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Jennifer Keiser Has Been Using 310 Products for 8 Months, and Already Lost 74 Pounds!

I’ve been insecure and unhappy with my body for my entire life. I’m a recovering addict of 7 years which I’m proud of, but when I first got clean I gained a ton of weight – since I resorted to sugar and soda for my “fix”. In general I just felt awful – I was sick of feeling lazy and tired all the time and knew I needed to clean up my health.

I found 310 Nutrition through my cousin and decided to try it – it was the first meal replacement shake I’ve ever tried. I can sum it up in one sentence: It has completely changed my entire life for the better! I now have that healthy lifestyle that I’ve always yearned for, have lost most of the weight I wanted, and have all the energy I need.

One of the reasons that 310 Shakes work so well is that they taste great! I replace breakfast and lunch with shakes (sometimes I replace dinner instead) and the chocolate is my favorite flavor. My morning shake always has black coffee, cashew milk, 310 Chocolate Shake, oatmeal, PB2 and spinach – it’s the perfect morning jump-start!

I also love to make slushies with 310 Raspberry Lemonade and a scoop of 310 Juice – and I use the 310 Metaboost twice a day. I also really enjoy 310 Tea both warm and cold.

After starting to use 310 Shakes and other 310 weight loss products in October of 2016, I immediately noticed amazing changes in the way I felt! Before I would just lay in bed all the time and now I’m not only getting the sleep I need, but I wake up not feeling tired!

I also have the energy to workout now and have noticed that my stress levels are even lower! There was a time where I couldn’t get 10k steps in a day and now I’m getting 30k steps per day; exercise is my new healthy addiction!

It’s amazing the results I’ve seen. I’ve been using 310 products for less than 8 months and I’ve already lost 74 lbs. I no longer have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, and I feel fantastic! I truthfully feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life. I only have 9 lbs. to go until I reach my goal weight and then I’m going to keep using 310 Shake once per day as my maintenance plan.

The 310 Community has truly been a blessing for me throughout this entire process. I’ve learned about healthy, clean eating and what it really means. I used to put tons of sugar and creamer in my coffee and was drinking about 5-6 cups of coffee a day! I no longer need that amount of caffeine because 310 products help me feel energetic and contribute to my daily nutrition needs.

For others deciding whether or not to take 310 products, you simply have to try them! Not only did I lose the weight that I wanted to (and needed to) but the products have helped me mentally, physically, and emotionally as well – and now I can be there for myself and my child because I’m in great health. Thank you 310!

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The 310 Nutrition Community was an important, motivational aspect of Jennifer’s journey. Join the community and gain invaluable support as you push towards your goals.

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