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Lemon Blueberry Muffins - Tasty Tuesday w/ Sierra

By 310 Nutrition



Hey guys, good morning, and welcome to another Tasty Tuesday. I'm go being to be making muffins today.

I'm making Lemon Blueberry Muffins to be exact. They are going to be super, super high in protein. So, I'm really excited to show that to you guys.

That's what we're going to be doing on this Tasty Tuesday. If you're new to this live, my name is Sierra, I'm a nutritionist, health coach of 310 Nutrition. I like to do Tasty Tuesdays which is today at 9 am Pacific Standard Time where I create some sort of food with the 310 shakes which I have right here in my nice little container.

And on Thursdays, we do a Thirsty Thursday where I'm making a new shake recipe. Again, with the 310 shake. Different recipes each time. Tasty Tuesdays are pretty fun because we get to do something really related to food versus just the shake.

But, honestly, I love Thirsty Thursdays too. So, hopefully, you'll be joining me. And if this is your first live feed, welcome, and I hope it will not be your last.

I like to kind of talk you guys through what I'm doing as I'm doing it. So, I'm going to go ahead and get started. If you guys, actually, bring it back. Before I get started if you guys recipes, suggestions, or ideas or anything you want to see or like a recipe that you'd love. Leave it in the comments because we're go going to be, we're going to, what? doesn't make sense.

We're going to look through the comments and find a recipe and hopefully like preview it or showcase it in another live fee.

Personally, I love, I love shake recipes cause they're kind of like cooking where you can do a little more of this, a little bit of that. It's not really so much like baking which we're going to kind of be doing today. Which, that reminds me of something else. 

I'm going to tell you guys after this. But I like seeing a new recipes so you can kind of just like make it your own. If you guys have recipes you want to see me remake, leave it in the comments.

Back to what I was saying, baking. So, today we're going to be baking which I think a lot of Tasty Tuesdays are baking but I don't care for baking because it's harder than cooking in my opinion because baking is very precise. 

Everything has to be measured correctly. You can't have any freedom to like change up the ingredients really. So, I like cooking cause it's fun. Do a pinch of this, pinch it up, whatever.

However, I like muffins. I very much like muffins and sometimes I just want a muffin for a snack or part of a snack or part of my breakfast. But, I would like to know what's in the muffin, right?

Like, yeah, I could go and buy muffins and read the ingredients but I prefer to make them. Like to know what's in my muffin or anything that I'm eating really.

But, it's a struggle it wasn't like baking, right? So, if you're like me and you like a muffin and you don't like baking, this recipe is for you. If I can do it, you can do it. It takes maybe ten, fifteen minutes. 

Like, to prepare everything together another twenty minutes to bake and obviously, it's going to take longer talking to you guys.

But, long story short if you guys like muffins, if you'd like to know, knowing what's in your food when you don't really care to bake and you don't really like what you're doing.  Like those crazy baking recipes, this is for you. So, I'm going to go ahead. 

And now finally we get started. I think I have everything out besides my blueberries because those are frozen. So, I'm going to leave those in the freezer until I'm ready for them because I don't want them to like thaw out at all.

Recipe Walkthrough

So, this recipe to start calls for a banana and chia seeds, apple sauce, and a liquid which is right here. You guys can use any milk you want. You can use almond milk, you could use regular milk, you could use coconut milk. I don't know if I said that already.

I am using a plant protein milk. I'm using this specifically because it's going to add even more protein to this recipe. Of course, nutrition shake already has 15 grams of protein per serving which we'll get into this later.

But, I just want to add a little bit more protein, right? Because I'm going to be dividing up this recipe among six muffins. So, it's not like there's going to be fifteen grams of protein per muffin, right? Because it's going to be separated.

So, I'm just giving you a little bit more protein with this milk. And then some other ingredients as well but you can use a plant protein milk if you want for extra protein. Or, you can use almond milk or whatever you have at your house if you already have something.

