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Becky M. Pursued A Healthy Lifestyle & Her Confidence Has Translated to Every Aspect of Her Life!

“My weight was negatively affecting every part of my daily life…. I’d completely let myself go, and deep down I knew it was time for a change! One day a 310 ad caught my eye and I decided to take the leap… It’s the best feeling to find something that really works for me and the self confidence I’ve gained has translated to every aspect of my life!”

Tell us about your journey to better health…

My weight loss journey has been a rollercoaster… (And not in the fun amusement park way!) 

In my younger years I was a competitive dancer, so that always kept me fit & healthy. But after using fertility drugs to try and get pregnant, my weight took a turn for the worse.... 

One difficult divorce later and the stress of losing my mom at the young age of 61, my weight was negatively affecting every part of my daily life.  

With each external problem, I would push my personal  health down the long list of priorities… And stress eating to cope became a normal part of my routine. 

I’d completely let myself go, and deep down I knew it was time for a change (one that had to be BIG!).

What motivated you to make a change?

If there was one positive take-away from 2020, it would be the amount of time it gave us to think & reflect...maybe a little too much time!

It was during those long, quiet days that I realized I had no excuses. Work halted, my social calendar hit a standstill, and the only thing left to blame for my lack of health efforts was myself.

I was eating because I was upset, bored and emotional. If I took the time that I would usually spend lounging to work on myself physically and spiritually, I could hit Every. Single. Weight loss goal that I set. 

One day a 310 ad caught my eye on social media… So I did some research, and decided to take the leap! My first day was January 11th, and I’ve been pursuing a healthy lifestyle ever since!

Tell us about your success!

I recently had to go shopping for shorts and was dreading it… But when I picked up my usual size and went to try them on, they just fell right down! The size I had been wearing for years was too loose. 

I had to stop for a second to take it all in, and I felt so happy! It just further confirms that what I’m doing really works. 

On top of that, having people compliment me is a surreal experience... I didn't share my weight loss goals with anyone out of fear of failure, so seeing them noticing my progress feels great!

My boss even made a comment like, "Um. you need a new wardrobe-your clothes don't fit!!"

It’s the best feeling to find something that really works for me. I never have to starve myself to lose weight. 

And the self confidence I’ve gained has translated to every aspect of my life!

What do you love best about 310 Shakes?

I love the 310 products because they adapt so easily to your lifestyle! 

You’re free to customize the experience to find what works best for you, instead of being stuck with a box of items you don't use.

I’ve tried other options but as a Saleswoman, it was too hard to pre-plan since I eat dinner with clients...

That’s why 310 was a no-brainer for me. When I saw how I didn't have to stress about eating or planning it encouraged me to keep going!

Tell us about your healthy lifestyle routine?

I still consider myself a 310 newbie so I’ve started off with a Shake for lunch + a low-carb meal, followed by another Shake for dinner!

I’ve also started a new ritual of not eating after 7pm, and for exercise I walk 3 miles, 3-4 times a week. 

History has shown that when I go ALL IN too quickly I burn myself out. Doing only Shakes for a couple weeks, and slowly adding exercise has helped me form a routine!

Do you have a MUST-TRY Shake recipe you’d like to share?

You can’t go wrong with 310 Organic Vanilla + banana and strawberries. 

What can I say, I’m a simple lady!

What does the 310 Community mean to you?

I go to the community when I’m feeling down and need a pick-me-up, and it gets me motivated every time!! 

There’s something so unique about seeing a community (with every walk of life), post before and after pictures and get the most encouraging feedback...

I couldn’t believe how positive the response was when I posted about my journey.

It allowed me to be proud of all the hard work I was putting in, and I walked around on cloud 9 all day!!

Do you have advice for anyone just starting their journey?

If I had to give one piece of advice to anyone who relates to my struggle, it would be that you ARE worth putting on top of your priority list! 

The 310 community will help fill your “self worth cup,” in record time...

So when you start… Just keep going!! Not for others, but for yourself. This really works, and how often do you find something that works for everyone in their own way?

Ready to Try 310?! 

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We covered all the bases with this kit. It includes a variety of flavors of 310 Meal Replacement Shakes; 310 Berry Juice packets including 70+ superfoods per serving; Water-enhancing Lemonades with no sugar or artificial sweeteners, minerals, and tea extract; Detox Teas to support optimal health; A 310 Shaker Cup to quickly make and take along all of your drinks; An e-book including easy-to-make healthy recipes; A phone session with a 310 Health Coach; and even a $10 gift card to 310! You can’t go wrong with this kit!

And, it’s currently 50% off, at only $69.00! ($138.00 Value). You got this!

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