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Jessica Kocher

When I was pregnant with my daughter a few years ago I had gallbladder issues and started eating like crap. I gained a lot of weight, finding myself at 243 pounds, and I just couldn’t lose it no matter what I tried. I would lose five lbs and then hit a plateau…it was awful.

I tried many different routes…diet pills, workouts, lifestyle changes, but nothing helped. Then I tried meal replacement shakes but they weren’t working either. One of those was Isagenix (IsaLean), which left me hungry all the time.

When I finally came across 310 thanks to my sister, I didn’t believe it could give me the results I wanted, but decided to give it a shot anyway! I started in September, 2016 weighing 243 pounds and in two short months I had lost 20 lbs with 310 products! I went from a 2xl dress size to a normal size 16 and my jeans went from a tight 17 to a loose 14. I couldn’t be happier with the results so far! I feel great, am full of energy, and 310 Shakes do not leave me hungry!

Currently I replace two meals a day with 310 shakes (usually breakfast and lunch). When I work late, sometimes I replace lunch and dinner because that’s more convenient. I just use the powder and almond milk and shake it up – super easy! I love the new Strawberry flavor!

I also use 310 Thin, 310 Juice, 310 Cleanse, and 310 Lemonade. I especially love the Lemonade, since it got me away from all the sodas I used to drink and keeps me satisfied when I’m craving something sweet. The 310 Community has also been extremely important to my success, giving me the motivation and encouragement to keep going!

The craziest thing is that my current work schedule doesn’t allow me the time to exercise, but I’m still losing weight with the 310 meal replacement shakes! I hope to eventually incorporate exercise, but it’s great to know I have something that works even when I can’t.

My ultimate goal for myself is to continue living a healthier lifestyle with the help, motivation, and supplementation of 310 Shakes! Even after I reach my weight loss goals, I know I will continue using 310 products for maintenance purposes and to ensure the weight stays off. Thank you 310 for helping me reach a better me!

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The 310 Nutrition Community was an important, motivational aspect of Jessica’s journey. Join the community and gain invaluable support as you push towards your goals.

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