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Introducing 310 Golds: A Powerful Herbal Infusion for Digestion, Immunity, Weight Loss

Have you heard about the lusciously smooth and creamy, delicious health-promoting drink called “Golden Milk” and now you’re wondering what all the hype is about? Or maybe it’s a drink you regularly make… But we’re about to show you how much easier it is to whip up our NEW 310 Golds instead!

310 Golds is a shortcut to reaping the herbal benefits of this incredible golden, turmeric-rich beverage. And we can’t wait to tell you all about this new product. But first, let’s take a look at what Golden Milk actually is and some of the major potential benefits. Keep reading to learn more!

What is "Golden Milk"?

Traditionally, Golden Milk is made by combining powerful, antioxidant-rich herbs and other health-promoting ingredients into milk, usually almond or coconut. The mix is then heated, usually in a saucepan until warmed through but not boiling, and then poured into a mug.

Golden Milk has been made popular for the most important herb within it – the “golden spice” called Turmeric. This naturally anti-inflammatory herb is well-known for containing powerful antioxidants and additional health-supporting properties. Therefore Golden Milk is known as a healing and immune-supporting drink that may also support joint, brain, digestive health and more.

Along with turmeric, additional herbs are usually added into Golden Milk recipes, but each one will be different. While some only contain one or two ingredients, others like 310 Golden Milk, contain many more!

Potential Benefits of Golden Milk

So, what benefits might you experience by drinking this golden beverage? Due to its rich supply of powerful herbs, Golden Milk is known to…

1. Contain Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The key featured ingredient in Golden Milk is turmeric, an incredible spice that gives this drink it’s signature golden hue. Turmeric contains powerful antioxidants, with the most potent being curcumin – which gives this herb natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Having too much inflammation in the body can create imbalance and may lead to a number of different ailments. But turmeric may help support reduced inflammation and therefore benefit joint health, brain health and more.

2. Support Optimal Digestion

    Another ingredient you’ll find in many Golden Milk formulas is ginger, and this herb is known for helping to soothe and calm the digestive tract – helping to alleviate stomach troubles and promote great digestion. For this reason, it’s a great idea to enjoy Golden Milk after a meal, or in the evening to promote calmness and assist with digestive processes before bedtime.

    3. Support Immune Strength

      Next, Golden Milk is also known to be extremely useful to help bolster immune system strength against sickness and imbalances. As mentioned, turmeric and it’s active component, curcumin, are an immune support powerhouse, and ginger also contains powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to support the immune system.

      Plus, in comparison to other formulas and recipes, 310 Golds contains additional immune-supporting herbs. Along with turmeric and ginger, every serving contains cinnamon, maca root, cayenne, and coconut, all promoting total body wellness.

      Why 310 Golds?

      310 Golds is a unique formula because it allows you to mix up an amazingly-delicious turmeric drink in seconds, cutting out the steps it takes to make a normal Golden Milk drink.

      Here’s why we know you’ll love this incredible, health-promoting product…

      Amazing Taste & Smooth Texture

      Our unique, extremely delicious formula has the taste of warm, inviting vanilla chai featuring calming and enlivening herbs. It includes organic coconut milk, plant-based stevia leaf, cinnamon, and more herbs and natural flavors for a totally desirable, memorable taste and texture. It’s both sweet and savory, with a rich and creamy, indulgent smoothness.

      Clean, Organic Ingredients

      Unlike other formulas, our 310 Golds contains all-organic ingredients, so you can be sure you’re getting the cleanest nutrition possible. In addition, it’s vegan and paleo-friendly, with no gluten or GMOs. And there’s no sugar or artificial sweeteners in the product, just antioxidant-rich herbs!

      6 Powerful Health-Supporting Ingredients

      As mentioned, 310 Golds contains not just one or two, but six powerful health-supporting ingredients. In every serving of this drink you’ll find…

      • Coconut – Contains nutritious, healthy fats
      • Turmeric – Provides anti-inflammatory support*
      • Cinnamon – Contains powerful antioxidants
      • Maca Root – Supports a healthy metabolism and energy*
      • Ginger – Provides digestive support*
      • Cayenne Pepper – Offers immune support*

      Quick & Easy (Mix In Seconds)

      310 Golds is also fast and easy to make, making it a convenient shortcut to traditional Golden Milk recipes. With 310 Golds, you simply add 1 scoop of the formula into the hot beverage of your choice, typically a non-dairy milk. You’ll reap all the benefits of the beneficial herbs in seconds as you savor the delicious beverage.

      Use It In Lattes or Shakes

      You can use 310 Golds to make delicious turmeric and herb-infused lattes, for sweet-and-spicy goodness, but you can also enjoy it in other ways. Use this deliciously-creamy formula to add a kick of natural sweetness to your shake recipes, or into your coffee, oatmeal and more.

      Supports Weight Loss

      310 Golds also supports your weight loss and weight maintenance goals, since it’s only 20 calories per serving, with no sugar or artificial sweeteners. Because it contains coconut milk, there’s also 2g of healthy fats to help keep you satisfied, and cayenne and maca root to help support a healthy metabolism and your normal fat burning processes.*

      Keto-Friendly (Low In Carbs)

      Our unique 310 Golds formula is also suitable for low-carb and keto diets, with only 1g of carbohydrates per serving. Plus, the ginger in the formula can provide additional digestive support for high-fat/low-carb meals and assist with digestive troubles.

      How to Use 310 Golds

      It’s so easy to make and enjoy this delicious, versatile Golden Milk formula…

      To make a latte:

      Simply mix 1 scoop with about 2 tbsp of hot water until well combined. Pour over hot or iced milk of choice for a delicious sweet-and-spicy golden latte. You can even froth the drink using a handheld milk frother or add a shot of espresso, other favorite spices/flavor extracts for a boost! Try this sumptuous, energizing Golden Milk Latte recipe!

      To make a shake:

      You can also add the 310 Golds powder into a blender with 310 Organic Shakes and your favorite healthy ingredients, for a shake that has a boost of addicting sweet and savory flavor! Want a recipe that's smooth, creamy and amazingly-delicious?! Try this Golden Milk Shake!

      Additional ideas:

      Add a scoop of 310 Golds into oatmeal, yogurt, baked goods and more!


      Ready to enjoy this delicious golden beverage?! You can get 310 Golds here, and you can find ideas for sumptuous recipes to make using it on the 310 Nutrition Blog.


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