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6 Keto Cauliflower Recipes to Replace High Carbs


If you’re following a strict keto diet, you know how amazing and life-saving cauliflower can be when it comes to a fulfilling carb replacement for your meals! And if you haven’t yet started keto, (or you’re new to the keto diet), you’re in for quite an eye-opening treat with the following keto cauliflower recipes…

The bottom line is, (let’s face it), saying farewell to carbs is not easy! However, keto-approved meals such as keto cauliflower mac and cheese, mashed cauliflower casserole, and low-carb cauliflower gratin can help you satisfy your cravings for high-carb dishes, while fitting perfectly into your keto diet plan. If you're new to the keto diet check out this Keto Calculator to get the exact macros you should follow when it comes to your daily calories and meals.

One of the reasons cauliflower is so fabulous is that it’s a very low-carb veggie, while being high in dietary fiber, along with health-boosting nutrients. In addition, it has a very mild, almost tasteless flavor, which makes it the ideal candidate to mix with a number of savory high-fat ingredients – like cheese, butter and bacon.

In addition, the light yet firm texture of cauliflower makes it the perfect replacement for potatoes, rice and even pasta. With only 2g of net carbs in one cup of cauliflower, plus a plethora of B-vitamins and disease-fighting antioxidants, this is one keto food you don’t want to leave off your grocery list. Check out 6 of our favorite Keto cauliflower recipes, below!

1. Keto Loaded Cauliflower Casserole  

© Photo by Green and Keto

Do you miss loaded baked potatoes piled high with all your favorite toppings? This sumptuous keto cauliflower cheese casserole is the perfect savory, low-carb substitute. In this simple yet crowd-pleasing recipe, you top steamed cauliflower with an indulgent sauce consisting of cream cheese, sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon and green onion – all things you would add to a baked potato!

The best part is, this dish bakes in the oven for only 15-20 minutes – creating one of the best low carb cauliflower cheese recipes in a flash. With only 6g of net carbs and 26g of fat per serving, this keto recipe is sure to be a keeper.

Get this Keto Loaded Cauliflower Casserole Recipe here.

2. 3-Ingredient Keto Pizza Crust

© Photo by Wholesome Yum

Do you miss the addictive, cheesy taste of just-cooked pizza? You don’t have to miss out on this dinner favorite just because you’re eating low-carb meals. In fact, this cauliflower pizza crust recipe is exactly what you need in order to re-experience the joy of this much-loved Italian food.

Plus, who knew that keto cauliflower bread was so easy to make?! With only 3 ingredients (cauliflower florets, grated parm cheese, and egg) plus seasonings, you can make a pizza crust without refined white flour  -- and we promise it will fulfill your pizza cravings!

Once you make the crust (which has only 3g of net carbs per serving), just add your favorite low-carb tomato sauce, cheese, and low-carb toppings such as mushrooms, spinach, peppers, sausage, or pepperoni. Yum!

Get this 3-Ingredient Keto Pizza Crust Recipe here.

3. Keto Garlic Butter Mashed Cauliflower

© Photo by Healthy Fitness Meals

Next, if it’s been a while since you’ve sunk your teeth into some of your favorite high-carb meals, you know how amazing the idea of garlic butter mashed potatoes sounds! And you can still experience all the magic, minus the high carb count, with this garlic butter mashed cauliflower casserole instead.

By boiling the cauliflower and then adding it into a food processor with garlic and butter, it transforms into a consistency similar to mashed potatoes. Topping it with fresh chopped herbs, (and even some cheese), takes this staple keto recipe to another level. For 9g of net carbs per serving, it’s totally worth every creamy, buttery bite!

Get this Keto Garlic Butter Mashed Cauliflower Recipe here.

4. Coconut & Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower Soup

© Photo by A Beautiful Plate

For an exciting taste and change from the ordinary, this exotic roasted cauliflower soup will surely satisfy with its bold, spicy flavor, and make you forget all about carbs! Not only is this soup highly-pleasing to your taste buds, but it’s also great for your overall health.

The highlights of this keto recipe include ground turmeric, which is full of powerful antioxidants that help fight inflammation in your body and boost your immune system. In addition, full-fat coconut milk provides healthy fats that support optimal wellness, and also help keep you in ketosis. Cilantro, lime, and fresh ginger are just a few more of the flavors that make this interesting soup so tantalizing.

With 13g of net carbs, 23g of fat, and 294 calories, this is an indulgent meal for chilly nights, or any time of day. For garnish, add some sunflower seeds, goat cheese or avocado for even more health-promoting fats.

Get this Coconut & Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower Soup Recipe here.

5. Keto Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

© Photo by Wholesome Yum

Did someone say macaroni and cheese?! It may not be exactly the way you remember it, but this keto cauliflower mac and cheese is a truly satisfying substitute. Plus, there’s only 5 ingredients and 5 minutes of prep time to create this dish that your whole family will adore.

The best part is that what this dish lacks in pasta, it makes up in full-fat, decadent ingredients like butter (we prefer grass-fed), cheddar cheese, heavy cream, and unsweetened almond milk.

By roasting the cauliflower with butter first, it gives the veggie a tender inside and a crisp outside – then, pouring the cheese sauce on top is like a little bit of heaven in a bowl. For only 7g of net carbs, this is sure to be a low carb meal that becomes a new family favorite.

Get this Keto Cauliflower Mac & Cheese Recipe here.

6. Keto Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

© Photo by Wholesome Yum

Finally, this next recipe is great as a yummy keto appetizer or side dish, and will rival any healthy buffalo cauliflower recipes you’ll find at restaurants! With just 6 ingredients, these bites offer the vegetarian/healthier version of what you find in battered buffalo chicken wings – tangy, crispy, flavorful and juicy all at the same time.

With only 4g of net carbs, your biggest problem will be stopping yourself from eating too many at once! But it will absolutely be a keto recipe you’ll use over and over again.

Get this Keto Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Recipe here.


Which recipe are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Written by:

Dana Gates

310 Nutrition Senior Writer

Dana Gates is a seasoned writer and researcher with over a decade of experience writing about all things health and wellness. Through her articles, she aims to inspire others to live their best, healthiest, and most active lives–by making wise lifestyle and dietary choices daily. Her ultimate goal at 310 [...]

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