can see it's not a lot. It's a very small amount but it usually still blends okay.

So, we're gonna just go with this. And then if I need to add more I can and if I just wanna add more water I can do that too.

After liquid, I typically like to add my heavier ingredients first so I don't have like any frozen ingredients today. I do have some frozen blueberries that I thought about throwing in here. But, I really don't have enough, and I kind of rather just like throw them into like pancakes or something cause there's only just only a couple of them.

We're gonna leave that out or you could do like a lemon blueberry shake. Just like the muffins. But again I'm gonna leave it out.

The next heaviest ingredient I have is my silk dairy-free almond milk yogurt. So, I am dairy-free and meat-free. So, obviously, I don't eat dairy or meat. But sometimes I still want yogurt and yogurt is such a good add-in for the shakes. It helps it to be thicker. It helps it to be creamier. It adds in some flavor. 

If you're using a regular yogurt, that's not dairy free, you're gonna have some protein in there too. This one actually has a decent amount of protein considering it's almond milk and not regular dairy milk. But it's not gonna be as high protein per serving as like your other yogurts.

But, again, it's a nice way to thicken up the shake, give it more flavor, and just kind of switch things up a little bit.

I'm using this silk dairy free yogurt. If you wanna use Greek yogurt that's fine. If you wanna use whatever yogurt you have, totally fine. I just do recommend reading the back of the label to check for added sugars because a lot of times dairy will have added sugars.

Now keep in mind dairy does have some natural sugars already in it because dairy does have glucose floating around in it which is fine.  But, you can read the back of the label and  if should say added sugars, you wanna try to keep that as minimal as possible. 

This one actually is unsweetened so I'm not gonna run into the issue of added sugars because it's not gonna have anything added. A good trick I guess is if you're going to the grocery, you're looking for yogurt, it's gonna go through like oatmeal, things to. 

Like anything that you can buy plain or flavored, it there's a flavored option like peach or strawberry or mango or whatever, it usually that's gonna have added sugars because they're adding flavors and then they're sweetening it to resemble that flavor.

So, keep that in mind but you can always read the back. I'm gonna use the fourth cup. This is actually vanilla unsweetened. I've tried the plain unsweetened of this dairy-free stuff and I wasn't really a fan. It kind of tasted a little bit tart to me which I just wasn't really in the mood for. 

I get the vanilla unsweetened. But then again you can use whatever yogurt you want. This is just my recommendation if you are looking for something dairy-free or if you need dairy-free.

I have my fourth cup here and the serving size is one cup but I'm not gonna use the whole cup because I just don't think that I need them much on my shake. I don't really wanna be having that much on shake so I'm just gonna go with the fourth cup.

But remember serving sizes are literally just a way of measure how much of an ingredient or how much of a nutrient is in the food, right.

Even though the serving size is one cup, it doesn't mean I have to use a cup. One cup, it doesn't mean I can only use one cup or just means in one cup there's X amount of calories, X amount of fat, things like that.

I have my fourth cup here and then I'm just gonna add it to my shaker if you guys can see, nothing really crazy, just trying to get, avoid too much splash. I'm trying to get the most out of it, okay.

So, actually, I need a, nope, I'll use this one. I didn't get another measuring spoon out or spoon but if you guys are cooking or baking or making your shake whenever you realized that you forgot to get like tablespoons or measuring spoons, this is a just a regular spoon. It's close enough to a tablespoon it's not gonna be exact but if you don't have anything else you can just use a regular spoon.

Of course, if you want to be super exact you should try to use a like a, you know an actual measuring spoon but this will suffice for now. Because what I'm gonna use it for is my 310 MCT which I'll actually go over first. Let me put this over here.

This is the 310 MCT oil. Some people call it Keto oil. It is keto friendly but you do not have to be keto to use this, okay? This is an MCT oil. An MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides.

And basically, that's just the way I'm saying these fats are smaller chains than your LCTs which are Long Chain Triglycerides. So, they're broken down more easily. They're absorbed more easily. They're used by the body more readily for fuel.

So, it can give you some energy because of the way that the chain is smaller, it's broken down and you use it more readily, right?

It's a really good source of healthy fats. Everyone there, everyone and that's alive in the world needs healthy fats, right?

