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5 Must-Have’s for a Super-Tasty, Healthy Fall!

Now that fall is here, you’re likely in the mood for some body and soul-warming recipes that include your favorite fall flavors and lots of enlivening spices. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered up what we think are 5 Must-Have Products To Keep In Your Kitchen as the weather gets chillier, and you spend more time indoors.

Both incredibly versatile and super-delicious, these yummy items can be mixed and used to create warming, health-boosting drinks and even treats that will give you all the awesome flavors and joy of the fall and winter months.

They will also help you keep up with optimal wellness in the midst of cold and flu season, thoroughly delight your taste buds, and help you with your slimming goals. Let’s take a look at what these 5 products are….

 5 Super-Yummy Fall Essentials

1) Golden Milk

 What is it?

Warm and comforting, with aromatic and healing spices, this 5-spice blend can be mixed into your drinks to create the perfect naturally-sweet, health-boosting beverage. 

Featuring “Golden Spice” turmeric, which contains a powerful antioxidant called curcumin that is known to support reduced inflammation and gut health – this drink promotes digestion, immunity and joint health.

It also can help support metabolism with spices that give it a kick (like cayenne and cinnamon), making it perfect for your weight loss goals.

 And for only 20 calories per serving with no added sugar, this coconut-milk based drink is rich, creamy, and totally craveable!

How do you use it? 

Spices including ginger and cayenne help soothe your digestive system and give your metabolism a kick, making this a great drink to enjoy after meals.

Plus, the organic stevia leaf along with yummy spices like cinnamon can help to satisfy your sweet tooth and prevent cravings.

 Mix one scoop into warm milk, tea, coffee or your choice of beverage. Or, add a scoop into your shake to infuse it with delightfully sweet-and-spicy, indulgent “cake-like” flavor!

Recipe Idea:

Try this Keto Golden Milk Hot Cocoa for an after-dinner sweet treat with spicy-sweet, rich cocoa flavor, that makes the perfect indulgence, and can help you get into ketosis if you’re on the keto diet!

2) Vitamin C Powder 

What is it?

You already know it’s wise to boost your levels of super-nutrient, vitamin C, in the cooler months because it helps build up resistance against colds and support stronger immunity.

 But taking your “C” every day takes on an entirely new meaning with this super-delicious, fast-absorbing vitamin C powder blend.

Not only does the blend contain 1000mg of vitamin C, plus immune-boosting mineral, zinc, and B vitamins and electrolytes for hydration and energyit also tastes awesome! 

With no sugar, this C powder features a freshly-squeezed orange taste, giving a burst of bold citrus flavor to your drinks both warm and cold!

How do you use it?

 Add 1 scoop of this citrusy powder into your drink of choice. It can be mixed into water or added to a hot tea as two options. You can also add a scoop into a smoothie recipe when you want delightfully citrusy flavor.

 Recipe Idea:

Try this Orange Hibiscus Tea for a warm and fruity beverage with tropical, tangy-sweet taste that supports good immunity and building up your body’s defenses. It features antioxidant-packed hibiscus flowers, and a variety of cleansing herbs that promote a slim stomach and overall health. 

3) Ginger Cayenne Lemonade


What is it?

Give your taste buds and your senses something to get excited about every day with this intriguing mix of flavors, (that add a bit of “kick” to your drink)!

If at first you’re turned off by the idea of the various ingredients in this lemonade, trust us, it’s totally addicting once you try it. The mix of flavors creates a tangy-sweet and slightly spicy drink that you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

 Plus, the ingredient list in this lemonade is extremely desirable for a healthy gut and digestion, metabolism, fat-burning, alkalizing, energizing, and more.

With the star ingredients of ginger and cayenne, the blend also includes turmeric, apple cider vinegar, green tea, and real lemon crystals for an invigorating mix that enlivens and awakens.

How do you use it? 

Add this sweet-and-spicy powder into 16 fl. oz. of water; mix and sip for a healthy lemonade that assists with your weight loss goals! 

Or, you can also add a packet into a hot drink like tea, or into a 310 Shake smoothie for a kick of enjoyable flavor.

Recipe Idea:

Feeling under the weather, or just looking to help yourself prevent colds? This Hot Lemon Ginger Immunity Booster is not only incredibly tasty, but also a complete defensive boost for your immune system. Tangy, citrusy, spicy and sweet, it will help energize you in mind and body, while building up your defenses.

4) Cleansing Teas

What are they?

Especially in the colder months, a warm and satisfying cup of tea is always a good idea. And 310 Teas feature special herbal blends that cleanse the body while they revitalize and rejuvenate. All the ingredients in these teas support proper digestion and reduced bloat, and assist with good metabolism to help with fat-burning.

The special herbs in 310 Teas – such as green tea, rooibos, and yerba mate, can also help to support cravings control and a reduced appetite, especially when enjoyed in between meals.

Take your taste buds on an adventure with our exciting mix of flavors…. from Peach, to Hibiscus, to Jasmine Mint, that all taste delicious hot or even iced.

 While Peach has a juicy, fruity, and lively taste, Hibiscus features a bold and slightly tangy and tropical taste with hibiscus flowers. And Jasmine Mint offers refreshing peppermint and sweet and calming taste from jasmine flowers.

 How do you use them?

Add one of our easy, conveniently-shaped pyramid tea bags to a mug of hot water and steep for 3-7 minutes based on how strong you like your tea.

You can then enjoy the tea as-is, add in lemon, your choice or milk, or honey, or try one of our hot tea recipes.

Or, you can add cooled-down tea to a glass with ice or try one of our super-delicious iced-tea recipes.

Recipe Ideas:

Whether you’re in the mood for hot or iced, you’re sure to fall head-over-heels for these incredibly delicious, soul-satisfying 310 Tea Recipes.

5) Pumpkin Spice Shake

What is it?

Finally, if you’re a pumpkin fan, then a versatile, extremely yummy and nutritious pumpkin protein powder is a must. The 310 version of this meal replacement shake stands out in that it has all organic superfood ingredients – and scrumptious, rich and creamy pumpkin-taste with a hint of intriguing fall spices like clove and cinnamon. 

Not only does this meal replacement powder have the well-balanced nutrition of a full meal, but it’s packed with a special triple-blend of plant-based proteins to support a slim, lean, and healthy figure.

And with only 110 calories per serving, no sugar, and low carbs, this seasonal shake flavor is a must for yummy pumpkin recipes that support wellness and weight loss.

How do you use it?

310 Pumpkin Spice protein powder is so versatile! Make the most delicious pumpkin smoothies or smoothie bowls, as well as many other types of pumpkin treats like pancakes, cookies, muffins, lattes and more!

Recipe Ideas:

A delicious fall treat that you can enjoy, even if you’re on a low-carb, keto diet, these Keto-Friendly Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cookies are a yummy indulgence to satisfy your sweet tooth with only the most nutritious, health-promoting ingredients. 

Want more must-have products and recipe ideas for a nutritious, totally yummy dietary plan? Check out the 310 Blog for mouthwatering recipes, tips for living a healthier lifestyle and more!

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