Okay, so first, I'm going to do the banana. I recommend you guys do the banana first because you need to mash this. so, this is, it could be more ripe but it's definitely not like not ripe, I guess.

So, I'm using like one medium banana. And what you do is you just, we're going to mash it. I have my bowl right here. And then I found using a fork is actually easier. You know you're really mixing and stuff. The fork seems to be the easiest to mash the banana.

And if you want, you could literally use your hands. That probably would get pretty messy but sometimes you just going to get messy in the kitchen.

But I'm going to be using a fork today. I'm just mashing this banana in this bowl. And, you want to try to get it pretty smooth but if you don't want to spend forever sitting here mashing this banana, it's totally okay.

You just want to mash it so that there's not a like any big chunks or at least not too many big chunks. But in the dough or in the mix I guess, I don't know.

Is, or muffins called dough, muffin dough? I don't know. That sounds right. But in the batter, should I say batter? yeah, in the batter, you won't really be able to tell too much if you're banana isn't perfectly mashed

So, it's kind of just a personal thing I think but the more mash you can get the better they get. Like you don't have to spend all day here. But if you use a fork it's going to be so much easier. I actually made this recipe, I made this twice now and the first one is a spoon and it was just way more difficult. 

Save yourself some time and energy, you just use a fork. I'm almost done actually. I'm just trying to be a little bit like precise for this one. And pre-heat your oven so you guys are doing this already.

Make sure you have all your ingredients out. Make sure your oven is pre-heating to 400 and you're going to need a six muffin pan or you can use a dozen and just only fill half of it. And you can use those little muffin cup things.

I forgot them every single time so I actually just grease the muffin tins with some olive oil and or spray. So, if you don't have the muffin like cup thing you can just spray the tin so that they come out and they don't stick.

It's not as easy if you have the little cups to it but if you don't, I mean you can still make this and it will come up pretty easily. They just won't be completely perfect. Which nothing is ever perfect that I mean. 

Okay. So, I have my banana that's pretty well mashed. I'm happy with it. And next I'm going to add my apple sauce. So, I went to the store and bought unsweetened applesauce. So, which is weird. I realized I haven't bought applesauce in so long. Like I don't really ever eat applesauce I guess. 

But, I don't know. I found it in the baking aisle and it's just unsweetened applesauce. And the ingredients are organic apples. So, there you go. 

And this is actually a half cup. So, you're going to use one medium banana that's ripe. And you're going to use a half cup. And I already measured this in a measuring cup to know that it's a half cup so I can just put the whole thing in there and I don't have to worry about measuring it every single time.

And this is going right. This is a one-pan or like a one-bowl dish or it's going right in this large bowl. Alright. And then let me just make sure I get a majority of it out. Put that away. 

And then I'm going to mix it up. And just of kind of like make sure it's all mashed and mixed together which is pretty easy because it's just applesauce and mashed banana. 

So, next. I'm going to add my liquid. So, this is the half cup, about a half, yes, a half cup of the plant protein milk, remember? But again you can use any milk you want or like non-dairy milk. Totally, up to you.

I'm adding it right to this bowl. And then, what I'm going to do is add my, this is the milk, like it's kind of thick so I try to get most of it out. I'm going to remix that but very gently because it will splash. I speak from experience.

Alright. So, now that I have that I'll mix in this bowl. And it doesn't want to be a super large bowl. Like you guys can see it, it's not the biggest bowl ever. I mean it's you're only getting about six muffins worth of batter so it doesn't have to be huge.

And then next I'm going to use my chia seeds. So, this is also another source of protein seeds in general like chia seeds, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds. They are a good source of fats and some protein and some fiber. 

So, it's a really, really cool food. Any seed in general. I don't know if you can substitute any, another seed. Like, I don't know if you could use flaxseed for this. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure. Again, baking is pretty specific so I would follow it to this. I would use the chia seeds if you're making this.