Whether you drink keto or you're not doing keto or whether you're doing like on and off keto, this is something that you can use in your shake, in your coffee, in your tea.

I've used it in some of my like food recipes as well. So, you can use this whether or not you're keto because everyone needs healthy fats in your diet. 

The serving size for this is one tablespoon. I'm gonna go ahead and use one tablespoon because I don't have a lot of ingredients going on in the shake today. Being that, it's mainly a lemon-flavored shake or chocolate lemon shake. I'm gonna use one tablespoon because it will help to add more nutrients to the shake.

I have seen some people that make a delicious looking shake. It's like some of their recipes out there are amazing and I need, I like to get inspiration from those recipes but then people run into the problem while they wanna add you know, my purees and then I wanna add peanut butter and spinach and chia seeds and banana and whatever.

And now my shakes are too high in calories. Well, a super easy way to combat that is just use smaller portions of the, smaller portions of the ingredients you're using.

If you wanna use all those ingredients perfectly fine, just do smaller portions so you could do like a fourth of a banana, a fourth of a berry, a fourth of berries, half a tablespoon of peanut butter, half a tablespoon of chia seeds until you get it to the calorie count that you want, right?

You can use all the ingredients that you enjoy, just use them in smaller portions to keep that calorie count down.

The shakes themselves are only ninety calories which use can actually just make a shake and your little scoop and then put that in your shaker and mix it up with water or like almond milk or something like that. 

You can absolutely do that if you prefer but if you decide make a nice delicious recipe out of your shake like what I'm doing today. The fact that it's only ninety calories gives you so much freedom to do that to you shake, right? 

Give you so much freedom to make a delicious recipe. Again, you can do this on its own with like a liquid or you can make it into a nice recipe we're doing today.

Fifteen grams of protein per serving, five grams of fiber and, only seven grams of carbs. So, net carbs is only gonna be two and there's no added sugar or anything like that. 

It's a very keto-friendly shake if you're doing keto. But again you can have keto foods or keto-friendly goods and not be keto, right.

This is, I'm not gonna add yet but this my 310 chocolate. I don't know if you can see but it is not completely full. So, I did not realize I was so like, low on my chocolate. 

I'm just crazy cause I'm usually very aware of my like shake inventory but somehow it snuck past me that I didn't have a lot of chocolate left. But I really, really wanna try a chocolate lemon recipe for you guys.

I literally was like, scraping the bag, pouring it out, trying to get as much as I could into this scoop. If you can't see it, it's not exactly full but it's enough to make a shake out of. And I really wanna show you guys that shake. So, desperate times, desperate measures.

But this is the full, the, sorry. Sometimes like my brain works too fast but this is the shake scoop you will find in a full-size shake bag. The full-size shake bag is 28 servings. I don't, I didn't keep the bag because I literally was like, oh my gosh, I don't have enough left so I had to like scrape it out and I threw the bag away.  

But the bag is a little bit bigger than this, 28 servings. If you have those little packets, it's either like yay, big. That's actually equal to one whole scoop so you could just add the whole thing. And those are mainly just meant to be tasters or like samplers.

It's a really good way to be of taste and try different products and flavors without having a whole bag and then just having a bunch of old bags or where you can try them in this samples and decide which one that you like best and then order the 28 servings in them.

I always add this last because it literally just seems to blend better last, so I'm gonna put that away for now.

I have my almond milk. I have my almond milk and all that yogurt. Next, I'm gonna do the 310 MCT. Because it is an oil. Remember we talked about how this is an oil, it is naturally gonna separate.

So, once you open it, refrigerate it. But then, before you use it take it out, give it a nice little shake just to make sure that the oil is evenly distributed and you're not gonna get like an uneven amount of this product. 

I'm gonna do one tablespoon but then I'm gonna tell you guys, oh no, I gonna switch hands, that's not gonna work.

But then I'm gonna give you some advice for you using 310 MCT. If you have not yet, oh that was a perfect pour. So, right in there, It's unflavored, I don't know if you guys could see it. It's unflavored and it's clear so it's not gonna affect the taste of your, whatever you're making especially if it's like coffee or anything, you just stir it right in.

And then I would put this back in the refrigerator but for now, we're just gonna put it to the side. 

