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Frances McFaul

I started my journey with 310 on August 22, 2016 weighing in at 183 lbs. I ordered the Starter Kit and decided to give what others were calling an amazing product a try. I was soon having 2 shakes a day in place of meals, eating 2 healthy snacks a day, and 1 healthy meal.  I became educated through the nutritionists available in the 310 Nutrition Facebook Community.  I was losing weight and feeling better every week!

I had set goals and surpassed them with the support of the 310 Community. I found recipes available to me on the 310 Recipe Page that were healthy and easy to make. I was replacing high carb, high sugar foods with tasty, healthy foods. I had increased my energy and began walking 2 miles a day, 3 times a week. I began reading labels (and knowing what I was reading).

By my birthday on November 29, 2016, I weighed 148 lbs – 35 lbs down from before I started with 310 Nutrition – and turned 60 years old! This product and all the people that are involved in creating it (from the top down, along with every person in the 310 Community) have helped to change my life. The products themselves along with the education and support are what led to my entire transformation.  I am only one of the many, many success stories.  For me....AGE IS JUST A NUMBER, and I look forward to continuing to be strong, healthy, and empowered with 310 Nutrition in the future!

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The 310 Nutrition Community was an important, motivational aspect of Frances’ journey. Join the community and gain invaluable support as you push towards your goals.

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