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Kathleen Pudwill

Even though I’ve only been using 310 for less than 2 months, I’ve already seen amazing results and have literally transformed the way I eat and live my life. 310 is so much more than a weight loss program; it’s a roadmap for how to live a healthier, happier lifestyle, take care of yourself, reach a healthier weight and maintain it for the long-run.

My weight loss journey started when I turned 50 years old and hit menopause; that’s when I started to really put the weight on. But it wasn’t until I saw my doctor’s health report stating I was “grossly obese” that I felt truly motivated to make a change.

I asked my doctor for a diet pill, but it was expensive and my insurance wouldn’t cover it. I had tried other weight loss shakes in the past (including SlimFast, Shakeology and Advocare), but they didn’t work for me.

When I finally learned about 310 Shakes, I realized that they were different than other similar products I had tried. The shakes didn’t contain sugar or artificial sweeteners, and the company provided a money-back guarantee. In addition, 310 offered an amazing support page in the form of the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook – which has been a total game-changer for me. 

In the 310 Community is where I learned that my diet choices were struggling. When I started using 310 Shakes, I decided to change that. I had my very last soda and candy bar the day before I started – I told myself that once I made some progress, I would have one as a reward, but even as I succeeded, I never ended up wanting one!

I now replace two meals a day with 310 Shakes and add in other healthy ingredients. My favorite shake flavors are the Strawberry and Vanilla and I love to add in tasty, nourishing foods such as unsweetened cashew milk or coconut milk, powdered peanut butter, berries and watermelon balls.

I’ve also become a huge fan of other 310 products including the 310 Peach Tea, 310 Lemonade (I have blackberry, pineapple mango, original and strawberry), 310 Juice, 310 Metaboost and 310 Detox Clay. I’ve replaced my morning coffee with the lemonade, which gives me a boost of energy, minus the caffeine. And I’ve found that the superfood juice and detox tea are great immune boosters.

It’s now been a month and a half of using 310 products and following a healthier eating routine and I’ve lost 17 lbs. already – going from 206 lbs. to 189 lbs. Within the very first week of following the 2-shakes-a day program, I could already tell that my stomach was getting flatter and my love handles were disappearing, and now I’m falling out of my jeans!

It’s truly amazing what I’ve accomplished in such a short time and I know that I’ll reach my ultimate goal which is to lose another 40/50 pounds and get down to 140/150. I’m also excited to start adding exercise into my routine now that I have the energy and motivation.

The advice I would give to others looking to lose weight is to try 310 as soon as possible and don’t view it as a diet; look at it as changing your habits and your lifestyle, one step at a time. Realize that it’s an investment in your health and your future. Whereas a lot of people think that weight loss shakes are expensive, it’s quite the opposite; they save your wallet from all the junk food, restaurants and health procedures you spent money on before! You absolutely can make a significant difference in your weight and your life; start now with 310.

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The 310 Nutrition Community was an important, motivational aspect of Kathleen’s journey. Join the community and gain invaluable support as you push towards your goals.

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