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Laura found a lifelong solution to her “yo-yo dieting”!


The Struggle...

I’m someone who literally always had an unhealthy relationship with my weight – going as far back as high school. In order to feel good about myself back then, I would take drastic measures to drop pounds… like starving myself to the point where my stomach would growl in class, and the teacher would ask me to excuse myself to get some food.

The worst part was, that even after losing a lot of weight this way, I would eventually go back to old eating habits – gaining back all that I lost, plus more.

In college, I took this dangerous cycle a step further and added diet pills to the equation. However, the pills I was taking contained unhealthy, unsafe ingredients, and are now banned because of that! I would go literal days without eating when taking them, and even though I dropped down to a size 4, I still thought I was fat.

My unhealthy patterns continued for years, though I eventually turned to a safer diet plan and even started working out with a personal trainer – losing about 40 lbs. before my wedding day. But fast forward years later, after 2 kids, I had gained most of the weight back once again.

What I needed through all of the ups and downs was not another “quick weight loss solution”, or any kind of solution for that matter. What I’ve come to realize is that I needed information and motivation – a way to recognize why I was doing what I was doing, and put healthy lifestyle patterns in place to break all of my negative weight loss ups-and-downs. 

The Change…

Sometimes, you need a little push to kick you out of complacency and onto a more productive path, and that’s exactly what happened for me, just a little over a year ago. In February, 2019, I was making a birthday cake with my son, and my mom took a candid photo of us in action.

What should have been a precious memory for me to cherish was marred by the fact that I was disgusted by the way I looked in the photo. Instead of saving it, I immediately deleted it. But it was the day that something inside me clicked, and I knew it was time to finally get healthy, once and for all, not only for my kids, but also for myself.

I remembered seeing promotions for 310 Nutrition from celebrities I followed on social media, and I decided to dive right in and try the shakes just a month later, in March of last year.


In just over a year of changing my lifestyle, I have made such a transformation, it’s incredible. Not only have I lost 68 pounds, (and am now only 17 pounds away from my goal weight of 150), but I feel better than I have in pretty much my entire life.

It’s not just about the number on the scale, but it’s also about the way I feel about myself; As mentioned, my perspective of what “healthy” actually is has always been skewed – but it isn’t anymore.

Now I fit into a size 8 shorts and to me, that’s amazing… Especially since I haven’t felt comfortable in shorts in a very, very long time! I’ve also gained complete confidence and joy in the fact that I finally am not following a short-term “diet”; Instead, I have a real, totally healthy plan that I can follow literally forever! I never have to go back to the depressing cycles of weight loss and weight gain that I kept falling into before. It’s a new me!

My Healthy Lifestyle Routine...

Now, let’s talk about how I got there… Two of my biggest problems were portion control and constant unhealthy snacking. If there was food around, I had no self-control – I would eat it. Night snacking was a particular problem for me and contributed to significant weight gain.

So, that was the first thing I set out to fix, and it all started with a nutritious breakfast. I realized that having a shake as my first meal of the day puts me on track to make continuous good dietary choices after that! It puts me in the right mindset, and it’s also exactly where I need to be with calories.

My current routine includes having a shake for breakfast. I add a scoop of 310 Collagen into my shakes, along with additional nutritious and filling ingredients. If I’m hungry before lunch, I’ll have a yogurt, single-serving cottage cheese, or string cheese.

Then for lunch, I typically have either another 310 Shake, or egg salad with mayo and fresh spinach on bread or a wrap, or turkey and cheese roll-ups. Dinner is usually something balanced and nutritious, but I don’t deprive myself. If I want pizza, I will have one slice with a big salad!

It’s amazing to realize how in control of my diet I am now, when before I had zero control over anything I was putting into my mouth. It really does feel awesome to know that I’m in charge of my health and I’m setting a great example for my family, as well. Plus, I have more energy than I ever have!

What I Love BEST About 310 Shakes…

There are so many things to love about 310 Shakes that it would be hard to list them all, but the top ones that pop into my head are that they truly taste great, and they’re extremely convenient.

I’m a stay-at-home mom, so it’s super easy for me to blend up a shake for myself. And because it’s so quick to make, I can then focus on meals for my boys. Plus, they’re super satisfying, and you can make so many yummy recipes!

My Favorite Shake Recipes You Have To Try

It’s seriously fun to make new and exciting shake recipes using 310 Shake powder. You may be surprised at my absolute favorite ingredient to put into my shakes, but I promise you it’s a total winner… chocolate hummus! It literally tastes just like a dessert, all while being extremely nutritious.

My favorite shake recipe includes 310 Vanilla Shake, 1-2 tbs of chocolate hummus, 1 scoop of collagen powder, 2 tbs of peanut butter powder, 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, ½ cup of water, and 4-5 ice cubes. Blend it all up and enjoy! 

How I Stay Motivated Through Community...

Another extremely important aspect of my weight loss journey is the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook. I’ve been able to find practical advice there that makes my day-to-day so much easier – learning helpful tips to help me reach my goals.

For one, it’s in this community that I found out about chocolate hummus! I had never heard of it and now I put in every shake! They also introduced me to peanut butter powder, which has saved me so many calories, and is a lot easier to add into my shake recipes.

The community has also been a source of so much motivation and genuine caring for me, and now I feel like I can give that same motivation and advice back to others who are new to all of this – and that feels simply wonderful!

Advice for Newbies…

My best piece of advice if you’re just starting out on your journey is not to put a time frame on your health. It’s okay to have a round-about goal weight you want to reach, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It’s much more important to develop healthy habits that will last you the duration.

Ready to Try 310?! 

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We covered all the bases with this kit. It includes a variety of flavors of 310 Meal Replacement Shakes; 310 Berry Juice packets including 70+ superfoods per serving; Water-enhancing Lemonades with no sugar or artificial sweeteners, minerals, and tea extract; Detox Teas to support optimal health; A 310 Shaker Cup to quickly make and take along all of your drinks; An e-book including easy-to-make healthy recipes; A phone session with a 310 Health Coach; and even a $10 gift card to 310! You can’t go wrong with this kit!

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In addition, we invite you to join our Facebook Community so you can see firsthand how hundreds of thousands of women and men are motivating each other to succeed, not only on their weight loss journeys, but in lifelong health.

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