Or you can be adventurous and try something else and see if it works. But, this is going to kind of act as a binder. So, we have a very soupy looking mixture going on here. And this is kind of help to bind everything because the chia seeds will actually absorb a bunch of liquid and like hold the muffin together. So, it's not just soupy and runny.

We're going to use three tablespoons. And I broke my, this today, which is sad. So, I'm using this which is a tablespoon but it broke off. So, I'm using a little, just a little cup. It might look a little weird but it's a tablespoon.

I'm gonna do three of them. And then what I'm gonna do is stir it in. And we're going to wait about 2 minutes so, that puts the chia seeds to have time to absorb the liquid that's in the bowl, and then we're gonna add the rest of our ingredients.

So, that's three. Alright. And then we're gonna put this away. And I just added it to this bowl and now I'm just mixing it in. And like I said, we'll wait a little bit, and then I'll show you guys the next ingredients that I'm gonna do.

But while we wait, we will have these chia seeds to fully absorb all the moisture in this bowl so that we have an actual muffin that can hold together and not just this soupy banana mashed potato, mashed potato? No. Mashed banana mix.

Okay. And I'm just gonna make sure that it's, it's kind like gonna be pudding-ish type when you're done with it. When you come back to after the two minutes. It's gonna come a little quick of pudding and that's totally okay. That's what you want.

You want it to just to be a little bit thicker. Alright. I'm gonna stop stirring now. I don't know why I find that so like, appealing. Like which is true guys. I don't know. Is that weird?

Anyway, moving on. Next, I have a few ingredients to use. Well, more than a few. I think what I will do is we'll start with the collagen. 

So, this is the 310 collagen. It's unflavored. It is a powder. There is a scoop inside which I guess I could show you guys. This is the scoop, right here, this guy. So, I want to add some collagen to this because number one it's unflavored. Two, it's not like it's gonna change the, you know, the flavor of the muffins.

I'm not gonna add a lot though because I don't want it to be too powdery where you know the muffin just gonna falls apart where there's not enough moisture. But I do wanna add this. 

Again, it's not flavored. So, it shouldn't change the flavor at all. Collagen is a really good product for kind of multiple different things. Number one, I think it's probably most sought after because of its skin effects. So, as we age, as we grow older, our skin naturally losses elasticity. That's just how the cookie crumbles, right? 

It just, it happens, it's normal. But what the collagen can do is it can help to kind of repair that elasticity of your skin to keep it more taut so you don't have that looser looking skin.

It also helps support like your teeth and your bones. So, I'm like trying to read the label for you guys. Not that I really don't know but it helps support strong bones as well. So, if that's something that you guys are looking for. And again, as we age, as we grow up, our body just becomes weaker, right?

So, the collagen can really help your skin and your bones in that way and like your joints too. So if you notice that you're having issues with your joints, this could be another product to add in.

And because it's unflavored and because it's a powder, it goes easily with 310 shake. Obviously today I'm making muffins but this is something that you can easily throw in a shake and have it that way. Mix it in with a lemonade. I see people do that too.

These lemonades are amazing. Especially when it's so hot out. So, just add in the collagen, and super simple.

I'm going to use not a full serving cause remember I think sometimes people get caught on servings and saying with, oh, it's, you know the serving size is 12 almonds. Like okay, all that means is in 12 almonds there's these calories, this much fat, this protein etcetera.

It doesn't mean you have to have 12 almonds and it doesn't mean you can only have 12 almonds, right? Like, if you're only having almonds for a snack because you can't have access, or you don't have access to any of the food. Like 12 almonds is gonna basically do nothing, right?

So, just a reminder that the serving size is just a way to measure what's in the amount of food you're using. So, I'm not gonna use a full serving size for this which the serving is two tablespoons.

I'm probably gonna use, my dog is like about to destroy some wine glasses over there. I'm gonna use probably like a fourth spoon which is like probably a half tablespoon. Just because I don't want it to, I don't want it to again take up too much moisture to where we just have everything like falling apart. 

