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Evelyn Feliciano Has Her Life, Happiness, and Peace Back, Losing 39 Pounds!

Growing up I was always skinny and never had to regulate my eating habits, but eventually all of that changed. By the time I reached my heaviest weight of 163 lbs., I was extremely unhappy with myself, and ready to start doing things differently. But it wasn’t until a bad breakup with my boyfriend and some hurtful words that added the fuel to the fire, pushing me to set a new plan into motion. At the end of the day, I knew that losing weight and getting healthy was something I needed to do for myself, and I would truly reap the rewards!

The first thing I did was change my diet, focusing on eating healthy, wholesome, low-calorie foods. I lost about 10 lbs. doing that but then I got bored! There was no variety or excitement in my diet plan. That’s when a friend told me about 310 and all of the pieces fell into place! 310 is exactly what I needed to stick with a clean, healthy lifestyle plan for the duration that would help me finally lose the weight that I wanted.

The best part: With 310, I never get bored! The shakes contain all good-for-you ingredients, taste absolutely awesome, and there are so many fun ways to switch them up! The Vanilla Shake is my favorite flavor, and I love adding almond milk and fruit to make it into a fruit smoothie. I tell everyone how good 310 Shakes taste; which is completely different from other meal replacement shakes I’ve tried in the past!

I also love the 310 Lemonade, 310 Juice, and 310 Teas and I take the 310 Multivitamin daily. Along with the fact that all of the beverages taste great, they also provide me with countless benefits.

The teas help take my bloating away and have really streamlined my digestive system, making me feel fresh and new. And the lemonades really work to suppress my appetite! With the juice, it tastes good and I love how it helps me get the nutrients I need each day, along with the multivitamin. When taking them I feel strong and energized.

I’ve been using 310 products for a little over six months now, and I’ve lost 39 pounds! I actually even surpassed my total weight loss goal! I wanted to get down to 125 lbs. from 163 lbs. but I’m 114 lbs.! Now, I’m mainly working on toning myself up and I’m so happy with where I am. I can honestly say that 310 products have given me my life, happiness and peace back!

I’ve also noticed awesome health benefits from using 310 products. I have chronic asthma and I believe taking the products daily along with clean eating have helped me improve this condition. Because my immunity was lower, every year I would be admitted into the hospital with an illness, but so far this year I haven’t been sick! I know that 310 products are providing me with the nutrients I need to boost up my immune system.

For anyone who is looking to lose weight and become healthier, I would say to stay positive and think about your future as your motivation. Self-care is the most important thing and if you aren’t doing it with healthy eating, discipline and exercise, you owe it to yourself to change that! You absolutely need to try 310 products and join the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook!

The Community is a very informative and loving group where you can get encouragement when you’re having rough days, great ideas for recipes and personal guidance on how to live a healthy lifestyle that works for you. It’s also such an inspirational place that will empower you to continue on your journey each day. It you’re thinking about becoming part of the 310 Nutrition family, stop thinking! Not only do 310 products taste delicious, but my story is a living testament to the fact that they work. You deserve to be happy and healthy, and 310 can help get you there, hands down! Try it today.

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The 310 Nutrition Community was an important, motivational aspect of Evelyn’s journey. Join the community and gain invaluable support as you push towards your goals.

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