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City Dining Guide: 6 Keto-Friendly Restaurants in Dallas

We’re picking up our keto city dining guide this month in the great city of Dallas, Texas! If you live here, you’re most likely no stranger to eating out. A 2018 Zagat survey shows that Dallas residents dine out 5.6 times per week on average – one of the highest rates in the nation! So how do you stay onboard with keto while you’re feasting out on the town?!

Many Texas favorites, including chicken fried steak, corn dogs and pecan pie are known for being heavy and indulgent. But did you know another fave, real Texas BBQ, actually makes a great keto dinner option?

We’re about to reveal our list of some of the best keto restaurants in Dallas, Texas. But before we do, we want to make sure you’re covered when you get back home too! Finding keto food options can be tricky, but it’s much easier with our keto kit: containing everything you need for fast, healthy keto meals. We've also created a keto calculator to help you keep track of your calories and macros.

Without further ado, here are the spots you’ve been waiting for…

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1) The Slow Bone

2234 Irving Blvd, Dallas, TX


Frequent visitors of this neighborhood BBQ spot rave about the quality and flavor of the meats, which one reviewer described as “carefully smoked and properly seasoned to perfection”. There’s a good variety of options including pork ribs, pulled pork, and different types of sausage; but people say the brisket is melt in your mouth tender! Word on the street is you don’t even need BBQ sauce (but they make their own which apparently is pretty delish). So just keep it light!

Keto Menu Highlight: Though this place is all about the meats, they offer some great keto sides. These include mustard and turnip greens, along with Brussel sprouts and cauliflower au gratin. In particular, the au gratin can help you up your fat intake with all that heavy cream goodness! 

2) Flower Child  

5450 W Lovers Ln, Ste 133, Dallas, TX


This is a great spot for a quick, healthy keto lunch or dinner (although reviewers warn the lines get pretty long so plan ahead). With the plates, you can choose one, two or three veggies/sides to start and then you add a protein. Some particularly keto picks are the avocado with sea salt and olive oil, the sustainable salmon and grass-fed steak.

Keto Menu Highlight: The Indian spiced cauliflower makes for a unique and exciting veggie selection while eating out on the keto diet.

3) WingBucket

1200 Main St, Dallas, TX


Dallas wing lovers, listen up! At this keto restaurant, the wings and ribs are fried without flour, so you can dig in without worry! Try the dry rub flavors including garlic parmesan, sour cream and onion, and lemon pepper. Or, for the adventurous, try the spicy buffalo sauces ranging from medium to extremely hot.

Keto Menu Highlight: The soulful cabbage or southern collard greens make for a great keto-friendly side dish to enjoy with your protein.

4) Gather Kitchen 

1601 Elm St, Dallas, TX


Another great, fast and casual spot for lunch or dinner, Gather Kitchen makes eating out on keto easy. Choose a ready-made bowl or create your own, using totally keto-friendly cauliflower rice or zucchini noodles as a base! Then add in proteins and other ingredients to your heart’s desire. They have a great selection of proteins including shrimp and chicken, along with veggies, seeds and even yummy sauces like a cashew pesto.

Keto Menu Highlight: Make a bowl with cauliflower rice, fresh salmon or tuna, avocado, pumpkin seeds and sprouts for a truly keto treat!

5) Royal China

6025 Royal Ln, Ste 201, Dallas, TX


Desperately craving Chinese food while eating low-carb? You’ll have plenty of options at this keto-friendly restaurant. Many of the chef’s specialties are right up your keto ally, including the Spicy Fish, Cumin Lamb, Crystal Shrimp and Sichuan Gon Bao Pork. Not to mention they have two different kinds of Pork Belly – a true Keto delicacy.

 Keto Menu Highlight: Try the Dong-Po Pork Belly, which is slow-braised and served on a bed of bok choy – a very low-carb, all-star keto veggie.

6) Sugarless deLite

1389 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX


Speaking of keto heaven… this healthier bakery will help fulfill your cravings for all the yummy “carbs” you usually can’t eat. Beyond the assortment of keto-friendly desserts, including brownies, chocolates and more, they also offer low-carb breads, rolls, bagels and tortillas! Now you can enjoy some of your favorite forgotten meals while staying in ketosis. 

Keto Menu Highlight: Ready to be blown away?! This bakery offers a low carb cheesecake brownie that is sugar free and keto-friendly! They also don’t use artificial sweeteners which is great. Instead, they use a natural sugar alcohol called Maltitol.


Ready to Eat Out On Keto?!

We truly hope you enjoyed this selection of some great keto restaurants in Dallas! And that it will help you expand your horizons beyond the keto-friendly foods you eat daily. To add even more variety and excitement to your meals, check out the proven solutions in our 310 keto kit: providing everything you need for quick, healthy keto foods on-the-go.

Stay tuned next month for another 310 City Dining Guide highlighting keto-friendly restaurants in a major US city! 

Live in Dallas, or have visited recently? Tell us your favorite keto-friendly restaurants in the comments below!

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