So, and then I'm just gonna throw it back in here. And this I just put in the cupboard or cabinet with all my other products. It doesn't need to be like specially stored or anything. Honestly, you don't wanna really have any food products like in direct sunlight or in high heat. 

So, if you're living in Vegas make sure you're not leaving yourself anywhere like outside or even in your window but for the most part it just stores normally.

And then I'm just gonna mix that in. And it definitely is kind of like a pudding at this point which is good. That's what we want.

Next, I'm gonna add the 310 MCT. So, this, shake it up. Make sure you give it a nice little shake. It should be stored in your refrigerator after opening because it's an oil. MCT oil is naturally going to separate because the oil separates. 

So, just make sure that by giving it a little shake you're just giving everything evenly distributed. This is an excellent, an excellent source of healthy fat. No, you don't have to be keto to use this. Yes, you can be keto to use this. Does not matter if you're keto or not keto. Everyone needs healthy fat in their diet. Everyone. And this is a really great way to get some healthy fat.

It's also unflavored which is nice. I've seen a lot of people use this in their shakes. I've seen some people use it in their coffee or with their tea. I'm gonna be using it in this recipe today.

I'm gonna be doing probably like maybe half a tablespoon I think will go with because again, I don't wanna change this recipe too much because I know that it needs to be a certain way to be able to hold together properly. So, I don't wanna add too much to it

So, I'm gonna do a half tablespoon but the serving size is a tablespoon. But again, it's just a way to measure what's in the food. 

So, let me get my little, is this the, okay, right here. And I'm gonna do half a tablespoon right to the batter. Did we say batter? yeah, I don't know. It doesn't sound right muffin batter. I don't know. I don't know why it sounds so weird to me, but.

I'm gonna add it right in there and then just mixing it in as I have everything else. Alright. Few more things to add. So, we added the collagen, we added the MCT. Let's do the shake powder. Let's do all our 310 products at once. 

So, we have the very last ingredients which is arguably like the most important ingredient or one of them which is the 310 shake. This is the vanilla shake. I have it in this container because I don't know. I had the container. I wanted to use it. My cabinet was getting a little full of the 310 bags.

This fits a, this doesn't, the whole shake bag won't fill this container entirely but a full-size shake bag is 28 servings and it comes with a scoop. So, if you read the back it says, it says a serving size is one scoop. 

We'll of course we have to give you a scoop. So, your scoop looks like this, okay? And that's gonna be in the bag somewhere. Sometimes it's lower in the bag but it's usually almost always there. 

If you have this smaller packets that are like yay big, that's actually close to one serving. So, that entire packet would be about equal to this. So, it's just a way to sample a product. So, you would use the whole packet, right? 

In this shake, there are 15 grams of protein which is crazy good. Obviously, this is the vanilla but we have very various flavors as well. There's going to be 7 grams of carbs and 5 of them are going to be fiber. 

So, not only is it a high fiber food because a high fiber food is anything with 4 grams of fiber or more per serving. So, it's a high fiber food. But when you subtract the, when you subtract the fiber from the carbohydrate it leaves you with just 2 grams net carbs.

So, right. So very keto-friendly if that's something you're doing. Hold on one second, I don't know if you guys can hear that. Okay, sorry. I don't know if you guys can hear that. But I can hear it. It's very loud. Okay.

Where do we leave off? Two grams in that carbs per serving, no added sugars. The product is sweetened naturally with Stevia, so there's not gonna be any artificial ingredients or sugars of any kind ever. Even in like all our products, not just the shakes. 

So, if that's something that you're that is important to you that you value in your food that's gonna be in all of our products, not just the shakes. And I think I mentioned that the full size shake bag have 28 servings. It last you a pretty good amount of time. 

If you're doing two shakes a day which is what we recommend. Two shakes a day to replace two meals that last you about half a month. So you would need another bag to supplement that month. But, the shakes are so easy because it's nutrition that you don't really have to think about.