But if you haven't used the 310 MCT before I would recommend starting with like a half tablespoon or a couple of teaspoons just because since it is a healthy fat and we talked about how they are important for a diet, It's kind of like fiber.

So, healthy fats and fiber are both very important aspects of a diet. However, fiber sits in the stomach and absorbs moisture. Fat just take longer to get broken down even though this is an MCT and it's used more readily.

It's better to use it in smaller amounts because even though, again, fiber and fat are important for the diet, you don't wanna like overwhelmed your body with it all at once.

It's kinda like water.

You need at least 64 ounces of water a day but you're not gonna drink all of the 64 ounces in one sitting, right? You're gonna spread out throughout the day. 

So, if you're brand new to using the MCT I definitely recommend starting with less just to see how your body adjusts to it. Some people are perfectly fine to do one tablespoon right away. A half tablespoons some people have no problem. 

But if you know or you anticipate that you may have some digestive issues cause you're prone to them especially just because changing the way you eat, changing your diet, introducing new foods can cause your body to need an adjustment period.

If you anticipate that, start with less and just work your way up and absolutely do that. Just so it says one tablespoon is the serving doesn't mean you have to use one tablespoon, right?

Next, I will do my collagen which is right here. This nice little bag there are about, let me, there are about 38 servings in here. And this also comes with the nice little scoop which I will show you.

Like this, the handle is a little bit smaller cause it's a smaller bag. But, I'm gonna use about a half scoop. 

Many, many uses for the collagen. This is also unflavored, it is a powder but this is great for hair, skin, and nails.

One of the thing that I think collagen I guess is most known for is that it helps to is its job and help me to kind of prevent skin from losing its elasticity which is normal. I mean, a normal part of aging and growing is our skin starts to lose the elasticity and that is normal there.

When you losing that elasticity of course your skin can become like looser and more wrinkled and things like that.

This kinda acts like glue to help those like collagen fiber staying in place so your skin doesn't lose as much as elasticity.

You can add this to a shake, you can add it to your coffee, you can add it to, I personally really like the collagen mix with the 310 lemonade. I think it just, I mean if you're already drinking the lemonade, it tastes great.

This is unflavored. You may as well just add it in the collagen and get the flavor. Get some delicious flavor and extra benefits from the collagen. 

So, that's how I like it but it also goes to super well in shake because again, it's unflavored. It doesn't certainly like to take away or add any type of summer to your shake.

So, let's do a half spoon and you can use a whole if you want. you can use a half. I'm just gonna use a half because I don't, I just feel like using a half. 

Sometimes, you just feel like using almond milk. Sometimes you feel like using water. Sometimes you want vanilla, sometimes you want chocolates. Sometimes you want a half scoop, sometimes you just want a whole.

I'm doing a half scoop adding it right to the top and I don't know if I mentioned this but I think I may have. I'd like to do my ingredients in order of like liquid and then heaviest to lightest.

Obviously, I did my liquid first which is the almond milk. And then I did my dairy-free yogurt because it's heavy and it's gonna sink to the bottom. 

And then I do my heavier ingredients and the powder as being last just because if you add your powders first and then you add on these liquids and things to the top. It's gonna push this powders down and it's gonna mush on the sides.

And you could still blend it, but it's just gonna be a lot more difficult to blend and just by taking more of your time. I do recommend just doing it with enough water. But again if you have like a trick that works for you and you don't want to change it, don't change it.

I need to grab a fork so, let me get that, alright. Earlier today, I was in the 310 nutrition community and I was talking about how I wanted a zest from my lemon but I don't have a zester which mental note I need to get a zester. And I also need to get like apparently those like a handheld lemon tweezer that I need to look into, which sounds cool.

But, because I don't have a zester and because I really want some zest in here, I'm gonna use a fork. I've never done this before on the fork. I'm sure it's not that hard but I'm sure the zester would be easier.

I'm gonna see if could get some zest in here. It definitely is not as efficient as like a zester would be. I don't even know if I'm getting it. 

This is, sometimes this is why I think this is why Thursdays are fun because we try new things live and then I try them and see if they work. And if they don't work then you guys see results of shake cause you know it doesn't work.

I don't really think it's working that well. It's kinda working but Oh my gosh, you have to really get in there where if I just have the zest it would be so much easier.

