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Jennifer Quintana Transformed Her Life for the Better with 310, and Lost 80 Pounds!

 Before: 310 Pounds                     After: 230 Pounds

The Turning Point...

I could not be more excited to tell you my story about how 310 Nutrition has helped me transform my life for the better. I had been trying to lose weight for over a decade and had exhausted many different avenues with no luck. Nothing was working for me and it got to the point where I was considering weight loss surgery… and then I came across 310.

I found 310 on Facebook from a post by JWoww and figured that if she’s endorsing 310, then it must be worth trying! Before I ordered any products, however, I joined the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook, which I highly recommend. I had all of my burning questions answered there and learned from long-time users while I gathered up the courage to start my own journey.

The Change...

When I finally pulled the trigger, my experience looked a little different than most – but it worked for me at the time. In the past, I had some bad experiences with other weight loss shakes, so I was hesitant to start with 310 Shakes. Little did I know that when I finally did add the shakes into my routine, I would absolutely love them!

Instead, I started with 310 Lemonades and Teas. I realized one of my biggest problems was sugar; I was completely addicted, something I recognized after watching informative videos in the 310 Community.

I used to drink sodas and other unhealthy beverages all day, so I replaced those with 310 Lemonades. I now have every flavor lemonade! They taste awesome, hydrate me, suppress my appetite and satisfy my sweet tooth without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

In addition, I replaced my coffee drinks – which were full of sugar– with 310 Teas. These delightful, tasty teas give me a nice boost of energy without the crash that usually comes later in the day with coffee.

I also started using 310 supplements a few at a time, and I now take a wide array of them every day. Some of the supplements I take include: 

  • 310 Probiotic
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Metaboost
  • Biotin
  • B12
  • Turmeric

Weight Loss Success!

I can’t imagine my life without these supplements! For instance, I stopped eating meat due to digestive issues, but my doctor told me to add it back in to help boost my iron levels. That was virtually impossible to do without my 310 Probiotic and Apple Cider Vinegar… When I take these supplements, I can still eat meat and my digestion works perfectly!

I also added 310 Shakes into my routine to help me get more iron, since each shake packs a powerful nutritional punch! I now love drinking 310 Chocolate shakes with almond milk, ice, kale, mixed berries, a scoop of 310 Juice and spinach. They’re an easy, convenient way to consume nutritious, slimming meals or snacks throughout the day.

I’ve now been using 310 products along with eating a healthier diet for eight months and I can’t believe how much better I look and feel. When I started my 310 journey, I was ironically 310 pounds – and so far I’ve lost 80 pounds! The best part is knowing that I now have a lasting system in place to help me keep getting healthier and healthier for the duration.

Staying Motivated Through the 310 Facebook Community...

The 310 Nutrition Facebook Community has played a huge role in my success by being an incredible support network for me. The group is full of kind, encouraging and helpful people that I am so grateful for every day. There are even some beautiful ladies that I’ve connected with personally and met up with in person! It feels so incredible to have this support and accountability from others working just as hard as me.

I’m also so much more confidant now than I was before! My weight has always been this big mountain in my life that I couldn’t chip away at, but with 310 I’ve knocked over my mountain and I’m ready for the next one. It’s so empowering!

I’m also able to do more physically than I ever have in the past. I walk 3-5 days a week and I just ordered my 310 Gym complete set. I’m excited to start adding at-home workouts into my routine!

To others who want to lose weight and become healthier, my advice is to make sure you have your mindset right first, and then get your 310 products. These products are not a cure, but they’re some of the best tools I’ve ever used in my life, and I can’t imagine being without them! Living a healthier lifestyle is easier than you may think, and I implore you to find out for yourself. I’m incredibly thankful to the entire 310 team for helping me get to the place I’ve reached today, and I hope my story can positively impact those who have yet to take the first step!

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