And, yeah, being that they're only 90 calories, I love it that it's only 90 calories because it gives you this freedom to make recipes like this, right? Like, some other powders that are higher in calories. It's already a lot of calories in the powder alone so you don't get to have the freedom to add fun like fruits and veggies and peanut butter and chia seeds or make muffins out of this and still be low-calorie muffins because there's just so many calories alone in the shake powder, right?

So, I love that it's only 90 calories cause it gives you so much freedom. I mean, I've been doing Thirsty Thursdays for, gosh, probably like 4 years. And, I have not made the same shake twice. 

And if I have this cause I wanted to make it. Like there are so many variations that you can do.

For this recipe, I'm actually gonna need is two scoops. So, I'm using two just because I need to add more. When you guys make this you'll see it's still very soupy like as it is now. It would just wouldn't bake cause there's no flour or anything like actually holding it all together.

We have the chia seeds which absorbs moisture but now we have to have kind of like a flour so as to hold it together. So, I'm gonna use two scoops. Again, it's gonna help to kind of just start to form a muffin. Actual, an actual muffin out of this. And, it's gonna give us 30 grams of protein alone. I did that totally messy. 

It's giving us 30 grams of protein alone in this recipe. And I'm using the vanilla and then I'm gonna go ahead and stir this in like I have everything else and just be very careful because it's a lot of powder and I was being aggressive apparently and already spilled.

So, just be careful. It does, once you get its stirring though, it does stir in pretty nicely. And just make sure all of it is coated. You don't want any like dry powder hanging out in your bowl. 

And it's starting to get thicker which is good because we, again, we want it to be able to form muffins, right? And like rise. Speaking of rise, there's an ingredient we need to use and in order for that to happen. Now, it's gonna be our baking powder.

So, I'm gonna make sure that I get this last a little bit mix and then we're gonna add one. Actually, I'm not gonna add this yet because I need this first. I'm gonna add my other flour. I have my almond flour here. I need a half cup of almond flour. 

If you're not familiar with almond flour. It's kind of like flour, it's just made from almonds. You can find it in the baking aisle of most grocery stores. I like to shop at Sprout but wherever you guys go. I don't know. I don't even know if Sprouts is available all around the country but I like Sprouts. But anywhere you're going check the baking aisle and this should be with the other items in the baking aisle.

And again you're going to need a half cup. So, it's easier if you just keep stirring everything as you go cause you're adding so many dry ingredients at this point. You want to make sure that it's blending decently well.

And so I'm kind of just do it that trick. I just fill up this measuring cup. I filled it up to excess and then when I'm coming out of the bag with the scooper or the measuring cup, I use this side if you guys can see it. This side of the bag as like my leveling knife. And I have a nice even level half cup here.

That's the trick if you don't want to get a knife and make it all messy and things like that. You can just use the side. And then I'm just adding that right to here. Okay. And then stirring in. It's still stirring in pretty nicely. Will definitely use getting a little bit more dry but that's good, right?

Remember, we need it to hold and actually bake. So, next, I'm going to do two tablespoons of coconut flour. Oh, there's some hanging on the sides. Alright, I'm going to wipe this up. Okay.

I made kind of a mess with the powder. That's alright. I just like to clean as I goI don't know. I've always kind of in that way, I clean as I go. Just that when you're done like you don't have a whole like overwhelming mess like staring you down have to face, right? Just easier to clean this way. I think.

And cleaning I think, it's good, alright. Call me weird but I like it. Alright, next, we're adding the coconut flour. So, kind of the same thing as almond flour. It's like flour but it's made from coconut, right? So, we're gonna do two tablespoons of this with my little broken tablespoon guy over here.

And then we'll mix that in. And again, I'm using the bag as my leveler. It's just easier that way. Even though my thing is kind of broken. Not kind of broken just absolutely broken. I'll have to buy a new one because this is really inconvenient. But,I didn't feel like doing a half tablespoon twice as much. So, just doing it this way. 