I think what I'm gonna do is forego the zest cause it's a little bit but it's really taking like a lot of effort to get. Oh, actually I mean it's not too bad. 

I definitely would prefer a zester but I think I love the smell. I love the smell it's giving off. I'm gonna just leave it as is and what I'm gonna do is just add in this juice.

I wanna try to grab out any seeds that I see just on the top to make it easier. And I'm gonna pluck those seeds but I don't see too many to be honest which is nice.

And then I'm going to juice this lemon. This was a fresh lemon that I bought earlier of the week and I'm just gonna squeeze it right on top.

And when I first tried this, I didn't try this specific recipe but I did make those lemons with great muffins. And I thought wow, a whole, half of a lemon, that's a lot like I'm not gonna use all of it.

And I wish I would have because even though you would think or I thought that it weren't be that strong or that it would be super strong, it really didn't end up being that strong. I could have added more lemons.

What I'm gonna do is squeeze as much of the juice as I can. And I was told, I have not tried this yet but I was told that if you put a lemon in the microwave for like 10 to 15 seconds it will help you get the juice out which I mean kinda make sense cause heat will create friction and kind of loosen everything up.

But I'm not gonna try that because I'm feeling I'm getting a good amount of the juice now and because I wasn't able to get a lot of the zest in there, I'm gonna do the pulp. 

What I would recommend if you guys wanna try it is, I would actually recommend a whole lemon or you could do a half lemon and then just do a lot of zest.

But because I couldn't get much zest and because I squeeze once the juice out I'm gonna use my fork and just kinda get some pulp in here and put the pulp in there and then my blade of the blender will really just make sure that it's in smaller pieces so I'm not getting like chunks of it.

But, honestly, I don't really mind if my shakes like have chunks or if it's kind of like I'd like to add chia seeds. And when you add chia seeds the shake can become kind of like. It comes super thick because of chia seeds absorb all the moisture.

It's not necessarily smooth because you have those seeds in there but I don't mind. I definitely do not mind if my shake isn't perfectly smooth but if you do, why not.

Maybe you don't add the pulp because you probably not gonna have like a super smooth product at the end. So, it's my phrase.

If you can tell I'm obsessed with lemons so I'm really trying to get all these lemons out. I think we did a pretty good job. I'm gonna leave this over here and I guess now it's time to add the chocolate.

Again, I'm running so low, it's my last scoop but that's okay because I'll get more but I still wanted to use chocolate.

I'm a huge of like citrus chocolate. Like orange chocolate, I don't know if you guys have ever had anything orange chocolate. It's so good. 

I'm kind of thinking lemon chocolate should be good too. I don't think I've ever had it. Specifically, I definitely know I've never had it in a shake before so, first time for everything.

While I'm adding this to the top and then I'm gonna cap it and we'll blend it and see how it goes. And remember, I didn't use a lot of liquid. If I want to add more liquid I can if I need to if it's not blending properly.

But I have a feeling it would blend just fine with what I have but if not I can always add the rest of this almond milk or just water if I want to keep the calories down.

Next, okay. It's super watery because I didn't add really any like frozen ingredients or ice. I could add ice which, oops, I might do that just to thicken up a little bit. I'm gonna add some ice.

You do not have to add ice in your shakes, you can because obviously, I'm adding it. I typically don't use ice just because I'm making my shakes thick enough on their own normally without adding ice.

But because I didn't really much in the way like sustenance the shake. I mean I have the 310 MCT, I have my collagen, I have the yogurt but those are all like kind of liquids, right? Besides this which is powder.

I really don't have like, a fruit or like a veggie or anything that's kind of like would give it a lot of texture. So, in this case, I will add some ice but, oh, it smells so good. Oh, that smells delicious.

But I'm gonna add probably three. Again, I can add more ice if I need to but I'm really do three for now and see what that blends like.

I have a Ninja everyone likes to ask what blender are you use and I have a Ninja but because it was gifted to me which is one of my favorite gifts ever because of the people that gave to me.

But, you guys don't need to go out and buy like a crazy expensive. You can, I started out with a blender for like Walmart or something for like twenty bucks and it worked perfectly fine.

