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Jamie S. Gained Strength & Confidence While Crushing Her Goals

"...I’m loving the way I look and how amazing I feel! I can honestly say that using 310 products alongside a clean and healthy diet and a newfound exercise schedule has helped me find ME again! I love the determined, strong, confident women that I forgot that I was for so long."

What was your biggest challenge when it came to losing the weight?

I’ve been “yo-yo dieting” and struggling with my weight on and off for years. In 2012, I was pregnant with my oldest child, and unfortunately I was nauseous the entire time. By the time I gave birth, I weighed 80 lbs more than I did pre-pregnancy. Then, in 2013 I had our second child and it was a very difficult birth… After that, I struggled every day.

I tried every diet and supplement I could get my hands on or find, but I didn’t realize at the time that it’s about lifestyle changes, not quick fixes. I got to the point in 2015 that I was unknowingly starving myself to lose any amount of weight that I could. I did lose quite a bit of it, but it was likely mostly muscle mass.

What motivated you to make a change?

To say that I was ready for a big change would be an understatement. Then I came across 310 last spring upon seeing an ad on social media. I had some great success with the products for six months, but then I “fell off the wagon” due to stress.

In March of this year I decided enough is enough. I was SO sick of always feeling worn out and down. My mind was a mess, and I hated who I had let myself become, and how terrible I always felt. So, I JUMPED in full speed with new healthy lifestyle changes. And this time, I made the decision that I wasn’t stopping.

Tell us about your success!

It has now been over 5 months, and I’m loving the way I look and how amazing I feel! I can honestly say that using 310 products alongside a clean and healthy diet and a newfound exercise schedule has helped me find ME again! I love the determined, strong, confident women that I forgot that I was for so long.

And when it comes to my weight loss goals, I’ve not only met, but surpassed my original goal of 130 lbs! My starting weight was 160 lbs, and my weight now is 124 lbs – so I’ve lost 36 lbs. Moving forward, I’m working on continuing to build lean muscle and maintaining my phenomenal weight loss.

When it comes to success, I’ve seen it in many other areas as well. I have more energy and I sleep better, and I don’t have acid reflex anymore. I’m also continuously building muscle, and I’m in a much better mood over all.

What do you love BEST about 310 Shakes?

The thing I love best about 310 Shakes is that they are SO easy! Anything I can quickly grab to take on-the-go is my favorite. I don’t like having to pull out the blender, so it’s perfect that I don’t have to. But I also love that you can make so many other recipes, including baked things with the powders.

Tell us about your healthy lifestyle routine…

My healthy lifestyle routine involves a mix of clean and healthy foods, supporting supplements, and exercise. I also don’t intentionally do it but I intermittent fast because it seems to work best with my schedule.

After I work out, I have my shake with collagen and chia (and whatever else sounds good that day). As for supplements, I started out taking Digestive Enzymes, 310 Thin and 310 Metaboost with my shakes. I also love the Hibiscus Tea and Peach Lemonade.

Previous to my healthy lifestyle change, I’ve never been able to workout due to migraines. 310 has helped me heal and get my body to a place where I’m able to push it a little more each day.

Now, I work out 6 days a week and feel more amazing than I’ve ever felt. I take our puppy for a walk in the mornings (a little over a mile starting in August), and I use a low impact full body machine called the DB Method. Right after, I have my 310 Shake and stretch!

Do you have a MUST-TRY shake recipe you'd like to share?

My favorite shake recipe so far includes 310 Organic Chocolate with almond milk and a good amount of Peanut Butter Powder and Collagen Powder. It tastes just like a Reese’s shake to me!

What does the 310 Community mean to you?

When it comes to the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook, it’s been really important to me and my journey. It’s wonderful seeing and being able to be a part of helping real people feel better, no matter the reason they’re on this journey.

Do you have advice for anyone just starting their journey?

My advice for anyone who is just starting out on their health journey is that it’s not easy, but it’s worth it. And once you get into a good routine (it took me about a month), it’s so much easier to stick to it! You can do it! You’re stronger than you think!

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