Alright, last one. Mix that in and then we have two more ingredients that we will add and then we will, oh, three more ingredients that we will add and then will be that.

So, I'm mixing this in. And, I'm gonna add. Oh no, four more ingredients, I don't know. I'll tell you when I'm done. I keep forgetting. Alright.  Cause right now we just have all muffin dough in flavor.

So, I'm gonna add a half or no, one full teaspoon of the baking powder and that will hold everything together. Let me put this lid on before I drop it. And this one, we're doing a teaspoon, alright.

This one actually has a little lip on the edge where it acts as your leveler which is nice. So, I'm doing one teaspoon. And then, I'm gonna do one teaspoon of my vanilla extract. I made this without it once and it really just gives a little bit more flavor. Cause I didn't have it the first time. As like, yeah, why would it matter? And it's taste is good it's just wasn't as good. So, if you have it use it.

One teaspoon right into the bowl and we're almost done. And remember this needs to be refrigerated. So obviously right now I'm doing a live feed and but as soon as it's over I'll put this in the refrigerator. I don't know if I mention that to you guys, But you definitely want to get it back refrigerated.

It says after opening, I just do it just before just so I don't forget like put it back in the cabinet or something by mistake.

Alright, next step we have the lemon. So, this is the lemon blueberry muffin so you can have a little blueberry muffin without the lemons, it's blueberries, right?

So, what I'm gonna do is I don't have a zester which sucks because it would be so much better with zested lemon. However, it's okay. I'm going to just use, actually let me try something.

No, i don't want to even try. I'm just going to cut the lemon. So, I need to grab a fork and a knife. I'm going to cut this in half because we're gonna use the juice of a whole lemon. and, let me say, when I first made this, I held back on adding a full lemon of juice because I thought that's way too much lemon, but, it's not. I promise you or this is my opinion. I definitely wish the first time I would have used all the lemon. So, I would be using all the lemon. 

If you pick the seeds out first it's easier but this, I don't really mind picking like the lemon out, seeds so I'm just juicing the whole half first of lemon in the bowl. Cause this one doesn't really have any seeds to be honest, so it's actually not that bad.

But, if you have those zester, you would wanna zest the whole lemon first. Zest all of it. I know it sounds like a lot but it really is not because you have so much other ingredients going on there that by the time you add the lemon, it really does take that much to get a flavor.

I'm literally squeezing it because I don't have the zester and I can't zest. I'm actually taking a little bit of the pulp of the lemon that it's coming out as I squeeze it.  And I'm actually adding that to the bowl.

So, if you don't have a zester and you'd like to add some little pulp, that's absolutely an option. Just try to make sure you don't have any big chunks like this otherwise that's gonna be one seriously lemony bite.  And I don't know if that would go over.

I'm just adding a pulp and then making sure I have all the lemon squeezed out. That one is good and done. And then the other half. And I still right now, I still feel like, oh my gosh,  this is too much lemon but I'm telling it just, it taste as much lemon cause you have so many other ingredients going on. It really doesn't become overpowering. At least in my opinion.

Taste is so subjective. So, I always like to say in my opinion it taste like this because twelve people could try the same thing and you could get twelve different opinions of how it taste, right? Try it for yourself which is why I like the starter kits with those little samples because it's a nice way to try it and get a taste of it to see if you like it. And in that way if you decide you do you can buy it in a larger quantity but you have to taste it first, right?

That's why I really like those samples.

And they're good for travelling too if you need to travel as it's just a little bit convenient. Alright, so I got some pulp. I got, I pretty much think I got all the juice from this lemon. And, I'm gonna mix this in. And then I'm gonna add the last ingredient which are the blueberries. 

And you want your blueberries to be frozen. You can use fresh blueberries but I think the frozen just works a little bit better. So, I have them frozen or they should almost be frozen cause I threw them in the last. I forgot the last minute and I kind of threw them in there. So, let me grab them.

