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Get the "Glow" Down on the Best Beauty Vitamins of 2019 (and our new Beauty Bundle!)


Beauty vitamins are a hot topic these days, and for good reason. It can be hard to get the essential nutrients that you need to maintain a youthful, glowing appearance from just foods alone. Even if you have excellent eating habits, life can be extremely busy! To help fill in the nutritional gaps, consider supplementing your healthy diet with proven hair, skin and nail vitamins. This way, you can cut yourself some slack on days when you don’t have time for three perfectly-balanced, wholesome meals.

But beauty supplements aren’t created equal. You have to be careful, because some products that appear to be healthy contain ingredients that can derail your wellness efforts. If you’re going to take any supplement on a regular schedule, you need to be sure that every ingredient is positively-influencing your body and over-arching goals. 

Our Top 3 Beauty Vitamin Picks

The following are our top three vitamin picks to help promote a healthy, glowing appearance. In our opinions, you should be loading up on these daily! A the end, we’ll also highlight our brand-new 310 Beauty Bundle which contains some of the top essentials for youthful-looking skin, strong hair and nails, and more. 

1) Biotin 

This B vitamin is one of the most vital nutrients for healthy hair, nails and skin. If you’re deficient in biotin, it can result in hair loss, thin and brittle nails, and even acne. In contrast, when your body is well stocked with biotin, you can expect radiant locks, strong nails, and clear skin. 

2) Zinc

A common symptom of being deficient in zinc is hair loss. Taking a high-quality zinc supplement can help reduce this problem and restore shine, luster and radiance to your locks. 

3) Collagen

The most abundant protein in your body, collagen is one of the hottest health and beauty trends right now. The problem is, you stop producing it as you age. Lacking collagen can mean loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles, dryness and an overall dull appearance. But replenishing your body with the collagen it needs can restore your skin’s youthfulness and firmness.

Say Hello to our New Beauty Bundle!

310 nutrition beauty bundle vitamins

Along with eating a clean diet, getting enough hydration and exercise are extremely important to feeling your best. Of course, most of us need a little help to get into the sweet spot of healthy daily living – which is where this awesome new 310 Beauty Bundle becomes the perfect tool. The bundle includes all the nutrients discussed above and so much more.

Three ways this beauty supplements kit goes above and beyond...

1) Delicious Hydration

For a soft, supple, moisturized appearance, you need to hydrate often. But regular water can be boring! 310 Lemonades come in exciting flavors like Blackberry, Cherry Lime and Pineapple Mango, with only 10 calories per serving and no artificial sweeteners. Plus, they contain a proven caffeine-free, calorie-burning green tea extract.

*Kit includes 30 convenient, individual serving size packets and a 310 Shaker to mix up your drinks in seconds. It also includes a Hydration E-book with 20 delicious infused-water recipes.  

2) Advanced Collagen Peptides

Our formula uses something called collagen peptides, which studies show are absorbed much faster and reach their target locations in the body effectively, having greater results. Studies show that the advanced collagen peptides in our formula offer a number of beauty benefits. These may include helping to improve skin-aging and reducing cellulite on the body. (3,4)

*Kit includes container of 90 advanced 310 Collagen tablets (serving size is 1-10 tablets per day).

3) 0 Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners

This superior beauty supplement contains 13 of the best hair, skin and nail vitamins and minerals, including 5,000mcg of biotin and 2.7mg of zinc. Unlike typical supplement capsules, 310 Beauty Melts come in delicious, fast-absorbing tablets that don’t require water or even chewing. Instead, they melt in your mouth! Plus, they have a sweet, ripe orange taste, while being free from sugar and artificial sweeteners, with 0 calories! 

*Kit includes container of 30 quick-melt 310 Beauty Melts (serving size is 1 melt per day).

Your healthy appearance depends on giving your body the key nutrients it needs day after day. Maintain your brightest, healthiest, most-glowing appearance, starting now, with the new 310 Beauty Bundle!

What are some of your favorite vitamins and supplements to maintain a glowing complexion? Let us know in the comments!

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