I also have a Nutribullet that I use. I just go back and forth honestly but if you're, if anything is holding you back from this and it's because you feel you need a blender that's crazy capable, you don't. You can use whatever blender you want but I do use a Ninja and Nutribullet.

Nice. They gave me a little bit of a thicker shake because I added some ice and just blend it up a little bit. I'm not gonna add more ice just because I mean I'm fine with it how it is.

I'll show you guys the consistency of it. It's pretty liquidy. Like so, I'm spilling everywhere. It's pretty liquidy. 

But if you want it to be thicker you could use more ice. You could use more of the yogurt. You could add things like avocado and banana. Frozen bananas specifically and avocado really, really help to make a nice thick, creamy shake. 

Chia seeds work very well to make it thick just give this chia seeds time to absorb the moisture so you could put them in regular and then just the longer they sit in your shake, the more moisture they will absorb and the thicker your shake will get.

So, if you're using chia seeds just give it a little bit of time. Let's try this.No! I'm spilling everywhere. Okay. I'm just gonna try it.

Wow! that's pretty good. That's good. it's a little, it's a little, it needs more lemon. So what I would do is, see you actually do that is I know it seems crazy because it's like there's literally really nothing in here but I mean there's a whole, there's a half a lemon in here.

But I mean you can taste but maybe it's just me because I'm loving lemon right now and I'm like obsessed with it. I would add more lemon. 

You guys can start with a half and see what you think but I would probably add more just so it's a little bit more lemony.

But it's good. It definitely has that chocolate citrus vibe. And honestly, I still think adding blueberries could be super good. 

If you have frozen blueberries I don't know if you guys saw my last Tuesday where I make those Lemon Blueberry Muffins so good.

Again, I made more. If you have frozen blueberries you can add them to here. That would give you more, it would make the shake a little bit more thick. 

It would give it of course more flavor and it would just give a little of something else, But as is now, I think this shake tastes super good.

I like it. I'd make it again but maybe I would even add more of this or I would add some frozen banana or avocado just to make it super thick cause I like to be able to eat my shakes with a spoon.

That's just how I like them but if you don't like it that way, it's perfectly fine. Just don't use as much of avocado or avocado verse banana or just use like more liquid when you're making your shake.

But that's it for today's shake. I have already eaten for today. I'm not just hungry again yet so what I'm gonna do is put this in the refrigerator for later in the day when I'm hungry for in my next meal.

You can definitely make your shakes ahead of time if you need to or if you want to. I think it tastes best fresh so I don't like to make them like days in advance but if you have like the world's craziest schedule and you don't even have five minutes before you walk out to the door because literally you only need five minutes to make the shakes.

Obviously, mine is is taking way longer cause I'm talking favorably thing but you can definitely make a shake in about five minutes right before you head door.

But if you have crazy schedule or you just really want that extra five minutes of sleep can make it the night before, throw it in the freezer or throw it in the refrigerator. It really doesn't matter as long as you're gonna be having it within the next 24 hours.

I don't see any fruit to go in the freezer. When I'm hungry, I'm hungry and I'm not gonna wait for shake to defrost. So, that's what mine go in the refrigerator.

But, hopefully, you guys enjoyed this Thirsty Thursday. I sure did. Now I have another delicious shake waiting for me later today.

Let me see this question before I go. Oh, Jay asked, is it lactose-free? Great question. I'm not sure which ingredient you're talking about but the 310 shake is dairy-free so it'sm sot free, nut-free. I think that's all of them. Gluten-free. 

The almond milk here, the almond milk yogurt that I have is also dairy-free. So, this whole recipe would have been dairy-free.

Yes, the almond milk, yogurt, and the shakes are dairy-free. So, if that's something you want or you need that is going to be an easy solution for you.

So, great question, Jay. Thank you for that question. I definitely forgot to mention that about the shakes.

So, yeah. Thanks for joining guys. Again, my name is Sierra. I am a nutritionist with 310 Nutrition

I do these lives every Thursday, so if you have an idea of what you'd like to see next week on my live or even something you'd like to see me incorporate the 310 shake powder into a food recipe, let me know in the comments. 

We will be checking them out and trying to feature that in one of our next lives. So, that's it for today. I hope everyone has a good rest of the week. And I will see you guys next time. 


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