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Get Motivated: Our Favorite Health & Nutrition Podcasts of 2019

In an increasingly digital world, many people are turning to podcasts to get their daily dose of news while learning more about the topics that mean the most to them. Over the last 4 years, podcasts have had an incredible surge in popularity (nearly doubling in listeners). Why? 

It seems the word has caught on. Podcasts are an easy way to hear from some of the best minds in the fields that mean the most to you. And you can do it all from your home, gym, car or pretty much anywhere! If you haven’t already jumped into the exciting world of podcasts, it’s a great way to sharpen your skills and get motivated to meet your goals. 

Read on for our 12 favorite health, nutrition, and general motivation podcasts of 2019 to help you along your wellness journey!

1) Optimal Health Daily 

No time to read all the health blogs you want? No problem. This awesome podcast searches the web for the best wellness-related blog content currently available then dishes it out to you (with permission). Learn the answers to popular, burning health questions, tips for reaching goals and advice for habit change and healthy living.

2) TEDTalks Health

To stay in-the-loop with some of the most significant health trends, delivered in a totally digestible format, this is your podcast. TEDTalks discuss big ideas on a global platform, and this podcast contains some of the best health-related talks from their conferences and events.

3) Wellness Mama Podcast

For all you hardworking moms out there juggling the world on your shoulders, this health podcast is for you. The main focus of the series is finding balance between raising healthy families and making time for necessary self-care. Includes tips on holistic health, clean eating, fitness, stress management, natural living, sleep, toxins, parenting and motherhood.

4) Modern Love

This podcast stresses the importance of good mental health as essential to complete wellness; and it features top actors such as Kate Winslet, Uma Thurman and Sterling K. Brown. The actors discuss real human stories and the emotions that come along with them. Topics include everything from grief after losing a loved one to the complexities of dating.

5) Nutrition Matters

Hosted by a dietitian who interviews health experts to provide sound nutrition advice. She also celebrates people who have overcome eating disorders, weight struggles and more. The podcast focuses on creating a healthy relationship with food and learning new dietary habits that promote complete wellness.

6) Diet Starts Tomorrow

In this podcast, real women discuss the real struggles of losing weight and optimizing your wellness in a fun, informative way. They explore the phycological and emotional sides of your wellbeing, and take you on a wellness journey using their own experiences as a roadmap. Topics include weight loss, mental health, fitness, nutrition and tips for maintaining healthier habits under pressure.

7) The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous

Only have 10 minutes? Not a problem, because this podcast is designed to give you quick bursts of dietary and nutrition advice in 10 minutes or less. Led by a licensed nutritionist and culinary school grad who dives into the science behind trending health topics. Using the latest solid, scientific evidence, she brings to light what is fact vs. hype in the wellness world.

8) The Fat-Burning Man Show

This podcast offers a fun and inspirational approach to majorly cleaning up your diet. Led by Abel James (aka the Fat-Burning man), he asserts that good health and a trim figure is mostly about what you eat. The podcast is a winner of 4 awards and #1 in health in 8+ countries. Topics focus on real life strategies to eat better and live healthier – in an effort to transform your body and reach your best self.  

9) Hurdle

Get ready to be inspired… Each episode features real life stories from “top CEOs to average Joes” who got through tough times by “leaning into wellness.” Hear the lessons they learned and be encouraged to push through your own struggles to the other side – finding a healthier, more joyful life.

10) Motivated

ABC News correspondent, Mara Schiavocampo, struggled with her weight her entire life. In this podcast, she opens up about losing 90 pounds, sharing what she feels are the secrets to living a healthier and happier existence. Collaborating with top experts in wellness, nutrition and spirituality, she offers a safe space to find advice and encouragement to conquer your goals.

11) 20 Minute Fitness

In around 20 minutes or less, this weekly health podcast delivers fascinating information about how science and technology can help you meet your fitness and wellness goals. Episodes include the latest in fitness nutrition, motivational health and fitness apps, sophisticated exercise gear and more.

12) Rich Roll Podcast

Ultra-athlete and bestselling author, Rich Roll, talks with some of the brightest and most thought-provoking leaders to “educate, inspire and empower you” to unlock your best self. Each episode is both motivational and transformational as it offers real life lessons like overcoming addiction, finding awareness, and fighting anxiety. 

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What are your favorite health, nutrition, and motivation podcasts? Share with us in the comments below!

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