I wanted them to stay frozen so I didn't leave them out here while we're doing it so I want them to be pretty frozen. I'm gonna do, honestly, I'm just gonna do a handful. And if you guys can measure out as many as you'd like. I'm just gonna do one handful and pour them right into one handful and like three more and put them right into the batter.

And then I'm gonna put actually I'll put it away in a second. And then I'm just stirring it in.  And if you're just stirring it in lightly it doesn't have to be perfectly mixed right cause this is just, it's just an additional kind of flavor for your muffins. And they smell so good. It smells very lemony but you can smell the other things in there, in it as well too like the 310 vanilla.

Alright, so, what we will do next is we will grab a muffin tin and we will put them in this but I'm gonna show you guys. And again, if you don't have the muffin cups, you can just spray this with Pam or lightly wipe it with some olive oil and what you'll get are these nice little muffins.

I don't know if you guys can see this but these are the muffins. They are very thick, oh, this ones kind of, this blueberry chunk came off but they're thick. They feel pretty dense but they're delicious. I have tried them and I made six. 

So, this batter I have found you can split and make twelve if you want. But those twelve ones are gonna be really, really small and I didn't really feel super satisfied like it was actually a muffin which was the whole point of this.

So, I stopped making twelve and I started making six. And they are just so good and delicious and easy to make. Tons of nutrition packed in here. And if you already have your shakes and your collagen stuff. It's ingredients you already have.

And personally, I love the lemon blueberry because I think it's just a very summer related treat in my opinion. And I'm just kind of like on a lemon kick right now. So, that's what these look like, I think I'll put them on here for you guys. 

Again, super simple. You're gonna bake them at 400 degrees for about 20 - 25 minutes. I like to set alarms just because you never know like ovens they bake differently, they cook differently just like microwaves and stuff. 

So, I would do personally, I would set it for 400 degrees and set a timer every 10 for 10  minutes and then every 5.  Just make sure you don't forget cause I'm notorious to that and then I burn stuff. So, if that's how you need to do it but I would recommend cooking for ten, checking them, checking them for five, checking them again. 

They are going to be pretty, I don't wanna say flimsy. They don't hold together super, super well, however, if you had one of those muffin tins, that would make it or not tins but muffin cups so it will make it a lot easier to actually eat like a regular kind of muffin, right?

Like with the paper around it. So, that's one thing I would recommend but if you don't have it, it's not the end of the world. I have been putting this in a ziplock bag. Or you can wrap them individually,  Saran wrap, totally up to you. That would be a cool way if you're like one of them is a snack on the go. Wrap them in saran wrap. I've been throwing them in the refrigerator and keeping them for about a week. I have been eating one or two a day until they're gone cause they're go.

But I'm storing them for about a week. That's what I recommend. You could probably a little bit longer but I would say about a week and then try to eat them or give them. 

Super simple to make and then if you look our batter is very thick at this point. So, you have a nice thick batter that bakes pretty well.  And again I do recommend the blueberries to be frozen but they don't have to be, right?

So, that's it. Hopefully, you guys think that these look nice if you can see them. I don't know. I'll show them to you before I say bye. 

But, super easy. I have been eating this actually with a little melted almond butter and a peanut butter. Just a little bit on top and it's amazing. So if that's how you wanna try it, try it but super simple, easy. 

It does require some baking ingredients but if you have them and you make this, I'm pretty sure you wanna make them again, so you have these ingredients. They won't go to waste. 

Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this Tasty Tuesday. I will be doing a live on Thursday for Thirsty Thursday at 11 am pacific standard time. If you guys again have recipes you'd like to see, Have recipes you'd like to see, have recipes you've tried and you liked. Let us know in the comments, we would be more than happy to feature in another live.

Again, my name is Sierra. I am a nutritionist, health coach with 310 Nutrition community. And, I want to thank you guys for joining and hopefully, I will see you next week for Tasty Tuesday and this week for Thirsty Thursday.

Hope everybody has a good day. Bye!

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