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Christine Paez

A little less than a year ago, I was in bad shape. I could barely walk a mile without gasping for breath. My serious back problems had contributed to my weight gain, and at that time I was about 265 pounds.

Despite how tough it was to do what most people did easily, I knew I needed to make a change, and I just needed the right vehicle. So I started searching, but everything I tried came up short. For instance, I tried SlimFast, Weight Watchers and Herbalife shakes, but I didn’t like the taste, and I felt like I had no support. I didn’t know how to prepare the shakes properly or form a working routine.

Finally, I searched Google and stumbled upon a Facebook ad for 310 Shake. I read all about it and will admit I was skeptical but I was also desperate for something that would work so I thought, why not?

I ordered the starter pack, but I’ll admit that I didn’t start the program right away. Again, I didn’t feel like I had the knowledge I needed to succeed. But then I found and joined the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook and that changed everything for me! I not only had the right product (with a taste I loved), but I also had all of the information I needed at my fingertips 24/7 to help me reach success!

I started getting into a great routine, always replacing breakfast with a shake (I like to blend them with unsweetened almond milk, fruit, and even kale), and usually also replacing lunch with a shake. Then I have a healthy snack and a healthy meal.

One of the coolest things I have noticed about using 310 Shakes is the awesome amount of energy they give me that I didn’t have before! That energy is what made me decide to give exercise another try. I had to take it slow due to my back, but I’m so proud to say that I am now able to regularly walk 5 – 6 miles per day, and I have walked up to 12 miles in one day! If that isn’t transformation, I’m not sure what is!

This all happened for me in just less than one year! I started with 310 Nutrition on May 15, 2016 weighing 265 pounds, and since starting a healthy, daily routine with 310 Shakes and other 310 weight loss products, I am currently down 30 pounds from that time!

One of the BEST feelings for me now is being able to look in the mirror without fear of how I look, because I’m so proud of the success that I’ve made. Whereas before, I felt as if I was a slave to my mirror and my scale. It’s also really fun to be able to fit into all the cute clothes I used to stare at dreamily in stores. I can now fit into normal sizes that are easy to find! I went from a size 24 pants down to a size 16, and a size 3x shirt down to a size 1x or medium depending on the style.

Another little thing that really makes me happy these days… I can cross my legs with absolutely no problem! Never did I think such a little thing could make me smile, but when you’re overweight and can’t do simple things like cross your legs or perform sit ups, doing these things is like instant success.

I’m not completely where I want to be yet, but I know that I will get there. My ultimate goal is to lose another 60 or 70 pounds. I want to be a healthy weight for me, maybe 165 or 170 pounds, give or take. And it feels great knowing that I can do that with 310 products!

Along with the 310 Shakes, I also use 310 Thin, 310 Tea, 310 Juice and 310 Lemonade. I love to make slushies with the Lemonade; it’s one of my favorite things! I come up with slushie ideas and blend ice with the lemonade mix and some fruit. My favorite flavor to use is the 310 Blackberry Lemonade.

Another amazing thing about using 310 products is being able to share my new-found health with others. Although I haven’t quite convinced my husband to join me on the health train yet, I’m confidant I’ll get there. But I’ve helped at least three people by leading them to 310 Nutrition.

When I walk into my kitchen every morning and see the “310 bar” of products that I have set up, it fills me with a sense of joy and comfort. I have everything I need right there to assure me that I can keep going, and continue conquering my goals. I know that I’ll make it to my ultimate aim – and I know it’s all due to 310 Nutrition! Thank you so incredibly much, 310, for awesome products that have given me my life back!

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The 310 Nutrition Community was an important, motivational aspect of Christine’s journey. Join the community and gain invaluable support as you push towards your goals.

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