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Jennifer Surpassed Her Goal Weight, Losing 59 Pounds!†


The Challenge...

I was always an active person growing up and was happy with my body and weight all through high school! Then, down the road after two kids and a divorce, I began to really struggle with my weight…

At my heaviest, I was 250 lbs., and I tried many different diet programs to try to get myself back to a healthier state. But, I was an emotional eater, and as I got older, it was easier to continue eating the way that I was, than it was to make any difficult changes.

For this reason, I never stuck to any type of dietary plan for more than a few weeks! I would lose 5-10 pounds, feel really accomplished, and then just stop.

But, eventually I had a wake-up call… I drive commercially for a living and I came to realize that doing my “DOT” physicals yearly was a great source of stress for me. I would start trying to “better myself” months before having them, since I had high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

But, during one physical, the physician told me that my neck size was getting close to the limit of normal, and that I may have to have a sleep study done; That’s when I knew I had to do something, so that I wouldn’t jeopardize my license and my ability to do my job.

The Change…

I found 310 while browsing on Facebook in July of last year, and noticed that a co-worker had liked the page. I started looking into it further and I really liked what I read about 310! I dove right in and ordered a starter kit, hoping that this could be something that finally helped me on my health journey. And, I’ve been drinking the shakes ever since!


It’s now months shy of a year since I first started this new journey, and I’ve not only reached, but surpassed my goal weight! My starting weight was 229, and my goal weight was 175… but I am now 170 lbs! 

Since I started eating a clean and nutritious diet that includes 310 Shakes, I’ve had way more energy, and I sleep better than I ever have before! In addition, I've been able to come off the medication I was taking for high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes - under the supervision on my doctor.  

I started at a size 18, and am currently a size 8-10! I don’t “hurt” nearly like I used to, and I can run now without feeling like I’m going to fall over from huffing and puffing – it’s an amazing feeling.

What I Love BEST About 310 Shakes…

I’m seriously so happy with 310… In my opinion, it’s the best program for eating clean that I’ve EVER done. It’s so easy once you get into the habit of buying and eating clean and nutritious foods!

I love how the products are so convenient and simple, and you can add whatever works for you. It’s so easy to make shakes the night before, and to have them with me for my meals on-the-go.

My Healthy Lifestyle Routine…

When I started my health journey, I would incorporate two shakes into my day – having them in place of regular meals for breakfast and dinner. I would also enjoy a clean lunch and 1-2 nutritious snacks a day.

My regular meal was usually a salad and snacks were a small handful of nuts, a hard-boiled egg, celery with cream cheese, or a serving of cottage cheese.

Even though it was much different than I used to eat, rarely did I ever feel like I was hungry or deprived, even in the beginning! In addition, I’ve been able to add more exercise into my routine as of recently.

When I began this journey, I walked every day, but lately I’ve also started doing more aerobic and weight training/toning a few times a week.

My Favorite Shake Recipe You Have To Try

When it comes to my “go-to” shake recipe, it’s simple, fast and delicious! My favorite is peach/mango/caramel using either the 310 Salted Caramel Shake mix or the Vanilla Chai Shake mix.

I add half a container of Greek peach yogurt, 8-10oz. unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and ground flax seeds.

How I Stay Motivated Through Community...

When it comes to my success, honestly, the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook has been the most powerful tool for me! The help, information, support and outpouring of love has made this the best thing I’ve ever done! I literally can’t thank the 310 Nutrition Community enough!

Advice for Newbies…

My advice for anyone who is starting a health journey (or is considering starting) is that 310 Nutrition is the best “tool” I’ve ever used when it comes to trying to live a healthy lifestyle! You have it in you to be the best person you can be for yourself – just take each day one at a time and love yourself.

This is a lifestyle and we are all in this for a lifetime of health. Cheers!

Ready to Try 310?! 

Remember that becoming healthier is a journey, and we’re excited to be on it with you! Our 310 Try It All Kit is a great way to start your adventure because it allows you to try an assortment of products and flavors, to find your favorites upfront! It’s the perfect way to start cleaning up your diet and getting your health on track.

We covered all the bases with this kit. It includes a variety of flavors of 310 Meal Replacement Shakes; 310 Berry Juice packets including 70+ superfoods per serving; Water-enhancing Lemonades with no sugar or artificial sweeteners, minerals, and green tea extract; Detox Teas to support optimal health; A 310 Shaker Cup to quickly make and take along all of your drinks; An e-book including easy-to-make healthy recipes; A phone session with a 310 Health Coach; and even a $10 gift card to 310! You can’t go wrong with this kit!

And, it’s currently 50% off, at only $69.00! ($138.00 Value). You got this!

In addition, we invite you to join our Facebook Community so you can see firsthand how hundreds of thousands of women and men are motivating each other to succeed, not only on their weight loss journeys, but in lifelong health.

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